Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1646

Chapter 1646: So, Are You Happy? (5)

"Sit down."

Even after hearing Cheong Mun's words, Chung Myung remained upright and unmoving. Cheong Mun looked at him. The way he stood with his arms crossed made him look full of dissatisfaction.

Cheong Mun sighed silently and asked,

"Why did you do that?"

"Why do you talk to people like that? You clearly know those bastards aren't human."

Chung Myung gritted his teeth slightly. Finally, a sly sigh escaped Cheong Mun's mouth.

"Be careful what you say. Birds hear what you say at night, and what you say during the day…"

"Let them hear."


"No, I don't think they can hear me well like this. Why don't I say it a little louder? Do you want everyone in the world to hear what I'm saying?"

Cheong Mun groaned as if he had a headache.

"I understand. Now, sit down."

"Jangmun-Sahyung!" (Jangmun means sect leader)

"Sit down."

When Cheong Mun spoke again, Chung Myung grumbled but pulled out a chair and sat down. However, he chose a new chair instead of the one used by other sect leaders. It seemed he didn't even want to touch the place where they used to sit.

Cheong Mun looked silently at Chung Myung, who continued to grumble.

Living with such a temper even after being so old, isn't it a great feat? Normally, things are slowly eroded by the winds and waves of the world, but...

No, that's not the case. Now that I think about it, I should consider this as something perfected and formed. If it had been Chung Myung when he was young, he would have pounced with all his might and stamped a wooden sword on the heads of the sect leaders.

That vision...

"What are you thinking?" said Chung Myung.


Cheong Mun, whose face heated up for a moment, cleared his throat loudly. No matter how excited he was, that was a thought no Taoist should have.

Cheong Mun, who had fixed his expression, called Chung Myung with a stern face.

"Chung Myung-ah."


"Chung Myung-ah."


Chung Myung frowned as if tired of the ongoing scolding.

"Don't be too hard on the sect leaders."


"Of course... I actually know."


"The fact that you pretend to be a threat to them is actually a consideration to make my job easier using your presence as bait. That's why I always..."

Cheong Mun stopped talking. Chung Myung, who was listening, had a questioning expression, "Me? Me? Did I do something like that?", and then looked away.

".....thank you for that."

"Eh... Yes, it doesn't matter in a way."


Cheong Mun shook his head.

In fact, it didn't matter if Chung Myung did it on purpose or not. What mattered was that Chung Myung's presence allowed Cheong Mun to breathe a little.

If Chung Myung hadn't been at Mount Hua, Cheong Mun would have faced a fight three times more difficult. The sect leaders at least felt the need to pay attention to Chung Myung's reactions and occasionally gave Cheong Mun the chance to resolve things peacefully.

Then Chung Myung asked in a firm voice,

"So, what are your plans now?"


"You said you'd receive support, but instead of receiving it, you were ridiculed. How long are you going to keep playing around with nonsense like this?"

Cheong Mun smiled bitterly.

"It's something to accept. They are all sect leaders representing Kangho. Those people..."

"That's true, but if this continues, won't only our Mount Hua keep suffering? The wounds on the children's bodies haven't even dried yet!"

Cheong Mun covered his mouth at those words.

"Let's retreat."

"Chung Myung-ah."

"Those bastards did this because they've never properly fought against the Demonic Cult bastards. If you say we have to maintain and leave the frontline, they'll pee their pants and cry for us to come back again, right? Why can't a yangban smarter than me do this simple thing?"

Cheong Mun sighed instead of responding. Chung Myung's voice grew louder.

"We do all the work, why do we have to watch those damn bastards brag so arrogantly? It shouldn't be like this...."

"Chung Myung-ah."

A firm voice came out of Cheong Mun's mouth. Chung Myung, who was complaining with an angry face, closed his mouth.

"Do you think I don't want to do the same? Shouldn't I be the one getting angry about their behavior?"


"As you said, I also want to give them a lesson. But, who will be responsible for the civilians who suffer because of our retreat from the frontline?"

"Civilians! Civilians! Those damn civilians!"

"Chung Myung-ah!"

"Bastard! Why is it our responsibility? Those guys are the ones who should be responsible! We fight and they just watch! Oh, is it our fault they can't fight better?"

A sad feeling passed through Cheong Mun's gaze as he looked at Chung Myung.

Chung Myung was breathing heavily, unable to do anything against the growing anger inside him. It was as if he was going to approach the sect leaders who left their seats at any moment and scold them.

However, Cheong Mun knew that Chung Myung's reaction was not just because he couldn't control his anger.

"Are you upset and hurt because our disciples were wounded and injured?" asked Cheong Mun.

Chung Myung bit his lip slightly.

"That's not it..."

A bitter voice came out of Cheong Mun's mouth.

"I feel the same way... In terms of anguish, I'm probably as broken as you."

".....What a person!"

"But, Chung Myung. If we neglect our responsibility to vent our anger, there will be people who lose their families, and their suffering will be even greater."

Chung Myung couldn't say anything and just stared at Cheong Mun. He could see the pain on his face, the pain he had seen all his life. Chung Myung sighed with an annoyed face.

"Do you understand?"

"Damn it, I understand," cursed Chung Myung.

Chung Myung continued to murmur and curse. However, he didn't try to oppose Cheong Mun beyond that.

"This is the responsibility of those who learned martial arts."

"Are we the only ones who learned martial arts? Are those bastards supposed to be officials who just read or something?"

"They should do their part soon."

"You've got to be kidding."

Frustrated, Chung Myung rubbed his face roughly with both hands.

"No, Jangmun-Sahyung! Do you trust those bastards? Do you still trust those bastards after what they did?"

"It's called faith."

Cheong Mun repeated it as if murmuring, then sighed and his skin hardened.

"The Demonic Cult is strong."

"You, who faced it firsthand, know that better than anyone. But the most important thing is that the Demonic Cult hasn't yet put its full strength into the battle."

Chung Myung nodded at those words.

"If the Demonic Cult really starts advancing, we won't be able to stop it alone. We'll only be able to face it if all the power of the Central Plains is mobilized."

"...You're right."

"But what if we turn against each other before that? We'll be defeated by the Demonic Cult even before fighting properly. It will all be over."


"It's impossible for them not to know that too. Eventually, there comes a time when they have no choice but to make a move. I just hope that the emotional gap between us and them doesn't worsen before that time comes."

A sigh escaped Chung Myung's mouth.

"That's right. Everything Jangmun-Sahyung said is probably true."


"It's all true, except, why do we have to take on the responsibility of maintaining that damned relationship and looking out for the well-being of the civilians? All the time."

"It won't be long."

Cheong Mun shook his head.

"Their movements are unusual. I don't know what their purpose is, but they'll soon prepare to attack. At that moment, we won't be able to think about trivial matters before the end of the war."


"So, let's wait a little longer."

Chung Myung, who was staring at Cheong Mun in silence, suddenly scratched his head.

"This is just crap. Just answer me. Do you really trust those bastards?"

Cheong Mun nodded.

"Yes. I trust them."

"No, Jangmun-Sahyung!"

"I don't think they'll fight for us. I don't even think they'll show us mercy."


"But I'm sure they don't want destruction either. I'm sure they don't want to lose either. So, I believe that if the time comes when they can no longer back down, they'll do their best to counterattack. I just..."

Cheong Mun's face showed a strong determination.

"I'm waiting for the right time."

Silence enveloped them. Chung Myung stared at Cheong Mun for a while, then narrowed his eyes and asked,

"And if that doesn't happen? If those bastards keep acting like this until the end?"


"And if those bastards don't care about our safety until the end, and then become scared cowards and retreat? If they turn out to be more despicable and pitiful than Sahyung thought? Will you regret it later because your thinking was wrong?"

"That's impossible."

"How can you be sure? That's what they've done so far!"

"I'll make sure of it."

Chung Myung immediately fell silent as his voice was so firm that he could hardly believe what he was hearing.

After a while, a soft smile appeared on Cheong Mun's face.

"Then, let's wait a little longer, Chung Myung."


"If you don't trust them, trust me. In my opinion, it's not just good people who should be protected according to morals. It's the Tao that can protect even selfish and pitiful people."

A strong sigh escaped Chung Myung's mouth.

"You're good at talking, very good."

He picked up the sword he had left on the table and jumped up from his seat.

"I don't know how complicated it is, but anyway, I just have to fight like I've been doing, right?"


"I'll hold on as long as I can. But there's something you should know, Jangmun-Sahyung, I can't hold on forever."

"Yes. I understand."

Chung Myung shook his head as if he didn't want to argue anymore and headed for the door.

"Chung Myung-ah."


"Don't hate them too much."

Cheong Mun spoke bitterly to Chung Myung, who looked back at him with a stern face.

"They also only serve their own sect. Just like what we did with Mount Hua. It's just that... their ways are a bit different from ours."


"They are afraid because they love their sect, and they are not willing to step forward because they care about their disciples. It may be hard to know if it's the right way, but their love for their disciples is no different from ours."


"Yes. So, please don't be too....."

"I'm not sure, Sahyung."

Chung Myung cut him off with a cold voice.

"I don't know what Sahyung is thinking, but I'm not someone who cares about Mount Hua as much as Sahyung does."


"If everyone is like Sahyung, then Sahyung might be right. But if everyone is like me, then Sahyung's words might be wrong. I just hope that doesn't happen."

Chung Myung opened the door and left.

Cheong Mun, who was left alone, slowly closed his eyes, contemplating the words Chung Myung left behind.

'This is hard.'

Chung Myung couldn't win alone. We can't win with just Mount Hua. In the end, they must increase their strength. Only when all the power of Kangho unites, can they face the Demonic Cult.

Someone must watch over the center. No matter how hard and difficult it is.


The only thing Cheong Mun hoped for was the heart that everyone had.


Chung Myung opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling for a long time. While contemplating his dream from a moment ago, he unconsciously pressed his fingertips to the corner of his eyes and felt a sense of wetness.

Chung Myung murmured as if repeating something.


He wanted to ask. If he could meet Cheong Mun again....

Did Sahyung believe until the end?

Maybe... that answer wasn't necessary for Cheong Mun, but for Chung Myung himself.

Knock, knock~

At that moment, he heard someone knocking on the door.

Chung Myung got up, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

"Now is not the time to be entangled in old memories."

Because his current situation was no different from the past. No, perhaps even worse.

Back then, Chung Myung believed in Cheong Mun. But now, other people believe in Chung Myung just like Chung Myung believed in Cheong Mun then.

So now it's time to fight against reality.

Chung Myung got up from the bed, holding tightly to the sword next to his bed.

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