The Tragedy of The Villainess (Novel) Chapter 3


— I heard what happened at the wedding dress fitting. You should know too, since you were also there. Saint Lina descended from the heavens, so of course, she is different from other nobles. Begonia didn't understand and drove her away with harsh words …

— Begonia didn't say anything wrong.

— She didn't?

— Yes. She informed Saint Lina that a dress fitting was not a show. To nobles, it seems impolite to do so. Or did Saint Lina say something else?

Kalis' brow was slightly furrowed.

— Saint Lina told me similar words. But the situation...

— What about the situation?

— Damn it, Seria. — Kalis brushed his hair roughly. — Do you like Begonia's dress so much?

— Of course, I like it. But what bothered you wasn't that. It can't just be about the dress. But… yes, I like it.

— Then…

— I said I like it, so you can't be stubborn.

— But Lina…— Kalis stopped.

Seria looked at him coldly.

— Did you call the Saint by her name?

At Seria's question, Kalis knew he had made a mistake. He was her noble, but he called another woman's name so intimately that it was definitely something to be criticized for.

— I made a mistake. But Seria, please understand. It's because I've decided to be Saint Lina's tutor.

— Oh, really?

Of course, Seria knew. In the original story, Seria Stern couldn't control her anger when Lina, eager to crush her opponent, had a thriving guardian named Kalis Haneton.

At that time, Seria ran angrily to where Lina was staying and threw a vase at her. Lina was injured, and Kalis was very angry. And that was a shortcut for the villain to fall. So this time, to prevent the story from repeating, Seria smiled and gave in.

— I understand.

Kalis seemed relieved.

— Good. I was afraid you would be angry. Then sleep well, my dear fiancée.

Kalis kissed her on the forehead and smiled. It was a warm smile that was familiar to her.

After he left, Seria looked at the wedding dress for a long time.

The next day, before lunch, Kalis sent a servant with the news.

— Lady Seria, Marquis Kalis Haneton said that due to unavoidable circumstances, he will not be able to have lunch with you.

— Unavoidable?

— Because the Saint is not stable…

It's Lina again. Seria nodded to the servant who delivered the news.

— Lady Seria, the Marquis said he will not be late for dinner.

— Really?

She didn't have much faith. Divine power never stabilized in half a day.

In fact, in the original story, Lina had difficulties at first with her unstable divine power. She was devastated, and Kalis had to take care of her.

Seria regretted Lina's situation, but thinking about her was unpleasant, and she didn't want to waste time. So, just before dinner, she told the servant who delivered the news.

— Tell Kalis that the dinner appointment is canceled because I'm busy.

— Yes? Have you made a dinner appointment with someone else?

— Yes.

— Who is it…?

— Do I have to tell you about my private life?

When Seria raised her eyebrows, the servant backed away and bowed his head.

After all, facing an angry villain would not be pleasant, the servant retreated bitterly. After thinking for a moment, he looked at the clock.

"It looks like I'll have to go to the main castle."

Originally, Seria was going to have lunch with Kalis, but it was earlier than expected. She looked around the bedroom. It was undeniably spacious and luxurious. Although she had only come to the Berg estate for the wedding, thanks to being a 'Stern', she was able to stay in the best annex of Berg Castle.

"Of course, this was also due to perfect timing."

Grand Duke Lesche Berg, the owner of this castle and the estate, was quite meticulous but not overly pedantic. He was very detailed and strict regarding his duties and in handling the Order of the Knights.

However, he seemed visibly annoyed by being the head of the castle when he had to entertain noble guests.

A truly meticulous aristocrat would analyze in detail the social status, rank, influence, property size, marital status, and gender of his guests to receive and accommodate them appropriately.

However, Lesche Berg was the opposite of that type of noble.

The only reason Seria received the best wing closest to the main castle was because she had arrived earlier. Regardless of that, she would have been accommodated in the most luxurious chambers anyway.

After all, Seria was none other than a Stern. And the Berg Domain was never negligent in their hospitality treatment towards Sterns. Thanks to that, she was able to enjoy the current situation.

After all, when she arrived at the main castle in a few moments, she would meet the leader of the Order of the Knights of the Berg Domain.

— Lady Seria, you are paler than usual, are you unwell?

— Do I look unwell?— She responded meekly. — I suppose it's because I caught a cold.

— My lady, it seems you suffer from a cold every year.

— It seems so.

Elliot, the head of the Knights of the Berg family. He was also the first person who opened his heart and helped her a lot when she became a humble Seria.

What did he say to her?

Self-reflection is not a bad thing.

'I was just trying to survive. He said I was naive because people always wield their swords. How can I live in this harsh world if I was so naive…?'

— But where are you going?

— Where am I going?

— Did I make a mistake for the moment? Is it time for the glacier review?

— Yes.

— Would someone with a cold go to a frozen lake in winter? It's enough that you've gone every day until today.

— Winter isn't over yet.

— It's true.

Elliot made a subtle expression.

There was an unusual lake on the Berg estate. The frozen lake, the glacier, was the beast's grave. It was too wide to be called a lake. To some extent, the end was invisible.

The periodic review of the boundaries of this glacier had been the responsibility of the Berg family for generations, and for some reason, a woman with the surname Stern was essential. Thanks to this, Stern was treated with care. In fact, the number of Sterns was very small. It was also the basis of Seria's defeat.

"It was a rather important place in the original."

In particular, about a week or so after the female protagonist Lina's arrival, those days were the most important.

The day she was supposed to review the lake regularly, Seria suddenly refused to go.

Of course, it was because of Lina, the heroine. Suddenly, Lina appeared as a Saint and diverted her attention. It was the perfect moment for the demon that suddenly appeared in the lake, which wouldn't have been a problem if Seria was there.

Unfortunately, the damage was severe, especially for a pair of commoners who lost their child to the beast.

Resentful, the couple threw a stone at Seria and injured her forehead. Of course, Seria, who had a bad temper, got very angry. This was a world that strictly followed the status system. The commoner couple, who threw stones at Stern without knowing her status, was punished.

— So you just need to go out for a few days and check. — Said Elliot.

— First, come with me.

— Alright.

Seria went out to the stables with Elliot.

The white horse that saw her let out a happy neigh. Her Rottweiler.

She gently petted the horse's head.

— Hello, Rottweiler. I'm here.

— Should you name it that?

— Is it a bad name?

Elliot shook his head. Seria tilted her head and got on the horse.

The original Seria Stern's horseback riding skills were quite impressive despite not being able to lift a single sword. She had to learn to ride a horse to see the great lake.

Seria also knew well that she had to do what was necessary as Stern to strengthen her position.

"This is like a smart villain… Should I say it's clever?"

The frozen lake was vast. And due to the fog, the line of sight wasn't very clear.

They tied the horses at the designated place and started walking. It was so cold that when she exhaled, white smoke came out. It was then that Aliot's expression turned cold, and he suddenly put his hand on the sword. At the same time, he looked back.

— Your Highness?

Your Highness?

Seria also immediately looked back. She was surprised, and her eyes instantly opened wide.

Lesche Berg.

The owner of this estate and the male protagonist of the original story.

He was striding through the fog. He carried a large sword and a unique red cape. Lesche was so tall that Seria shivered a little when she saw him. He approached her and Elliot in turn and asked.

— What are you doing here?

— Your Highness. I was reviewing the lake with Lady Seria.

Lesche's expression slightly distorted at Elliot's response. Yes, it was distorted.

'Why? Why are you doing that?' That's what it meant.

She trembled a little reading the male protagonist's expression. What did she do wrong? Didn't he like the clothes she was wearing?

Lesche looked at her and spoke.

— Lady Seria Stern.

— Yes, Your Highness.

— Do my words have no importance to you?

— What?

Seria was so nervous. She didn't understand a word of what he said.

— Why did you come to the lake with a cold in winter?

— My cold isn't severe. And this is what I have to do as Stern.

— Since when does Lady Stern faithfully obey her duty?

He saw through her intentions, perhaps because he was the male protagonist. Even though she has gone out to review the glacier every day since arriving at this castle, Lesche still looked at her with disbelief.

— Or are you trying to get your fiancée's attention with a more severe cold?

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