The Tragedy of The Villainess (Novel) Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The importance of a Stern at the Berg estate, with its frozen lake, was more prominent than anywhere else. However, most Sterns were arrogant, with only one or two of them on the continent, and Seria Stern was particularly wicked.

But that was a long time ago. Baron Aison, who was in charge of Lina's class, said with a smile.

—Lady Seria has changed a lot since last year.

The number of times she appeared at balls and parties gradually decreased. But that didn't mean she completely abandoned the social world and secluded herself. She was slowly changing her routine to convince others.

—Only after that did she start getting along with Marquis Kalis Haneton.

Very few knew that Seria had healed Kalis's arm. Of course, Baron Aison knew nothing of this either. Lina, who asked for detailed information about Seria Stern, nodded at the viscount's words.

—I see. That's why she was able to get engaged to Kalis.

It was time for a pause.

Lina approached the window to look outside, as there was a lot of noise.

Her appearance, which seemed about to fall out of the window at any moment, made Baron Aison turn pale.

—Saint, it's dangerous!

—Oh. I'm sorry.

—Your body is still weak…

Lina was in a very fragile state due to the divine power running through her body. High-quality bandages were wrapped around her arms, legs, and thighs because she had yellow bruises all over her body from not being able to withstand the divine power.

She was lucky to have Marquis Kalis Haneton and Grand Duke Lesche Berg here.

They were one of the heads of the seventeen imperial families. It meant they were people who had the power to control the divine power to some extent.

Thanks to Marquis Haneton's dedication to providing her the proper treatment, Lina's bruises showed signs of recovery.

—You seem very close to Marquis Haneton.

—Yes. Kalis has a good personality.


At Lina's intimate words, Baron Aison made a slightly embarrassed expression.

—Saint? You can't call the Marquis by his name so casually in public.

—Eh? Why?

—Since Marquis Haneton is about to get married, there could be some bad rumors.

—Really? No way!—Lina laughed.—Kalis and I are just friends.

—It's the nobles here who don't believe it.

—But…. —Lina, who was confused, said—Kalis also calls me by my name….

—I see. The viscount nodded.—Then I'll have to talk to Marquis Haneton later.

It was then that the situation outside the window became noisy, and they turned their gaze. Then Baron Aison said.

—Lady Seria Stern must have returned from the glacier.

As the viscount Isaac had said, Seria Stern had just returned on horseback. She wore a white fur cape, and her cheeks were red from the cold.

Seria had visited the glacier every day. And Kalis Haneton was also there. A bright smile bloomed on Lina's face as she greeted next to the window.


Lina stopped what she was about to say. It was because Kalis approached Seria after she had just returned and covered her cold cheeks with his hands. Then they started a conversation.

Lina couldn't hear what they were talking about, but Kalis was often concerned that his fiancée would catch a cold, so it was clear it was something like a tender scolding. They looked like lovers no matter how you looked at it.

Lina lowered her hands and silently watched them for a moment, then abruptly asked.

—Why does Kalis's fiancée go to the glacier every day?

Baron Aison tried to criticize her once more, but Lina's eyes were too pure. And since she came from a different world, he thought he had to teach her slowly.

—Because she is a Stern. It's a kind of good deed that only a Stern can give in winter. In recent years, she has been very sincere and there have been many praises at the Berg estate.

—I envy her…


—Oh, nothing…

Lina, who murmured to herself, asked carefully.


—Yes. Saint?

—What family is Stern from? Is it from a duke's family? Is she a princess?

—Lady Seria Stern is the daughter of the prestigious Kellyden family from the West.

—Wow, Kalis's fiancée really has it all.

Lina, who said that, suddenly wondered.

—But why isn't she called Lady Kellyden, but Lady Stern?

—Stern is a title given by the Holy Kingdom. Lady Seria is an uncommon Stern, recognized by the High Priest.

—Ah… it's like a Catholic baptismal name.

—Baptismal name?

—In my original world… there's something like that.

Lina said and tilted her head.

—Can I get that title too?

—What? Aren't you already a Saint?

—But being a Stern is better.

—So in the eyes of Saint Lina, Lady Stern looks even better.

Baron Aison thought twice before responding.

The lady who was attracting the most attention at Berg Castle at the moment was Seria Stern. And the wedding between her and Kalis Haneton was just a few days away.

The castle was busy preparing the wedding hall for them. Countless nobles from different territories, including the Haneton estate, arrived to attend the wedding. Everyone wanted to take a look at Seria, so the villa where she was staying was always crowded.

—But Saint will also receive a splendid reception in half a year. Of course, after learning social etiquette.

Lena responded bluntly.

—I still want to be a Stern, like Kalis's fiancée.

Baron Aison said with a laugh.

—To be a Stern you would have to meet certain standards and requirements.

—Standards? What are they? I'm sure I can learn anything quickly.

—Ahahaha. The Stern title is not something you can obtain by learning, Saint.

Baron Aison, who laughed, kindly explained to me.

—A Stern has a star-shaped mark somewhere on their body. It is not a birthmark and manifests at the age of 15. And they have to be born on a Wednesday in winter to possess the power.

Lina was not a Stern. Because if she were, the maids who had helped her in her bath would have already found the star-shaped mark. But they found no such thing.

—Star-shaped mark… A Wednesday in winter…

Lina was lost in thought as she counted on her fingers.

Seeing that Lina was lost in thought, Baron Aison did not think she could pay more attention to his teaching if he continued, so he dismissed the class earlier than usual.

—That's all for today, Saint.

—It will soon be Lady Seria's birthday.

—Wednesday in winter.

When the priest who had given Seria the cold medicine laughed, Abigail nodded.

—Time flies so fast.

—I see. I was so busy I forgot.

As soon as morning came, Seria decided to hold a small tea party with the noble ladies of the Haneton estate. A Wednesday in winter. There was a song like that in the temple.

The child of Monday is fair of face

The child of Tuesday is full of grace

The child of Wednesday is full of woe

The child of Thursday has far to go

The child of Friday is loving and giving,

The child of Saturday works hard for a living,

And the child who is born on Sunday

Is fair and wise and good and gay.

“Isn't it too unfair for all the children born on Wednesday?”

If only I had a penny for every time she was sad…

Seria Stern was born on a Wednesday in winter.

On her 15th birthday, a small star-shaped point appeared on her white neck, she possessed divine power and officially became a Stern.

That was the explanation in the original story. Although the divine power of Stern was completely different from the divine powers of the priest.

He said it was because the Sterns were rare and made no distinction. The conversation that led to her birthday suddenly turned towards Lina. The priest sighed.

—Now that I think about it, the Saint seems to be very interested in the Sacred Relic, and I must say it is very troublesome.

—The Saint? Isn't it dangerous, since her divine powers are not stabilized?

—I told her that, but she's still very curious.

The same happened in the original story. Lina was a classic lively and charming female protagonist, and she was also curious. As a result, various incidents occurred in the middle of the story. After all kinds of difficulties, Lina completely stabilized her divine power. And Lina was delighted to see her skin free from all the bruises.

However, after a while, Lina was injured in a new trial. She had put her hands on the Sacred Stone. The rare cornerstone known to only react to the touch of a Stern.

After Lina came into contact with the sacred stone, the divine power of the Sterns that had remained dormant within her, awakened. And, the fact that Lina was critically injured once was enough for Lesche, the male protagonist, to realize his feelings…

In the original story, the person who made Lina touch the cornerstone was…

Seria Stern.

'It was me. Me again.'

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