TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 569

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 569

(Note: Rektar changed to Rector and Musten to Mustan)

“Are you Aris Zieghart?”

Rector clicked his tongue briefly in regret as he saw Aris blocking his path.


Aris narrowed her eyes and pushed Rector's hand away with her sword.

“Those Holy Sword Union dogs only know how to use swords, their information network are crap. So how did you know my name?”

“I shouldn't be unaware of the Pirate King of the Five Divine Rulers.”

“I'm not a Pirate King!”

She gritted her teeth hard and stabbed her sword towards Rector's left chest.


Rector drew a semicircle with his right hand. The water flowing down like a setting moon gracefully deflected Aris' sword strike. It was a mysterious flow that seemed to erase the energy itself.


Aris' sword strike, with its trajectory twisted, hit the ground, causing a crack of a formidable size.


Black smoke surged, creating a thin barrier between Aris and Rector.

“How did Lady Aris get here….”

Raon gulped as he watched Aris clench her sword.


Aris didn't answer. She glared at the smoke as if she didn't like Rector, and raised her ferocious energy.

'I shouldn't have spoken during the battle.’

You truly lack awareness in this matter!

Thinking it was a mistake, when he tried to step back, Wrath shook his finger.


It's not because you're in the middle of a fight, it's because the title was incorrect


He thought of something, but wondered if it was because of that. Still, he tried calling her that title just in case.


“Yes! My nephew!”

Aris turned her head sharply and smiled brightly. She seemed like a different person than when she was about to kill Rector.

“H, how did you get here?”

He stammered involuntarily, feeling Aris' excessive reaction for the first time in a long time.

"I reluctantly returned to the family because they kept calling me, but you weren't there. I was waiting to see you, and when I heard a reinforcement request from the Light Wind Division, I rushed and came right away.”


Raon lost his words for a moment as he met Aris' confident gaze.

‘What an initiative.’

Aris must have come here alone, ignoring even Glenn's orders.

As he had felt from the first time he saw her, she seemed like a free spirit who lived as she pleased, regardless of Zieghart name.

“So she is your aunt.... I see..”

Rector glanced at Raon and Aris in turn and nodded indifferently. His gaze seemed to have sunk even deeper.

“Why, are you jealous?”

Aris curled the corner of her lips and tilted her head completely.

“Of course you would be jealous. If you had a 21-year-old nephew who became a Grandmaster, everyone in your neighborhood would be talking about it.”


“Then why did you try to take him with you?”


Rector remained silent, revealing a cold gaze. Looking into his dry eyes like a desert, the recent situation replayed in Raon's mind.


Wasn't he able to catch me just now?

Since I was close enough to him while executing a surprise attack with the Blade of Requiem, he could have caught me if he had simply clenched his fingers.

No matter how much Aris spread out the spatial sword, Rector should have been faster. It felt like he had let me go on purpose.

Your thoughts are correct.

Wrath nodded as he looked at Rector.

That old man didn't catch you on purpose.

'As I thought…’

Raon pursed his lips as he looked at Rector. If it was Wrath's words, it was certain.

He didn't know the exact reason, but it was clear that Rector had let him go on purpose.

'His gaze seems a bit strange too.’

He could tell because he had received one-on-one swordsmanship training from Rector. In his eyes, which seemed to be blowing a cold wind, there was still the same person who had directly demonstrated and explained swordsmanship.

Especially since he is considered to have a relationship with his father. Given such a sudden change, something must be involved

‘Brainwashing? Or maybe he was caught with a weakness.’

He had never heard of a story that a Transcendent could be brainwashed, but the situation was too peculiar, leading him to lean towards that possibility.

“Sir Rector. What on earth happened? If you were brainwashed or caught with a weakness….”


Rector turned his gaze with the same cold eyes.

"Do you think I can be brainwashed as a Transcendent?

He drew a sneer with his slightly curled lips.

“I am in the Holy Sword Union by my own will.”

Calmly, Rector revealed the truth and drew his sword. As the sword, from which he had received swordsmanship training, pointed towards him, revealing its murderous intent, his heart ached as if stabbed with a knife.

‘Is this also fate….’

If Raon from his previous life, who lived as the Shadows, had believed he was betrayed, he would have stabbed Rector with his sword without any emotion. However, now that he understood the concept of fate and human relationships, he couldn't simply display mAris.

Understanding human relationships had both advantages and disadvantages.


Aris moistened her dry lips and nodded.

“Yes. You are indeed the Sword Demon. The Sword Demon is affiliated with the Holy Sword Union? All the honor you have accumulated until now will be thrown into the mud?”

“The honor that others judge is not important.”

Rector raised his gaze confidently, unashamed. The sword with his will shone with a haughty light.

"What matters is what intentions I hold.”

"A lowly human speaks such noble words.”

Aris smiled lightly and put her sword back in its sheath, lowering her stance. It seemed like she was trying to gain the upper hand in an instant with her swordsmanship that cuts through space.

"Anyway, it would be good for both you and me to finish this quickly.”


“This guy’s grandfather will be here soon. Do you know who he is?”

She laughed, pointing at Raon.


Raon’s eyes widened. It seemed like she was trying to use the lie he had told the Dragon Lord again, but that wouldn’t work on Rector.

"It could indeed be possible.”

However, contrary to expectations, Rector nodded as if he believed Aris’ words and raised his sword. The sword slowly approaching like a turtle seemed so huge.


It looked like he was piercing the ground, no, the world itself with his sword. The chill that ran down his spine was terrifying, seeing the completed Ten Thousand Swords (Myriad Swords) from an enemy’s perspective.

‘This is the true Ten Thousand Swords.’

The Ring of Fire rotated on its own, analyzing the principles contained in Rector’s Ten Thousand Swords.

From heavy sword to flexible sword, blunt sword, illusion sword, severing sword, and even long sword, like instruments in an orchestra harmonizing with each other, seamlessly blended together. Each of these principles created a power that transcended mere swordsmanship.


Aris stomped the ground with his left foot, unleashing a space attack with dazzling light that clashed with Rector's Ten Thousand Swords.


Rather than swords, it felt as if pillars collided, producing an immense roar, and shockwaves flipped the earth.


Raon shivered, facing the terrifying scene.

‘I can’t back down. I have to be here.’

He had to keep his distance from Aris to launch a surprise attack on Rector.

However, his eyes were drawn to the chain of swordsmanship being created by Aris and Rector, resembling a form of art.

Even in such a bewildering and life-threatening situation, Raon remained singularly focused on advancing his swordsmanship, questioning whether he had truly become akin to the swordsmen of the Holy Sword Union.


Aris took a step back from Rector and thrust the sword she had pulled back.

The space in front of Rector’s chest split open and a lightning-fast sword strike erupted.

However, Rector showed a leisurely evasion as if he knew where Aris’ spatial sword would be headed. He was reading the flow of this fight.

‘As I thought….’

Raon frowned at Rector’s calm expression.

‘That side holds the upper hand.’

Although they were both in the same transcendent realm, Rector was a level above Aris.

"Can you afford to be so leisurely? His grandfather is coming if we drag this out.”

Aris snapped her fingers provocatively. It seemed like she was trying to make Rector impatient, seeking an opening.


Rector’s expression didn’t change as he scattered light on his sword.

A burst of light emanated along the rotating wrist, instantly penetrating the gap in Aris' defense. It was a spatial attack unlike her spatial sword, possessing a distinct nature.


Aris clicked her tongue, intertwining her fingers around the sword and sweeping it upward in a diagonal motion. The clash of her spatial sword and Rector’s spatial strike created a powerful collision, pushing against the barrier formed by the intertwining rifts.

Inside the split crack, Aris’ sword clashed with Rector's strike.


Within the crack, a tremendous shockwave exploded, and the thin cracks carved in the void were torn off thickly.


The ground collapsed under the spreading wave of will, and dragon's breaths descended from the seemingly crushed sky.


Rector and Aris poured their swordsmanship towards each other inside the storm created by the clash of will.

It looked like a draw, but in reality, Aries was gradually being pushed back.

However, she did not back down even though she was injured, and instead slashed her sword even more fiercely. She clashed swords with Rector head-on, as if to really buy time before Glenn arrived.


The ground and sky shook at the battle of the transcendents. The ground, which had no more places to split, cracked and revealed a dark hole, and the sky split open and emitted a faint red light.

Aris and Rector continued to exchange swords even in the cracked space that seemed to be crushed. The energy of the two seemed infinite, and their breathing seemed endless.

However, the tide of the battle turned as Rector’s sword suddenly bent and transformed. The blade that stretched out like lightning was enveloped eith principles that combined offense and defense.


Aris’ sword was blocked and could not go any further. The entire direction she could go was blocked by Rector’s will. It was literally a prison of will.

Raon’s fingertips trembled as he watched Rector’s sword change like a gentle breeze or a fierce lightning bolt.

‘This is strange….’

Even if I had reached Grandmaster, I shouldn't be able to see this much in a battle between transcendents.

In fact, Aris’ spatial sword was beyond his understanding, and he couldn't grasp much of it.

However, Rector’s sword stretched out straight and honestly, as if he was teaching him a direct lesson. His teachings came to mind, and he felt how to achieve the Ten Thousand Swords with his skin.

“You have a great talent. However….”

Rector shook his head as he lowered his sword.

“You are still immature.”

“Unlike you, I’m still in my prime!”

Aris curled her red lips and twisted the prison of will forcibly. Not only her arms and legs, but the blade that she thrust out while bleeding from her lips broke free from Rector’s intense pressure.

"I've seen enough of your skill, let's end this.”

Rector nodded calmly and raised his sword. The moment he aimed his swordsmanship at Aris, he seemed to be the only one existing in this world. He exuded an absolute presence, as if a human had transformed into a sword.

“You're not just old for nothing.”

Aris also realized that she was being pushed back and bit her lip. She hold the sword with both hands and caused a spatial slash that cut through the energy itself.


The magnificent blade, which even cut through the breath of the Mad Dragon Kaibar, ripped through Rector’s space.

Rector, as if expecting that much, stretched out his sword with a calm look, containing the principles of the Ten Thousand Swords. As the majestic light filled the space, Raon moved.

Raon unsheathed Heavenly Drive, unleashing the power that had been building up to its climax.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Fourth Form, Blue Rain’s.

A clear resonance echoed from the blade as it chewed through the scabbard, and the sharp sound pierced Rector’s ears.

However, he was not the only one who thought of a surprise attack.


Behind the collapsed walls of the ruined battlefield, rays of shimmering light extended in every direction.

The old woman's mask, revealed above her fluttering robes, glittered brilliantly. It was Merlin. Her magic, prepared who knows when, surged like a tidal wave towards the right side of Rector.


As Aris, Raon, and Merlin attacked from three directions, an enormous storm of light rose from the space where Rector was standing. Magic and sword strikes exploded in succession, and countless rays of light soared into the sky.

“Are we a match made in heaven?”

Merlin curled her lips up slightly.

"The timing is perfect."

She lifted her chin, speaking with an unusually deep voice.


Aris frowned as she looked at Merlin.

"Why is that mad woman here?"

She shook her head as if she couldn't understand this situation.

"She might be targeting me as well.”

Raon nodded as he stood next to Aris.

"Let's finish this situation first."

"That's the plan."

As Aris waved her hand, the wind blew and pushed away the dust storm.


Rector remained motionless in the same spot. His clothes were slightly scorched or torn, but he seemed relatively unharmed. However, there was a subtle wound on his right shoulder where Merlin had struck.

"The timing of the surprise attack and the sharpness of the blade. You've improved a lot since before."

Rector looked at them. His eyes were cold enough to cut their throats at any moment, but at the same time, they seemed to be impressed. 

"And Merlin. Is this surprise attack the will of the Fallen?"

Rector turned his head to the right and looked at Merlin.

"No, I just came out because I was pissed off that you were taking Raon Zieghart."

"One Transcendent and two Grandmasters..."

He nodded, wiping the blood dripping from his shoulder.

"It won't be bad, even if it takes time."

"Sir Blood Swordmaster."

As Rector was about to move again, the middle-aged man who seemed to be in charge of the swordsmen of the Holy Sword Union approached him and whispered quietly.

"We need to retreat."


"Didn't the Union leader tell you? You shouldn't clash with him right now."

The middle-aged man nodded, mentioning the Union leaders’ name.


Rector clicked his tongue as if he didn't like it and put away his sword.

"There won't be another opportunity like this next time.”

"Oh, you talk a lot."

Aris frowned and shook her head.

"He says his grandfather is coming. If you're going to run away like a coward, why not do it from the beginning?”

She seemed to instantly figured who he shouldn't clash with.


Rector did not answer her and turned his gaze to Raon. He met his eyes for a very short moment and then disappeared.


Raon felt his heart flutter as he recalled Rector's eyes, which were filled with coldness.

‘It’s clear.’

He wanted to say something.

Even if Rector truly wanted to be in the Holy Sword Union, he wanted to convey something to me.

From the beginning, it felt like he came to give warnings and teachings, perhaps the final lesson.

‘What could it be?’

* * *

Rector stopped walking after following the swordsmen of the Holy Sword Union.

“Sir Blood Swordmaster?”

"Go ahead and report first. I'll treat my wounds and join later.”

He pointed to his ear, which had suddenly started bleeding, and shook his head.

“Hmm, I see.”

The middle-aged man nodded and led his men out of the forest first.

As Rector touched his ear, sticky blood dripped down.

“As expected….”


When he smiled, Mustan walked out from inside the forest.

“Are you okay?”

Mustan chewed his lips with clear eyes, unlike before.

“What an incredible talent.”

Rector muttered that Raon was amazing, wiping the blood dripping from his ear. For the first time, a proper smile appeared on his face.

"Actually, Master, I asked if your heart is okay.”

Mustan lowered his gaze with a gloomy expression, as if he knew everything.


Rector remained silent. He slowly lifted his gaze to the now clear sky.

“What do you mean by okay or not? I’m just doing what I have to do.”

He let out a short sigh.

"Still, it might be good to talk to sir Raon.


Rector shook his head firmly.

"If I interfere, that child's light will fade. I'm tired of regrets. I'll be satisfied just watching from behind.”

He smiled, as if he had already made all the decisions.

"Didn't you say you could do anything for Raon?”


“Then follow me.”

Rector grabbed Mustan’s shoulder and stood up.

"With today's events, the path has opened. It will soon come to an end.”


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