TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 551

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 551

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the artificial energy center that exuded a strong scent of mana.

'It's not great that my face is engraved on it, but the perfection of the artificial energy center is incredibly high.'

Worthy of being Yonaan's family genius, Encia had created an artificial energy center that was close to perfect. It seemed to be even of a higher grade than Rimmer's artificial energy center.

'No, it's definitely higher grade.'

Rimmer's artificial energy center was empty inside, but the artificial energy center now in Encia's hand contained the pure mana that the dragon had collected.

Even if it were said to be made with a dragon heart as the material, Encia Yonaan was the most outstanding genius he had ever seen, creating an energy center that surpassed the original.

"I'm going to use this pattern as my signature mark."

Encia smiled brightly as she pointed to Raon's face engraved on the surface of the artificial energy center.


Raon blinked blankly.

"I want to use sir Raon's face as my signature mark. Will you give me permission?"

"Um, doesn't the Yonaan family have its own signature mark? That would seem more prestigious..."

He stammered excuses in an attempt to refuse.

"That's true, but I want to create my own mark. I want to use Sir Raon's face to symbolize the perfection of an artifact."

Encia shook her head as if she wanted to use her own mark.

"Wouldn't it be harder to sell with my face on it? If you do something else..."

"No! It will become a symbol of trust and a symbol of perfection, and the artifact will sell like hotcakes!"


Raon savored his own face engraved on the artificial energy center.

'I'm embarrassed of it, but it will be hard to refuse.'

Encia had locked herself in her room for almost a month to create that artificial energy center, purely out of a desire to help him.

Since she was the one who made the first move, it was impossible to refuse her offer.


He let out a short sigh and nodded.


"I knew you would allow it! Thank you!"

Encia smiled brightly, saying that she would make the face mark different for each season.

"And of course, I'll give you a royalty fee for the portrait rights."

She made a gold coin shape with her fingers, saying that it would be quite a bit of money.

"It's okay."

Raon shook his head. He didn't want to take money from Encia, as they were more connected by a relationship of trust than money.

"No. We need to make sure this financial relationship is clear!"

Encia came closer and frowned.

"I'm going to give it to you. Take it!"

"Ah, yes...."

He nodded his head, taken aback by her assertiveness.


Wrath groaned as he looked at the artificial energy center.

Why? Why? If that foolish woman had witnessed the King of Eseence's beauty, the King of Essence’s face would surely be engraved there! It's too regrettable!

The guy pounded his chest as if he was sorry that he didn’t wake Encia at the Owen Kingdom's treatment center.

‘There's really a lot to be sorry of.’

As Raon sighed and shook his head, Sylvia and the maids came running from the garden.

"W-what's going on?!"

"Young master! Are you okay?"

Their faces were pale, as if they were startled by the black smoke that filled the sky.

"It's finally complete."

Raon smiled as he pointed to the artificial energy center in Encia's hand.


Sylvia pursed her lips and approached the artificial energy center. Despite her energy center being broken and her mana circuit frozen, she could feel the scent of powerful mana.

"Isn't this Raon's face?"

But instead of the artificial energy center, she seemed to be interested in Raon's face carved on it, blinking her eyes rapidly.

"As expected, you recognized it!"

Encia smiled brightly when Sylvia recognized Raon's face.

"That's right. It's sir Raon!"

"Of course I would know. I'm the one who gave birth to him. He's handsome."


For the first time in a long time, Raon called out "Mom" instead of "Mother."

Since Sylvia said he was handsome, it felt much more embarrassing than when Encia or Runaan called him handsome. His face was burning up.

"I know."

Sylvia nodded slowly and looked at the artificial energy center. Her pupils sank deep like a lake shimmering in the sunlight.

"I know how much you and lady Encia suffered to create this small energy center.”

Her fingertips trembled thinly as if she was nervous.

"That's why I don't know if I'm qualified to receive this artificial energy center."


Raon was about to speak when Sylvia's lips moved.

"In the past, I might have said something like that."


"But my thoughts have changed a bit as I've watched you."

Sylvia turned her gaze from the artificial energy center and looked at Raon.

"You can just receive this artificial energy center and become someone worthy of it. Right?"

She recited the words Raon was about to say with her own lips.

"That's right! That's fine!"

Encia grabbed Sylvia's hand and smiled brightly.

Raon nodded as he met Sylvia's eyes. It seemed that Sylvia's heart had also become hardened after going through many things.

"Thank you."

Sylvia smiled faintly as she received the artificial energy center from Encia.

"I'll try to be someone worthy of this artificial energy center."

*   *   *

Glenn lifted his back from the throne and lowered his heated gaze.

"Has Sylvia's artificial energy center been completed?"


Rimmer, who had been standing hunched over, nodded. His red hair fluttered, revealing the dark bruises around his left eye.

"It was completed yesterday, and they will soon begin the integration of the artificial energy center into her body, connecting the mana circuits. They have asked me to guard them."

He clasped his hands together, saying that Raon had asked him personally.

"And what did you say?"

Glenn stared at Rimmer, twisting his fingers. If he had declined, he seemed ready to kill.

"Of course I had to accept the request of my cute disciple!"

Rimmer nodded quickly, as if sensing a threat to his life.

"When will the work begin?"

"Since the artificial energy center created by Encia is infused with dragon mana, I believe they will commence the process after improving Sylvia's physical condition."

"Is that so..."

Glenn pursed his dry lips and frowned.

'I want to help.'

He wished to personally check Sylvia's physical condition and assist in her treatment. However, having been the one to destroy her energy center and sever the mana circuit, he couldn't approach her first.


At Glenn's call, Roenn approached Glenn and bowed his head.

"Have all the Black Hand returned?"

"Yes. They have all finished their assignments and are on standby."

“After the inspection on the fifth training ground and annex building, Balder had become even more violent. Thanks to his reckless actions, twelve have been dealt with, and they are (Black Hand) currently on standby.

"Mobilize the entire Black Hand to guard the perimeter of the annex building. Ensure not even a single ant gets in."

"I obey."

"Well, guarding is important, but..."

Rimmer scratched the back of his head and tilted his chin.

"Isn't connecting Sylvia's energy center and mana circuits even more important?"

"Why state the obvious?"

"Then, how about my lord assists them with that important task?"

Rimmer's green eyes, as cold as the north wind, met Glenn's red eyes.

"I know better than anyone that Raon is a genius, but connecting someone else's energy center and mana circuits is not an easy task. He'll need help."


Unlike usual, Glenn didn't scold Rimmer. He gazed up at the high ceiling.

"You understand it better than anyone. Sylvia is like that because of my sins."

He spoke with a slight tremble in his lips.

"If I hadn't been obsessed with power and the size of my family, that child wouldn't have come back like that. How can I, who committed such a terrible act, help that child?"

"That's why you need to do it even more!"

Rimmer thumped his chest in frustration.

"I agree with that idiot for once."

Sheryl stepped forward and frowned.

“If you caused a problem, it's important to handle the aftermath. Even though a lot of time has passed and a lot of bones have been piled up, the tasks that need to be done remain unchanged."

She looked at Glenn with firm eyes.


Glenn still hesitated and gripped the armrest of the throne tightly.

"I find it odd to go and help without being asked."

Roenn smiled softly and stepped in between Rimmer and Sheryl.

“However, there is more than one way to help Lady Sylvia.”

“What do you mean?”

“The person who connects Lady Sylvia’s energy center and mana circuit is the young master Raon.”

Roenn continued with a smile.

"Why don't you pass on your knowledge of the energy center and mana circuit to him? Adding compensation for the annex building's damage and the reward for defeating the mad dragon, you'll be able to approach him without any trouble." “Is that okay?”

"It seems fine to me."

Rimmer and Sheryl gave Roenn a thumbs up, as if to say good job.

“And you have something to say to Raon.”

Rimmer raised his hand and showed a gesture of pouring alcohol.

Glenn, exchanging glances with the three of them, nodded as if he had made a decision.

“…Let’s go today.”

*   *   *

"Turn more. It's still far!"

Raon raised his finger and drew a small circle.


Sylvia, dressed in a plain uniform, ran after that finger, sweating profusely.

Perhaps exhausted, her complexion was pale, and short breaths escaped her lips, but she didn't stop moving.


"Our vice division leader is ruthless even to her own mother."

"True. I didn't know he would treat his family the same way...."

"Is she going to collapse like this?"

The Light Wind members looked at the swaying Sylvia and the unfaltering Raon with dry throats.

"Shouldn't you pay more attention to this side instead of that side?"

Burren stood in front of the members with a chilling smile.

“That’s not it….”

“We’re worried about lady Sylvia….”

"Worry about your own future. Starting now, repeat the basic swordsmanship a thousand times each!”

He ordered them to swing all four basic swordsmanship a thousand times each.


“It’s hell here and there.”

"I should have chosen a different profession..."

The Light Wind members grumbled, but they followed Burren’s instructions and picked up their swords to repeat the basic swordsmanship.


Martha watched Sylvia, who was circling the training ground with her sword lowered, in silence.

It was a rare sight for her, who usually paid no attention to anyone and focused on her own training, regardless of who was around.

“Hey, hag.”

Runaan quietly watched Martha’s back and approached her, patting her on the shoulder.

“What, what is it!”


“You crazy bastard!”

Thick veins rose on Martha’s forehead.

"You're just lucky to have surpassed me!"

“Was it even luck?”

Runaan shrugged her shoulders with indifferent eyes.

“You wait, you bastard! I’ll definitely catch up! I’ll kill you even if I die!”

Martha gritted her teeth and raised her sword. She gritted her teeth and squeezed out all her strength to stretch out her swordsmanship.


Runaan leisurely dodged Martha’s sword and snorted.

Raon smiled as he glanced at Runaan’s back.

‘You’re taking care of her.’

Martha hadn’t been able to train properly since Sylvia came to the training ground.

She had been in a gloomy mood, perhaps thinking about her mother, but Runaan stepped in at the right moment and woke her up.

Through the event a while ago, Runaan had matured greatly, not only in strength but also mentally.

“Let’s go around two more times.”

Raon focused on Sylvia again and raised two fingers.


Sylvia could barely nod her head, too weak to even respond. She used to be called one of the greatest talents before she left the family, her tenacity was truly remarkable.

'Even so….'

It will take some time.

The artificial energy center created by Encia was highly sophisticated and contained a large amount of mana. While it was a great achievement, it wasn't necessarily a good thing for Sylvia at the moment.

If they implanted that artificial energy center into her right now, her body might explode since her energy center was broken and her mana circuits were petrified (hardened), making her even weaker than a normal person.

She needed to build up her body as much as possible before the implementation of the artificial energy center.

'Fortunately’ she has been training her stamina all this time.'

Sylvia had been training her stamina every day since expressing her willingness to accept the artificial energy center. Thanks to her consistent efforts, her physical condition had improved somewhat.

"That's enough. Let's rest for a bit."

After instructing Sylvia, who was becoming pale, to rest, he looked up at the sky.

'There's one more problem. Me.'

There was no one else but him who could handle Sylvia's energy center and mana circuit, and that wasn't an easy task.

Raon clenched his jaw and looked at Sylvia, who was gasping for breath, kneeling on the ground.

'I need to study as well.'

*   *   *

Raon returned to his room after helping Sylvia with her physical training and finishing his own personal training.

Without even taking a moment to breathe, he sat down at his desk and opened the book on anatomy and mana circuits he had borrowed from Federick.

It was a medical book, so there were many difficult parts, but he was able to understand it slowly but surely by using the Ring of Fire to increase his concentration.

However, the more he read the book, the more he realized that it wouldn't be easy.

'As expected, it's not going to be easy.'

Unlike Rimmer, Sylvia's mana circuits had been severed for over 20 years.

To revive it now required precise manipulation of aura, almost like threading a needle, and extensive knowledge about the human body.

Although he was confident in both areas, he couldn't help but feel anxious when he thought about it being Sylvia.

What are you so anxious about?

Wrath lay on the desk and snapped his fingers.

The King of Essence may not be familiar with the human body, so he can't assist, but he can prevent any potential problems.

He said he has a duty to help our mother under any circumstances.

'I see.'

Raon chuckled. It might not be comforting on ordinary occasions, but hearing him say "our mom" in times like these strangely put him at ease.

Just as he was about to start reading again, a black shadow appeared on the window. He turned his gaze and saw Glenn's red eyes.

"M, my lord?"

He stood up, knocking over his chair. He was surprised by the unexpected appearance, and Glenn gestured for him to come out and then disappeared.

'What's going on? Was there something he needed?'

Raon suppressed his pounding heart and hurried outside.

Glenn was waiting for him in front of the lake as usual. He approached him quickly, and Glenn turned around.

"I heard Balder caused trouble at the annex building."

He frowned as he looked at the annex building, which was still covered with a tent since construction hadn't started yet.

"It's fine. We'll definitely get compensation for it…."

"Even so, it doesn't change the fact that the inspector I chose caused trouble."


“I thought the compensation for killing the mad dragon and defeating the Holy Sword Union leader’s disciple was lacking. So I’m going to teach you a skill.”

Glenn stared with sharp eyes, as if insisting that Raon should accept.

“T-thank you.”

He didn’t dare think of refusing and bowed his head.

"What I'll teach you is the Periton martial art. It's an unarmed combat technique created by the martial artist known as Periton, who mastered every aspect of the human body. If you master it properly, you'll be able to perfectly grasp your own and your enemy's bodies."


Raon raised his chin and widened his eyes.

‘If that’s true, it could be of great help in connecting my mother’s energy center and mana circuits.’

If what Glenn said was true, it seemed like he could learn that martial art and use it to treat Sylvia.

"Periton lived 200 years ago, but there's still no medical book that surpasses his research. He was from the Webeck Village, which is famous for its white grape wine."


Raon blinked in confusion. The sudden shift to white grape wine in the conversation left him puzzled. However, Glenn repeated his words once more.

“Do you understand? It’s famous for its white grape wine.”


"The white grape wine is named Periton Blanc after Periton."


What the heck?


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