TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 216


The village chief, Yensky, tightened his coat around him as he observed the slowly falling snowflakes. His gaze shifted slightly to a red-haired man who looked at him with a gentle smile.

'Cale Henituse.'

That was the man's name. Unconsciously, the village chief opened his mouth in response to that gaze.

"I'll be back by sunset at the latest."

"Yes, have a safe journey."

In response to Cale's greeting, the village chief nodded before looking at the three who stayed here, excluding him. The hunter Koukan nodded slightly in response to the village chief's gaze. With that, the chief left behind his worries and headed out of the castle.


The wind blew, but he wasn't alone. The Choi family, Choi Han, and Choi Jung Soo, walked side by side as escorts for the chief.

"Mila-nim, please take care."

"Don't worry."

Mila, Dodori's mother, was also with them.

"With a Sword Master, a Wanderer, and a Dragon, there shouldn't be any problems anywhere."

Cale had assigned considerable forces to accompany the village chief to the small village. Of course, the chief thought Mila was just a healer; he didn't know she was a Dragon. However, the chief felt that the three beside him were more than ordinary.

'Let's hurry.'

The chief quickened his pace. He had left the castle suddenly to give a general explanation to the villagers about the recently appeared Black Castle and also to deliver the record of foreign visitors.

He turned around.


The skeletal black-boned dragon was still perched on the roof of the Black Castle.

'I'll have to explain about that Dragon too.'


For some, it is an object of praise and worship, but at least for the people of Wins Village, which used to be the center of the Great Snow Duchy, it was an existence of fear and hatred.

'For this to happen before the eradication team arrives...'

Yensky should be exhausted by now, but his body was filled with vigor despite the arrival of the eradication team.

"E-Excuse me, Sir?"

"Yes, just call me Choi Jung Soo, Elder."

Choi Jung Soo spoke kindly to the village chief.

"Earlier today, I couldn't express my gratitude properly."

"Yes, yes."

Through the snowflakes, Choi Jung Soo's face was not clearly visible. But his soft voice and barely visible smile gave the village chief a comforting feeling.

"I heard that the goal of this eradication team is to eliminate the Beast People in the Erghe Mountains."

"...Is that so?"

"Yes. So, half of the Holy Empire's First Division of Knights has decided to join. You can consider this division as the strongest on this continent."

Yensky conveyed the information he hadn't been able to say before.

"Everyone in the First Division is Dragon Half-Bloods. Therefore, they are very strong. They are all experts in combat or magic..."

He left the sentence unfinished.

However, the soft voice sounded. For some reason, it was a voice that gave him reassurance.

"Don't worry, Elder. We'll handle it. We are quite strong."


The village chief thought of the Bone Dragon and the other Dragon. With two Dragons, couldn't they handle at least half of the Holy Knights Brigade? The village chief had never seen a Dragon Half-Blood. Although he was the steward of the Snow family, after more than two hundred years, he had only learned through records left by his ancestors, being a poor elder in a village.

'If it weren't for the information my comrades risk their lives to bring from outside the village, I would be completely useless.'

That's why he couldn't sleep after hearing the news about the Eradication Team and its composition.

And then, unknowingly, he fell asleep and had a dream where the Grand Duke returned to the village.

And now, the situation was like this dream.

"...It's okay."

It's okay. Somehow, they will handle it.

The village chief calmed down and quickened his steps toward the village. Mila followed him, and Choi Han approached Choi Jung Soo's side, lightly tapping his arm.

As they approached, Choi Jung Soo's face became more visible through the falling snow. Although he smiled, his eyes were cold and deep.

"Let's go."

Choi Jung Soo regained his senses at Choi Han's touch and smiled. It was a very gentle smile, but it soon disappeared.

"Well, I think the kid and I are alike in this sense. Don't you think so?"

Choi Jung Soo noticed that Choi Han's eyes were similar to the ones reflected in his own.

Choi Han, who stayed silent for a moment, walked forward as if nothing had happened and spoke calmly.

"Of course we are."

Choi Jung Gun.

For Choi Jung Soo and Choi Han, the whereabouts of that person was one of the things they had to resolve in Apitoyu.

Under their feet.

Walking through the snowstorm, Choi Han suddenly saw the group ahead of him.

'Cale-nim left us in charge of matters related to Choi Jung Gun on purpose.'

Exploring the village or gathering information was something that actually suited Ron more than Choi Han. However, Cale delegated that job to them. Choi Han, who understood that feeling, was determined to do his best.


There was a small ripple inside him.

At this moment, Choi Han was in a situation where the Aura could not use even half of its original power. However, Choi Han was not someone who would sit idly. As always, Choi Han was someone who would try to find a solution.

'Try to develop that Aura of yours.'

Eruhaben's words about the Ancient Dragon resonated in his mind.

Choi Han realized that he was walking his own path and that his life had been fulfilling until now. He realized that the change within him, or rather, certainty, had turned into a force.

A force with an unbreakable heart, a force with a desire not to break.

In the middle of the battle against the Blood Demon, he discovered that new force. No, it wasn't something new; it already existed, but now he was aware of that force.

Woo, woo~

The waves inside Choi Han gradually increased. He felt it. That this vast world beyond the snowstorm was oppressed. And that his own strength was also being suppressed.

‘Then, I should break it.’

Woo, woo, woo~

The Aura inside Choi Han grew gradually. And the more it grew, the more the Aura inside his body responded.

‘It's true.’

A smile formed on Choi Han's lips. He opened his eyes. His white eyes moved with the wind.

‘Even if the world is chained-’

If I am not chained.

‘It doesn't matter.’

Even if I am chained, I will simply break it. Aura. My own path. Choi Han defined these things in this way.


Choi Han, who had created his own area, slowly drew his inner strength outward. As Choi Han realized how to gain his freedom in this world...


He stopped.

"…This might be-"

Choi Han's eyes narrowed.

'Is it because of the Dragon Fear that Purple Blood Dragons have been able to use their power without being influenced by the world?'

Choi Han's Aura was similar to Dragon Fear.

‘Perhaps Dragon Fear is not just a force that frightens and oppresses other creatures, but it can be a force that controls its surroundings.’

Invisible and ethereal. Could it be that creatures have feared Dragon Fear because it is a 'force that dominates its surroundings'?

‘Although I have never seen a Dragon using Dragon Fear in battle.’

Although Choi Han was only making assumptions, he thought that this assumption had some reality.


Suddenly, Choi Han remembered the Aura that had chilled him more than Dragon Fear. The power he found in the basement of the study in Sichuan Province.

The power that mixed from the three forces and eventually created the red crown.

The energy emanating from Cale when he wore the red crown, the moment Cale took off the red crown, the Aura disappeared, but Choi Han saw nothing that chilled his stomach as much as that energy.


So far, Cale had exuded a characteristic Dominating Aura. However, he had not fully used that power yet.

‘If Cale-nim were to use that power properly-’

Controlling space.

"...I see the way."

It seemed like he could see a way to fight against the enemy in this world.

'Yes, when it comes to Dragons, Cale-nim's power may be more useful than Dragon Fear.'

Choi Han heard from Cale about the three things mixed in the Red Crown.

One was the crown that drank the blood of Dragons.

Another was the Emperor's crown that first hunted a Dragon.

The last was the Imoogi's Core, which, by giving up becoming a Dragon and saving humans, died.


Somehow, a laugh burst out from Choi Han.

'Facing Dragons will be quite a challenge.'

Choi Han's steps as he walked again were quite light. He could hear the conversation between Choi Jung Soo and the elder in his ears.

"Why did you say that Cale is the descendant of the Grand Duchy after knowing that the Grand Duchy's Family has been destroyed?"

"Although the late Grand Duke Snow was a hero who appeared when the Har Empire was in danger. Although he died, there are still people who haven't found his body. I thought that maybe the hero had returned to save this village and the empire."

"According to the records, his blood-red hair was especially vivid even in the midst of the snowstorm."

Choi Han had a strange premonition.

Like that story.

Wouldn't a new story be created here too?

As always.

Choi Han was happy to be part of that story, and therefore, he had no intention of stopping. He also needed to find answers for that.

He approached Mila.


"What's the matter?"

"I have a request."

Choi Han approached Mila, the Dragon, to tell her his assumption.


Then suddenly, Choi Han remembered.

'Then what is Raon?'

Choi Han's gaze turned toward the Black Castle in the distance.

Raon was there.

At least, in Choi Han's memory, Raon had never emitted any special aura.

'Is it related to his Attribute?'


Choi Han was intrigued by the true nature of Raon's Attribute.

"Choi Han-nim?"

"Oh, sorry."

Choi Han continued toward Wins Village as he whispered his thoughts to Mila.

Apitoyu. Before returning this world to normal, Choi Han shared a story that could be of great help in the fight against the enemies.


"Is it a beastman wolf...?"

Hunter Koukan looked at the man Cale introduced.


A young man who somehow tilted his head with a youthful appearance. To be precise, although his physique was close to that of a young man, his appearance and behavior seemed immature. The young man with grayish, tousled hair opened his mouth while observing Koukan's reaction.

"I'm called Lock. I'm also a beastman wolf."

Then, Lock extended his hand.

Koukan cautiously grabbed the offered hand.


And then he stopped.

When his eyes met Lock's...


He felt a strange pressure.

But that pressure disappeared as if it were just his imagination. He only received a shy and reserved look.


Surely, he had seen something cold in those blue eyes.

Koukan thought it might be his imagination, but still, he felt chills in the arms beneath his clothes.


"Ah, sorry."

Koukan quickly let go of Lock's hand.

Lock smiled awkwardly. Gashan approached him.

"What do you think, Lock? Doesn't it smell like a wolf?"

Cale, who was nearby, responded to that question.

"Smell? What do you mean? I don't smell anything."

At that moment, they were in the training room in the basement of the Black Castle.

"I smell it!"

Hong, responded loudly.

"It smells like a beast! Do you feel it too, Noona?"

"Yes, I do."

On, she, nodded quietly on the side.

As Cale's doubt increased, Witira, she, answered calmly as if to provide an explanation.

"Koukan's current condition is not a complete humanization. Koukan, can you take off your hat?"

Koukan hesitated at those words. With a thick coat, a scarf, and a fur hat, he hesitated before taking off the hat.


Cale's eyes saw Koukan's wolf ears.

"Koukan, are all the other beastman wolves in the same situation as you?"

At Witira's persistent question, Koukan nodded while holding the hat in his hands.

"Yes, we are all in the same situation, although I have a fairly stable humanization, which allows me to go down to the village like this."

He said with a sigh.

"As time passes, humanization becomes increasingly unstable in future generations."

"Why does that happen?"

Koukan's expression clouded at Witira's question. Anger seeped into Koukan's face.

"The Berserk Transformation is not working properly. Probably all tribes, not just ours, are in the same situation."

Gashan expressed his doubt about that.

"It's strange."

It was an expression of disbelief.

"The Beast People wolf's Berserk Transformation has nothing to do with natural energy. The Berserk Transformation is a process where instincts or internal potential awaken. That's our true strength."

Eyes full of questions turned to Koukan, and he opened his mouth.

"...During the First Berserk Transformation, there is an existence that acts as support, but..."

Support during the First Berserk Transformation?

For Cale, these were completely new concepts. He wanted to ask, but he listened to Koukan's words without saying anything.

"Our God. Another central presence disappeared, and this is what happened."


"Yes. The Blue Wolf disappeared, and we lost our wild power."

"The Blue Wolf?"

When Cale's eyes blinked, Hong pointed at the Blue Wolf with his  small red paw.

"The Blue Wolf is here!"

Hong looked at Lock, and all eyes turned to Lock. Hong exclaimed confidently.

"Big brother Lock is the Blue Wolf! A very cool Blue Wolf!"

And then he smiled joyfully. Lock received all the looks and smiled uncomfortable.




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