IBRV (Novel) Chapter 131

C 131

"Thank you...."

Although he had been running an orphanage for quite some time, this was something he had never heard before.

Albion was well aware that he didn't have a very pleasant personality and wasn't a good teacher who took good care of the children.

He used to educate his children with a certain level of toughness for their future.

Perhaps that's why he had never heard gratitude before.

"I guess it was just self-satisfaction."

He thought that maybe the children in his orphanage were a little unhappy.

Certainly, there were children who would have been better off living freely under the care of a kinder director.

"She's such a young girl that I can't tell what she's thinking."

Hill Rosemont, who was being dragged along by Albion's murmured words, startled and came to a sudden stop.

This was because he couldn't believe that he was holding her hand gently and following her lead.

"Where the hell are you taking me?"

Hill Rosemont asked stiffly. Albion stopped walking.



"If you were honest with me and told me what happened and that you wanted me by your side..."

"What difference would it make if I tell you?"

Hill Rosemont interrupted Albion. Albion fell silent.

"You're a hypocrite, you care more about strangers in the orphanage than us, who are related by blood anyway."

"...It's not hypocrisy."

"I guess it's to alleviate guilt."

So, can I express it as selfishness?

Hill Rosemont spat out harsh words. It was a way of speaking that only knew how to hurt people.

"Yes, that would be a more accurate expression."

Albion replied calmly.

Hill Rosemont's eyes opened a little and then slowly narrowed.

"The orphanage..."

Albion stopped for a moment.

"The Etham family decided to take charge and manage it. They said they would find good adoptive homes and provide support for the children in need."

Albion said calmly.

Last night, Eirin suddenly appeared where Albion was. Perhaps because she used her abilities, her tail and wings were hanging.

Then she talked about Hill and Phil and offered to manage the orphanage in a fiduciary capacity.

To be honest, it was a little incredible. Since it was something he had started in the first place, he had no intention of handing it over to someone else.

Moreover, he was angry about Hill Rosemont's terrible behavior.

He was planning to return to the orphanage and have no further contact.

["There must have been some reason. People usually want to believe that no one is bad from the beginning."]

["...What that child did was too much."]

["I know, but... If there was no one to tell him it was wrong, there are people who don't know."]

["Even a three- or four-year-old child knows it's wrong to kill a person, let alone a child."]

Eirin, fluttering in the air in the face of Albion's anger, chuckled lightly.

["Yes, I also like the director's beliefs, but..."]


["There really are people who don't know unless you teach them, and... there must have been a reason."]

["Is there a reason to kill people...?"]

["Just as the director lost his daughter and realized the importance of children, there must have been a reason for Professor Hill."]


["I'm not trying to protect a criminal, but anyway, this incident ended in failure. Right? I'm going to talk to Professor Hill tomorrow, so why don't you come and listen secretly?"]

With an innocent expression, the girl said something that was far from innocent.

Albion shook his head, recalling a brief memory.

The reason Albion went there was to organize his thoughts one last time.

It was surprising that Phil Rosemont was there.

The story goes that this weak child killed his parents, and the story that Hill Rosemont assumed the role of the villain to protect Phil Rosemont.

"I wanted to take responsibility for the orphanage to the end, but..."

There is someone who needs me. If he can't have both, it's better to let go of what he has to give up.

"I've lived without my family for a long time."

Albion looked at Hill Rosemont in silence and then spoke.

In fact, he wasn't as ideal a person as some people thought. Relationships were awkward, and his behavior was always uncomfortable.

What Albion did well was that he always did his best.

"So, what you and Phil think is ideal... It means it might not be for your uncle."

He uttered a small jumble.

"To be honest, I usually don't allow anyone to do anything wrong, so I might interfere in your affairs more than necessary."

"...What the hell did you say earlier?"

"Of course, I'll respect your freedom, but there's a possibility that I might give advice on things not to do..."

Jumbles that not even Albion could properly organize.

"So... you might find it annoying later."

At this point, Phil Rosemont's expression, who had been silently nodding and listening calmly, lost some meaning.

"I'm persistent no matter what happens, so I'm not the type of person who gives up easily just because something annoys me..."


The moment Hill Rosemont was about to say something absurd again.

"Director, what have you come to show?"

Eirin suddenly appeared and looked at Albion with a very puzzled expression.

"Even if you try to see the good, a man who only talks about his faults is a loser."

Phil Rosemont quickly nodded as if Eirin was right.

"Why are you here...?"

Albion looked at Eirin and squinted his eyes.

"Well, I was trying to come back slowly, but it's still here. What are you doing here after 30 minutes?"

Albion pursed his lips.

"And I also recently learned..."

Eirin crossed her arms and sighed softly.

"Follow my words."

Eirin shook her head.

"I'm more than I thought."

"I'm... more than I thought..."

"Not enough, but."

"Not enough... I don't think it's far off..."


When I opened my eyes wide, Albion repeated what I said.

"Not enough, but..."

"Still, from here on."

"Still, from here on..."

"I'll take care of you."

"I'll take..."

Albion's eyes opened as he sang.

"...of you."

"Good job. You two over there, please do the same."

I looked at Hill and Phil. Phil vigorously nodded and clung to his brother's arm.

Hill seemed very reluctant.

"Please take care of me in the future."

"...Please take care of me in the future!"

Phil responded enthusiastically.

While Hill kept his mouth shut, Phil looked a little dejected and gently tugged on Hill's hem.

Hill Rosemont, seeing Phil's tearful face, sighed with a somewhat annoyed expression.


And did as they told him to do.

"As expected, a sibling complex."

Eirin thought and opened her mouth again.

"Uncle Albion."

At Eirin's words, Phil Rosemont's face lit up, and Hill Rosemont's face darkened to a more brownish tone.

Watching the clearly contrasting expressions, Albion also seemed embarrassed.

"Why is Albion so embarrassed?"

Eirin looked at the three people with a puzzled expression.

"Uncle Albion..."

Phil Rosemont spoke shyly.

"...Uncle, Al... ugh, bion."

Hill Rosemont, who couldn't resist Phil Rosemont's gaze and insistence, finally spoke.

Of course, there was a strange sound mixed in the middle.

"These three still have a long way to go."

This might have been exactly what Eirin and Erno Etham felt a long time ago.

"Then, I'll arrange the orphanage and send it to you."

"Yes, thank you..."

"It's not necessary."

Hill Rosemont interrupted Albion halfway through the sentence. Eirin also felt a little embarrassed and closed her eyes.


"The Rosemont family will take over the orphanage. Ti-..."

Hill Rosemont bit his lip.

"Uncle, you can continue to use it if you wish. Instead, the orphanage will be moved to the capital."


"If you don't want to, I'll handle it as Lady Eirin decided."

Eirin and Albion looked at Hill Rosemont with very suspicious expressions.

"Don't underestimate the Rosemont family that I've taken care of. I have a lot of money."

"...Why all of a sudden?"

"Uncle, as long as you don't insist on going to the countryside, it doesn't matter what you do."

Hill Rosemont walked away. Strangely, the lobes of his ears looked slightly red.

Phil Rosemont opened his eyes wide, smiled happily, and ran after Hill.

"Brother! Let's go together!"

Albion looked at the two people without understanding.


Albion lowered his head at my words.

"Are you not going?"


When he turned his head, Hill and Phil were waiting for him, looking at Albion.

"...I have to go."

"Don't lose it this time."

"...Yes, thank you."

Albion quickly walked away from Eirin with long strides.

Eirin silently looked at the two people and then turned around.

"Let's go see Dad too, Laurent."

"Yes, miss."

Laurent smiled happily and was about to go to his father's office. But suddenly, a dazzling light appeared before my eyes. It was when I closed my eyes tightly without realizing it.

Suddenly, Laurent fell to the ground, and Eirin opened her eyes wide in surprise.


"Let's talk, baby!"

At the same time, someone appeared in front of me, smiling cheerfully.

It was "Arma," Lucilion's god with angel wings, whom I had seen in the dark space where young Cha Miso and the gear were.

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