IBRV (Novel) Chapter 122

C 122

"So, what I want...

"... Niece?"

Harshat, the king of the Suin kingdom, seemed surprised when he saw me. Of course, Charniel Etham also seemed taken aback.

Of course, I didn't know I was going to intervene.

"Because now is not the time to get lost in thought."

First, we must completely resolve the Hatar incident.

Anyway, I didn't understand most of what young Cha Miso said in the dream.

"Season stones!"

"... How do you, a simple girl, know about season stones?"

Harshat's eyes widened.

I looked at the man who at first glance resembled a lion and smiled broadly.

The season stone was one of the unique stones found only in the Suin kingdom.

If this stone is left alone in a season for about a year, it remembers the properties of that season and transforms the environment into the same season.

Although it requires a continuous supply of power.

Small season stones are barely enough to change a room to that season, but the larger the season stones, the greater the scope.

So, the four seasons existed in the Suin Kingdom.

Winter was in the north, summer in the south, autumn in the west, and spring in the east.

Because there are Suins who can only live in winter and Suins who can only live in summer in the Suin realm, when they go somewhere, they often carry season stones with them.

This season stone was never known outside the Suin Kingdom...

"I know it from Sharnae."

In <Adopted>, when the prince of the Suin Kingdom confessed to Sharnae, he gave her a season stone as a gift.

I got tired of hearing descriptions of how precious it was. I lightly scratched my cheek.

"Well, they say it's very precious, but..."

Still, it almost killed everyone and almost kidnapped me, so I experienced strange things.

I think the compensation is enough.

"Season stones are not produced in large quantities."

The king of the Suin Kingdom said as if he were a little embarrassed. I pretended not to notice and only looked at Harshat.

"How dare you demand that!"

The fox who had his count taken away pointed at him. The bump on his forehead was so pitiful that it didn't particularly look scary.

"So you tried to kidnap my daughter, and you can't even deliver that?"

Dad, with his arms crossed, asked with a lot of coldness.

Of course, his eyes were icy, but in reality, he was smiling cheerfully.

However, the king of the Suin Kingdom seemed to have easily realized with his animal sense that that smile was scary.

"We can't do anything because the annual production is limited. We can provide it temporarily, but it's difficult to do it continuously."

He added that season stones are much harder and larger than diamonds, so extracting them is quite difficult and discouraging.

Of course, this is true. However, there is also a simple way to excavate them.

"I'll show you how to extract them properly!"

I raised my hand.

Surprisingly, the stone was vulnerable to sudden temperature changes.

That's why season stones color their surroundings with the seasons they remember.

To avoid experiencing drastic environmental changes, it colors its surroundings to match the temperature it remembers.

In other words, if there was a sudden change in temperature, the stone would soften for a moment. There must be a huge temperature change, so they probably haven't discovered it until now...

So that means...

"All you have to do is heat it with fire and extract it!"

Mining will be much easier if you heat it to a high temperature and then extract it.

Although there are considerable reserves of season stones, the reason they cannot be sold and are only distributed nationally is probably due to the amount of mining.

Harshat's eyes widened at my words.

"Season stones are vulnerable to temperature changes, so that will work!"

"... How do you know that?"

King Harshat narrowed his eyes as if wondering how I knew something he didn't even know.

I slowly averted my gaze and nestled into my father's arms.


At times like this, there is a perfect way.

"... because I am a dragon..."

First of all, except for my father and Lucillion, no one knows what makes me special.

"... I think we need to think a little more about that."

"There is no negotiation unless season stones are included."

When Harshat tried to respond, I spoke firmly.

Mining methods had already been disclosed, so I couldn't give up season stones now.

"Besides, season stones..."

Although it hasn't been revealed yet, the season stone had a purifying capability.

If used correctly, it can purify contaminated water, air, and land, so its price will probably skyrocket as soon as it begins to be distributed.

"You should be grateful to me."

If it weren't for me, Sharnae would have told him later.

"It's always a good idea to stock up on products that will become popular in the future."

Thinking that way, I forced a look as I gazed at Harshat.

"Absolutely set the price now and keep it in long-term servitude for 10 or 20 years... No, he has to sign an agreement."

Fortunately, it was the Suin kingdom that was in a complicated situation, so I thought maybe Dad and Charniel Etham would somehow manage to get it.

"... They said that if there's no negotiation, the Emperor might start a war."

I crossed my short arms and tilted my head. Of course, this was also false.

"A war would be quite enjoyable."

Dad slightly agreed with what I said. Although when he was sharpening his sword, it didn't seem like a joke.

"Are you threatening me now?"

Harshat's voice became heavy.

"After destroying someone else's empire, you tried to turn it into a drug empire and even tried to kidnap my daughter, and now you're threatening me?"

No, Dad, when did he threaten you?

"What...? When did I threaten you?"

"Aren't you doing it now? The King of a Kingdom who said he would do anything but didn't stand by his words..."

Dad snorted and squinted his eyes as if he were very pathetic.

That sight was so unpleasant that, honestly, even though he was my dad, I suddenly felt like giving him a little smack.

"And now you say you'll only steal my daughter's information and wouldn't keep your promise..."

Dad began to use strange logic. When I slowly turned my head, Charniel Etham shrugged as if he had given up from the beginning.

"First of all, this place was supposed to be a place for a conversation with the head of the Etham family..."

"The will of my daughter is my will and the will of my family."

Dad said arrogantly, raising his chin. It was so arrogant that even I was left speechless.

Although I still couldn't reveal that I am the matriarch of the family, isn't this a bit unreasonable?

"... Fine."

Why do you understand that?

"Are you like that too? As they say... a fool for his daughter."

"What's that?"

It was a bit strange to hear a word here that I had only heard in Korea. Indeed, Charniel Etham asked with a puzzled expression.

"Oh, the worldview here is <Adopted>."

I thought it was inevitable to hear Korean words.

"Normally, that's what they call parents who are too obsessed and affectionate with their daughters."


Charniel Etham looked at my father and me with an expression that made him feel somewhat relieved, and then nodded.

Why does my uncle feel renewed there?

"That sounds like a correct expression."

He nodded and spoke very seriously.

"Yes, this guy is like a fool."

"... Huh?"

I looked at Prime Minister Salim in bewilderment.

The man, who still had a clean face, kept his mouth shut and turned his head.

"This child also has a daughter."

"He's married."

"Yes, so I don't understand why he did something like this. I think maybe he was provoked by my younger brother, but..."

He shuddered.

It seemed that Harshat had hit the nail on the head.

"As you know, thanks to my niece, we can talk like this."

Charniel Etham said very seriously.

Indeed, since Hatar did not actually spread, cause significant casualties, or become a national problem, it could end with a simple apology and an agreement.

If this drug had really changed and poisoned not only the nobles and the imperial court but also countless commoners, it wouldn't have ended like this.

Knowing that, the King of the Suin Kingdom came to visit here in person.

Harshat remained silent with a heavy expression, as if sympathizing with Charniel Etham's words.

"... Enough joking, I will do my best to meet your request. First, let's start the negotiations."

Harshat opened his mouth with a stern expression.

* * *

In the end, Charniel Etham and my father seemed to have gotten most of what they wanted.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock.

I jumped from my seat and quickly nodded.

Laurent opened the door with a smile.

And today...

"H-Hello. My lady!"

Scarlett, the owner of the boutique, holding something in her arms, bowed deeply.

Finally, the day had come to celebrate my father's long-awaited belated birthday.

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