Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 159


"Anything is fine. If you spill everything you know, I'll send you back to prison nicely."

Lucas remained silent. His brain was racing.

Lucas, who joined the Parrot Thieves Band rather than the Parrot Mercenary Band, did not have much loyalty to Marsha. Therefore, it was easy for him to confess what he knew.

However, confessing here meant that he would not be able to leave the deep underground prison until he died of old age.

"How about making a deal?"

"A deal? What kind of deal?"

"I'll tell you everything about Marsha. In exchange, reduce my sentence. If you just let me out before I die, I'll give you the information you want."


Sakiri looked at Lucas with a dumbfounded expression. Then suddenly, he burst into loud laughter, stamping his feet.


The desk toppled over with a bang. Standing up abruptly, Sakiri screamed as he approached.

"What a madman! Do you even know where you are?"

He lifted his foot and kicked Lucas, knocking him along the chair. Even then, as if his anger still yet appeased, he stomped on the fallen Lucas.

But this time, Lucas was desperate.

Either way, if he died this way or that way, it was all the same. If you do not achieve the desired results here, his life will eventually end.

“Kick me! Kick me all you want! I will never talk! So let's make a deal!"

Sakiri's kick stopped abruptly.

Why are all the bad guys so shamelessly brazen? If they didn't want to go to prison so badly, they shouldn't have committed crimes in the first place.

"Aah, this is driving me crazy."

Sakiri calmed his breathing and turned away.

Even in a state of fear, Lucas closely observed his figure. The fact that the kicking stopped meant he was conflicted. If he held on just a little longer, it seemed like a window for conversation would open up.

However, contrary to his expectations, Sakiri opened the door to the interrogation room and gave a chilling order.

"Hey, deactivate the magic restraining device here."

The magic restraining device is different from anti-magic. It was a technology that prevented the activation of magic from the outset.

Of course, it was also a type of magic, but there weren't many thieves in the world who could disrupt a magic circle designed by first-class archmages.

Lucas swallowed dry saliva. He must not show fear. It was clear that Sakiri was also making a last-ditch effort. If he just get over this hurdle, someday he would be able to return to the world.

Sakiri waited calmly. After a moment, there was a sound as the air settled with a woof.

Lucas couldn't tell what had changed, but Sakiri seemed lighter, tilting his head as he approached.

"Tell me everything you know about Marsha. If you remain silent or perjure yourself, you will be overwhelmed by unbearable terror."

"I, I won't tell. I will never tell."

Sakiri didn't care and held out his hand to Lucas. Then he calmly closed his eyes and murmured what seemed like a spell.

"As one who judges, I command that words answer words. The scale of truth belongs only to you.”

Lucas' complexion turned as pale as a corpse.

He was mistaken in thinking that the man was an ordinary investigator. Sakiri was one of the many people who should never be touched.

"Damn it all!"

10 minutes have passed since then.


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