Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 83


"That's why I'm telling you. Don't you know, Master?"
Even if he regains his memories, there is no guarantee that he will return to the old Alpheas. This is because living the same life twice does not always lead to the same destination.

"No. My judgment is always right. Therefore, no matter how I change, I will only be myself. This is the last chance. Cast the Photonization Magic."

Thad sighed and nodded. Now, he had no choice but to hope that Alpheas' natural character would regain his original personality.

"Understood. Then, please sit here."

Thad brought a chair in the corner and sat Alpheas down.

"I will start. I will cast the Photonization magic, but from then on, it's your part, Master."

"Haha! Are you in a position to worry about my part? Stop worrying about useless things and just do it. When I regain my memories, I'll give you a scolding."

Thad cast the magic with earnest desire. As light seeped into the Abyss Nova, a slight drowsiness washed over him. Alpheas slowly closed his eyes and lost himself in thought. Time, which had stopped at the age of 18, began to flow again.


Light and Darkness, Good and Evil (1)

Canis, buried in the bushes, couldn't move a finger while the shockwave that spread to his abdomen remained.

Since realizing Arin's talent in mental magic, he had been intensively training in dark physical magic. 

Absorbing power was also a physical strength, and the amount of shock absorbed by the Dark Skin he cast was quite high. In front of Dark Skin, an adult's hammer swing was nothing more than a child's punch.

However, the power of the Photon Cannon that hit him by surprise far exceeded his expectations. Above all, it was impossible to analyze how physical power could be contained in light.

"Kekeke. You got it right, Canis."

A dull voice stimulated his ears. There was no one else in the mountains besides Canis, but the voice was real.

"Harvey... What did I get hit by?"

"I don't know. But from what I feel, it's mass. A massive mass flew at incredible speed and hit your abdomen."

"Mass? Light has no mass.”

Since studying the properties of opposites is the basis of a battle mage, Canis also knew about the theory of photonization.

"Of course, light has no mass. But it has energy."

In fact, moving photons have an extremely small amount of mass. This is called kinetic mass, a representative example of which is solar wind.

"But that's just a mathematical reduction. It's like feeling like you're being hit by a club when a strong wind blows."

“What you said makes sense. But in theory it's possible. Then it is not impossible at all.”

"No, something is missing. To have this much power, there must be something connecting mass and energy. But there is no such thing in the world.”

Harvey's voice said plaintively.

"You seem to have found him.”

Canis didn't respond. He and Harvey were separate entities but also one that shared thoughts. Harvey reluctantly admitted, as if reading Canis's unpleasant feelings.

"It's a great guy. A unique guy. There was such talent in the magic school."

Finally satisfied, Canis got up. Accurately assessing the enemy's skills was the first step to victory. The first nemesis he met. His body felt like it was getting hotter.

"Can we win, Harvey?"

“Kukuku. Canis, if you wish....”

A gloomy voice seeped into the darkness.

"There is no enemy we cannot defeat."

Canis cast an unusually long shadow and returned to the top of the mountain where Shirone was. 

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