Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 151


“Rian, I'm going. Explain to Tess and Amy."

"Huh? Hey, Shirone!"

Before Rian could stop him, Shirone cast teleportation and vanished at incredible speed.

And after a while, Amy and Tess caught up with Ryan.

"Rian! Where did Shirone go?"

"He went ahead. Just a moment ago."

“What on earth is he thinking? What did he say?"

"He said he plans to trigger traps in advance using his Explosion skill. He thought you guys wouldn't allow it, so he went alone."

"Of course not! Who would allow such a reckless method! Moreover, since Explosion is a kinetic defensive shield, it can be dangerous if the timing is off!”

"Yeah, he probably went alone to avoid hearing that from you."

Amy was annoyed. Not because Shirone acted unilaterally, but because his chosen strategy was actually the most effective when judged by the outcome.

However, it was too risky. In a normal situation, even if the odds were low, there might be a chance of success; but in this case, no matter how high the odds, the risk of failure had to be considered."

"If he fails, he's going to die! That idiot!"

Shouting at the absent Shirone, Amy placed her hands on Rian and Tess' waists.

“I can’t do this. It's impossible to stop him, so let's assist him first. Everyone, stay alert. We'll follow at full speed."

Amy bent her upper body and cast teleportation. A brilliant flash of light shot through the creek water.

* * *

The upper stream of the valley, which was the only road to the hideout, was completely blocked by a 20-meter-high fortress wall.

Currently, about 10 men were positioned, and Falkoa's men, who were constructing the encirclement, began to arrive one after another.

"The enemies are coming! Prepare to activate the traps!"

"It's much faster than we expected? We don't have enough time to activate all of them."

The leader clicked his tongue. He doesn’t whose idea it was, but it was quite clever. As long as there is no way to bypass the trap, it was a strategy to run the shortest distance and try to circumvent the traps.

"It doesn't matter. These traps were designed to wipe out hundreds. Even if we only activate half, it'll be enough to bury four of them."

The leader did not lose his composure until the end and gave instructions to his subordinates.

But the sight of a boy rushing towards them alone from 200 meters away left him stunned.

"What? Why is he alone?"

“It looks like he ran first because he was in a hurry.”

The leader didn't think so. Of course, it was not out of the question, but the moment he realized that his enemy was alone, he had an unusual feeling acting on his mind.

He was starting to think that it would be a waste to activate the trap.

"It's psychological warfare. It would be a waste to use a wide-ranging trap to catch just one person.”

“Then what should we do? Shall we go out and fight?”

“"What do you mean 'what should we do'? Just activate the traps quickly. Are you stupid? That's exactly what he's thinking. He may be risking his life, but they looked down on us too much. Capturing even one of their two mages would turn the tide. Don't hold back."

"Understood. Hey, we're starting now! Everyone, get ready!"

Shirone stared at the wall blocking the valley. About ten enemies were drawing their bows, aiming at the sky.

'Arrow attack?'

Shirone was puzzled. It was nearly impossible for just ten archers to hit a person 100 meters away.

However, the enemies unleashed their arrows without hesitation, and Shirone stopped running to look up at the sky.

They looked like ordinary arrows, except each had a differently colored tip.

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