Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 149


Just as they were about to officially start the operation, Tess, who had been lost in thought for a moment, suddenly spoke.

"Wait for a sec. There is one thing to check before we set off."

"Huh? Check what?"

"If this operation succeeds, the likelihood of a head-on battle with the enemies will increase. So, there's something I want to check with Rian."

"What? Is there something wrong with me?”

Rian made a puzzled expression. Then Tess asked, looking back at him with a serious look like never before.

“Rian, have you ever killed a person?”

The atmosphere became as still as a dead mouse. Rian just blinked, sword at his side.

Honestly, he had never really thought about it. Or rather, was it something that needed to be considered?

Every knight vaguely commits to the idea. A sword is a tool for cutting people. They thought that if they were prepared to wield such a tool for the rest of their life, there was no need to worry about other secondary problems.

"No, I haven't. What about you?"

"A few times. When I went with my father to suppress bandits."

"Really? But what's the problem with that?"

“Rian, the determination to die and the determination to kill are completely different. The same goes for mage, but especially we have to cut people with our own hands.”

The enemies that Shirone and the group faced were not neighborhood thugs. Parrot Mercenary Band made a name for itself in other countries. All of them were professionals who had experienced countless battles.

"Of course, I trust your courage. It's nonsense to think that a swordsman goes through life without getting blood on his sword. But if it's your first time, you might waver during the battle."

Rian sighed and thought.

Wavering during the battle. Of course, cutting people wasn't exactly a pleasant thing to do. But on the other hand, he felt it didn't matter at all.

"Tess, murder is a dangerous and complicated issue. So I understand why you're worried. But I will never waver."

"You fool, I'm saying it's not that easy. Killing someone...!"

“I’ve always been killing.”

Tess' eyes twinkled. Rian looked at his reflection in the straight blade and continued.

"And... I've died countless times as well."

At that moment, Rian looked back at Tess with fierce eyes.

“Even when they told me to give up the sword because I had no talent, even when I really wanted to give up, I swung my sword. In the process, I killed countless enemies and was killed by countless enemies.”

Rian's straight sword extended toward the north. If Rian were a statue, he would have fallen forward under the weight of his sword, but he did not budge as if his legs were rooted in place.

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