Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 147


He know that she’s being pursued by the Magic Association. But how can she not give even a message? If he hadn't taught his subordinates the taste of money, the organization would have already collapsed.

“Stop talking nonsense! You're not in a position to tell me what to do, are you? We are not the Parrot Mercenary Band, nor a band of bandits. We're just a bunch of thugs stuck on an island!"

"So... you're going to act like a fool to the very end?"

"Hmph! I earned it! I kept the organization going with what I earned! You dare to criticize me instead of praising me? Then what have you been doing all this time?"

"You don't need to concern yourself with that. If you're not going to follow the rules I've set, then abandon the name Parrot right now."

“Puhahaha! You call that blackmail? Fine, I'll give it up! Parrot? We're the Freeman Organization now! Ever since you ran away, we haven't even been called by the name Parrot!"

"Good. From this moment on, you are not a Parrot. I don't know how much you've earned, but gather it all and leave this place."

"Damn iiiit!"

Falkoa burst out in anger. Even for Marsha, this was too much. Her Parrot was also mixed with his blood. The honor of being the strongest mercenary group was not something that could be traded for mere money.

"If you can't give up the name Parrot, then follow my words. I'm not telling you to live a good life. But if you want something, fight for it. Extorting the weak is unacceptable.”

Falkoa smirked. He hated Marsha for taking advantage of him, even though she knew he couldn't leave the Parrots.

"I always get what I want. You're the same. Someday, you will be mine."

Instead of getting angry, Marsha smiled softly as if comforting a naughty child.

"Sounds fresh after a long time. Anyway, do your best. I'm the type who doesn't stop a man from coming or hold back a man from leaving."

Falkoa clenched his fists and glared at Marsha. It was as if his eyes were on fire.

In reality, he was using the powerful eye technique. But Marsha didn't even change her complexion. It was a testament to how strong her will was.

"Damn! You're as annoying as ever. I'm done. I'm going out to drink."

“Stay still and stick to the hideout. It's because we're going to have a meeting at the level of the leader and above. And from now on, drugs are banned. If you get caught, you really should know that you're going to die from me."

Falkoa left the warehouse without even answering. But Marsha knew. He would attend the meeting and not even touch drugs. Because the one who could take him to the blood-soaked battlefield had returned.

Once the men had gone, Freeman returned to Marsha, not as a leader, but as a friend from same hometown, and greeted her anew.

"I'm glad you're back safe. I was worried because I couldn't reach you."

"Of course you couldn't. Didn't you guys think? Did you think I'd be caught easily? Anyway, what happened to Falkoa? Can we even use him like this? He was crazy, but when he held a sword, he was unstoppable."

"I can't blame Falkoa alone. We're the ones who took the battlefield away from him."

"Huhu, no, that was me."

“Still, thanks to him, we've managed to raise the military funds so far. As soon as you returned, I had prepared so we could leave for another country at any time."

Marsha puffed out her cheeks as if she didn't like it. It was because she knew how Falkoa had brought in the funds.

In the end, is human a being who has no choice but to adapt to reality? The status of the Parrot Mercenary Bands, which ran amok without knowing how scary the world was, was now a thing of the past.

She had left home at seventeen, creating this mercenary group with her childhood friend Freeman.

They had lost their lifelong foundation due to politicians' schemes, but they had always wanted to maintain the value of "Parrot".

But now, aren't they just like everyone else? Seeking profit by any means necessary and always looking for approval from those in power.

“Haah, since when did we become like this?”

"It is nothing else, but a body betrayed by the nation. It can't be helped it if we want to survive.”

"Yes, I suppose so. But Freeman, don't tell me you're broken, too?"

Freeman kept his mouth shut. It's not that he felt guilty; it just hurt to be doubted by a friend he'd admired since childhood.

"To me, neither the organization nor anything matters. Even the name 'Parrot' holds no value. I only hope you stay safe."

Chilled, Marsha shivered. Even a dog would know about Freeman's emotions if it wore a badge named 'Parrot'. There was nothing particularly touching, but he always appealed in this way, and she was so annoyed to death.

"Why do you only hope for my safety? Why?"


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