Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 129


"I've lost 5 gold pieces. Taking back what was given is the worst thing in the world. That woman should compensate for the loss."

Falkoa lifted Jis' face. Jis, whose jaw was pulled up until his waist was about to break, couldn't even breathe. A little more pressure, and his spine could have snapped.

"Hurt, doesn't it? It should. I'm incredibly strong."

“Spare… Please."

"Want me to ease your pain? Chew this. Then it won't hurt at all."

Jis turned his gaze even in the midst of hardship. In Falkoa's hand, there was a root.

Born and raised on the island, he knew. It was Loop, the stimulant of the natives. As a drug used for ritual awakenings, its addictiveness was beyond compare to other drugs. Weren't there rumors that the Kerugo tribe went extinct due to the excessive use of Loop?

"Please, I beg you. Anything but that..."

Jis pleaded earnestly. He had assumed that once he became addicted to Loop, his life was over.

He would go through life in the gutter, and his sister, who was the only family member, had no choice but to be driven to the street in the end.

Falkoa, as if expecting his reaction, put the Loop he had offered to Jis into his own mouth.

What about its addictiveness? If one couldn't live without Loop, then just keep using it for life.

“You are the coward of the world. This is God's stimulant. Anyway, what are you going to do now? Will you bring her to me?”

"Huh? Whay do you mean bring her? Who?”

“That red-haired girl. She seemed pretty. I bet I could sell her for a high price, heh heh. Of course, I'll have to sell her secondhand."

Jis was shocked. To think that he plan to sell a noblewoman into human trafficking out of anyone else. However, if it was Falkoa's mental state that was addicted to Loop, it was more than plausible.

'He's lost his mind. He's insane.'

Falkoa was the acting chief of the Freeman Organization. He was the highest-ranking person that Jis, who was nothing more than a thug, could contact.

He never met the captain, Freeman, but one of his mandates was a ban on human trafficking.

"I- If you do that, you'll be kicked out of the organization. It's against the Code of... Akh!"

Jis's jaw was turned by a studded boot. His mind spun, and he couldn't think of anything.

Falkoa grabbed Jis by the head and lifted him up. The moment he heard his cold voice, Jis regained his focus.

“What? Want me to bring your little sister?"

“Tha- That…”

Jis' body trembled. Anger and fear mixed together, and emotions that could not be guessed at the taste rose up.

My sister was a precious existence that could not be exchanged for anything. She didn't want to show her such a dirty world.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? Actually, I like your sister. Could you take this opportunity to introduce me to her?”

A rotten smell came from Falkoa's mouth as he chewed Loop.

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