Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 126


"Hey, welcome to Galliant. Are you here on vacation?"

Jis raised his hand in a friendly tone. Regardless of their noble status, the manual of this world was to not use honorifics towards the victims.

In a way, it was like risking your life to earn money, but even if they were to get into trouble, they would only have to lay low for about a month.

It was because there were few cases in which those who came to play from across the sea returned back to inflict harm.

"Yes, I came to play with my friends."

Shirone smiled and welcomed him. Amy, on the other hand, was blatantly frowned. She knew why they were approaching because she had been in touch with the world of darkness as she commanded some back alleys thugs in her childhood.

"You seem to be students. What school? Surely a prestigious school?"

“It is Alpheas Magic School.”

"Aha! I know there. Many come to play because it's close."

Amy regretted it. Even revealing that she was a student was a problem, but it was no different from being eaten if she revealed her alma mater.

"But you people have good physiques for a mage."

"What? We're from the Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy! We're tall because we're swords warrior, you idiot!"

As Jis expected, Tess was furious. She was proud of her figure, but she didn't want to hear that she was big and bundled with Rian.

"Haha! Sorry. I have no tact. I was trying to compliment you, maybe you took it the wrong way."

Jis thought it was over. The reason why these scoundrels could be proud even in front of the nobles was because they were not bound by the rules set by the world.

On the other hand, the noble was in a position where there was quite a lot that bound them. Alpheas Magic School and Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy were known for their discipline. If they caused trouble at a tourist spot, they wouldn't be able to avoid punishment.

"Anyway, welcome. I'm Jis, the local guide. If you hire me, I can handle everything from sightseeing to lodging."

"We haven't finished discussing yet. We'll think about it."

Shirone repeated what he had said to the tout who had approached them so far.

But the Jis gang was different from them. Since he had already caught their weakness, he persisted and insisted on hiring his group.

"Oh, why are you doing this? You attend a good school, so you must have money, right? We're really poor people. You came to spend money anyway?"

It was only then that Shirone realized that he was no mere tout. Rian's and Tess's eyes seemed to realize the same, and their gaze cooled down.

Jis' friends, who met the swords warrior's eyes, flinched and retreated. But Jis didn't bat an eye.

'Huhu, they can't do anything to us anyway.'

Having been a tout since he young and grew older, he was keen on inland information.

Alpheas Magic School strictly forbids the use of magic outside of their precinct. Since the magic school was like that, it went without saying for the Swordsmanship Academy, which emphasizes chivalry.

Of course, there were times when they was caught and beaten by a bad-tempered student, but wouldn't he have to endure such thing to make ends meet? Moreover, based on such experience, Jis's tightrope walking skills had already reached the peak.

"Don't worry and just trust me. I'll tell you the most fun way to play on Galliant Island. Let's go. What kind of man doesn't have any guts? Sprinkle some money in front of the beautiful ladies. Huh? You're going, right? Then I'll carry the luggage?"

"Just a moment! We'll discuss one last time."

"Phew, alright. But it'd be really bad if you decline after coming this far."

Jis was already holding their heavy luggage in both hands.

Shirone looked at her friends with an awkward expression. This was their first time dealing with such a situation, and Jis' attitude straddled a line that made it hard to confront him openly.

"What should we do? Should we rely on this guy?"

"He knows our school name. That's why he's so bold. He knows we can't act recklessly."

Hearing Amy's words, Tess' annoyance rose. It was an underhanded method, but it was definitely effective. By her nature, she should have thrown a punch already, but the fact that she was still holding back her anger was enough proof.

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