Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 121


"I see. Then, may I meet Amy now?"

"Of course. The young lady is waiting for you. Please, get in the carriage."

As the carriage began to move, a beautiful garden full of blooming roses unfolded outside the window.

If the Ogent Family had expressed their style with grandeur, the style of the Carmis Family seemed to be freely expressive. Unique works that ignored standards and unity were erected throughout the garden.

"It's really wonderful. It feels like I've entered a dreamland."

"I'm glad you like it. The Carmis Family garden reflects the tastes of all the family members over the generations. Each section is decorated according to individual preferences. This can be said to be a unique family tradition that values individual personality. The artificial fountain you see now was proposed by Miss Amy when she was ten years old. We call it the Rainbow Fountain."

Shirone stuck his face out the window. When the cone-shaped fountain sprayed water, the scattering water droplets created a beautiful rainbow.

"Haha! A rainbow fountain. That's very Amy-like."

Adele watched Shirone enjoying the garden with a warm eye. He had a hunch why Amy's face seemed brighter than before after finishing the semester and returning home.

"The Carmis Family has a talent called Red Eyes. Thanks to this, they stand out much faster than others, no matter what they do. Knowing this, the family tends not to interfere with each other. Reports also came in about the Arcane incident, but the head of the household only checked the safety of the lady and gave instructions to leave her alone.”

Shirone was stunned. It was an incident that put their daughter's life at stake, they just let her be. He could feel how broadly the people of the Carmis Family were looking at the world.

“Of course, it is not that there is no affection between family members. It's just their nature. There were times when the young lady Amy, the youngest, doesn't understand such families. She even wandered when she was younger."

"Ah, I know that. But I didn't know there was such a story behind it."

Shirone recalled his first meeting with Amy. When he was bullied in the alley around the age of twelve, he resented her a lot. But now it was all over, and when he learned the circumstances of her past, she felt closer.

"In the past few days, seeing the young lady, I think she has changed a lot from when she was younger. Now, like the other gentlemen in the family, she seems to enjoy her own things. Perhaps this all thanks to you, Shirone. Thank you."

Shirone could read sincerity from the bowing figure of Adele. After all, if he had been taking care of Amy since she was born, he couldn't only have the feelings of a servant.

The reason for his strict assessment of Shirone must’ve stemmed from there. Of course, a significant part was probably due to the jealousy that felt like his beloved granddaughter was being taken away.

"I'm sorry for causing you any trouble. The head of the butler shouldn't have had to come out to meet me."

"You are kind, Shirone. But you don't have to worry. As Young Lady Amy gave you permission to enter, I was a servant passing by chance, and Master just ordered anyone to go."

Shirone was curious about the people of the Carmis Family. Even the head of the house was thinking so terribly about Amy, how strict would the family treat him? It was scary to think about it. (집사장조차 끔찍하게 에이미를 생각하는데 가족들은 얼마나 깐깐하게 자신을 대할 것인가? 생각하면 두렵기도 했다.)

"Ugh. Now I'm nervous. I hope I don't get a lot of criticism."

"Hehe! It will exceed expectations. But please don't be too offended, for that's how their disposition are."

While talking about this and that, the carriage reached its destination.

Shirone followed Adele into the mansion. A splendid hall decorated with numerous works of art welcomed him. Spiral stairs meandered up to the 4th floor on both sides.

"Master, Young Lady Amy's friend has arrived..."

"Kyaaak! Amazing! It's really a man!"

A woman who looked exactly like Amy hit her own cheek and shouted. It was Isis, the mistress of the family.

A woman who looked exactly like Amy slapped her own cheek and shouted. It was Isis, the lady of the house.

As a dancer who made her name known in the kingdom when she was young, she still looked young even at the age of over 50. But perhaps because of that? Her every move felt childish and unrestrained.

"What? Shirone is a man?"

"Me! I want to see too!"

Two men came running from the hallway leading to the living room. They were the eldest son Diane and the second son Ares.

Diane was uncharacteristically young for a man in his mid-thirties, and Ares, who was two years younger than him, had a full beard, making it impossible to guess his bare face.

The two stared at Shirone as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Just looking at their shocked eyes, one could tell how confused they were.

"Um, hello... I'm Shirone, Amy's friend..."

"Now, leave out the greeting and come this way quickly. My dear, Amy's boyfriend is here."

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