Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 119


Clueless Rian fanned the flames in Olina's burning heart.

"Father, instead of doing this, let's go logging right now. To commemorate Shirone's arrival!”

"Hahaha! Shall we? Good, let's set the world on fire with the three of us men!"

"Honey! What are you talking about logging after drinking? Go inside and sleep first."

“Mom, it's okay. I will go and back.”

Shirone readily accepted. Since things had come this far, it seemed alright to fully let off steam.

Olina, on the other hand, couldn't let go of her worries. Although Vincent was known to hold his liquor, climbing a mountain while drunk was a dangerous venture even for the toughest of mountain men.

"Are you sure? What if you get hurt?"

"I'll be fine because I'm there. We'll be back before lunch."

In the past, he would have followed Olina's words, but now the situation was different. He had faced off against the terrifying Ulk and protected the children, so it seemed unlikely that there would be cause for concern.

Olina was unfamiliar with this image of her son. He certainly seemed brighter than before, and his words and actions brimmed with confidence.

Is this the power of education? He had been a good son, but there were many times when she didn't know what he was thinking, but now he seemed like a completely different person. Above all, it seemed like he had learned to love himself a little more.

After Olina's permission was given, the three men left for the logging area, exchanging stories they hadn't been able to share for a while. In particular, Rian walked quickly because he wanted to show his achievements so far.

Rian, who had been staying at Vincent's house for two days, heard stories of Shirone's childhood. Among them, the most impressive part was the Thunder Chop. He had been particularly interested because he had had a hard time with Shirone when they were dueling back at his home.

Arriving at the logging area, Rian shouted.

"Alright! Shall we fell a tree like men? How about it, Shirone. Want to bet? The loser fulfills a wish."

Rian, who was bigger than before, had no trouble holding the two-handed ax with one hand. To exaggerate, if Rian was a giant tree, Shirone was like a squirrel standing next to it.

"Alright, let's do it."

Shirone meekly agreed. He had never lost a bet with Rian. The winner can't run away when the loser challenges, right?

Rian raised his axe and nodded to Vincent, who also raised his thumb under his arms.

"Then I'll go first."

Rian swung the axe with all his might. With a thud, the tree swayed.

It was truly a destructive power. One could see how much intense training he had undergone over the past six months.

“Wow, that's amazing. Is that Schema?”

"Huh? Ahaha! Of course not! Why would I need Schema to fell a tree?"

Rian's answer was somewhat awkward, but Shirone decided to move on.

Rian raised the axe again. Then, looking back at Shirone, he winked at him in one eye.

"The real thing starts now."

Rian's axe struck the area where the bark had been split again. With a thunderous sound, the tree fell in one stroke.

“Thunder Chop….”

Shirone noticed at once. The fact that Rian had successfully executed the Thunder Chop meant that he could also execute Sword Kill.

"Hahaha! How is it, Shirone? I am not the old me!”

Contrary to what he shouted out loud, Rian's heart was racing. To be honest, there was a small chance he might fail.

He learned Sword Kill at the swordsmanship academy, but his success rate fell significantly when facing a person.

However, thanks to Vincent's explanation of Thunder Chop and practicing all day long, he managed to bring it to a point where he was successful nine out of ten times when his target was a tree.

"Amazing. It's different from the Thunder Chop I do.”

"Is this a natural result? Anyway, a bet is a bet. I succeeded in two tries, so you have to knock it down in one!"

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