IBRV (Novel) Chapter 105

C 105

"If we only look at the physical information, it's correct. The golden halo created by divine power in the blood analysis is not something that can be faked.

"But what happened afterward was a clear rejection."

Dad, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke.

Lucilion looked at my father sitting in front of him, then shifted his gaze to me and spoke.

"He's right. That was a rejection."

Lucilion said.

I couldn't understand what the correct answer was. Lucilion's words were vague.

"If we only look at the physical information, is that correct?"

Does that mean something else is not right?

Lucilion remained silent for a moment, as if acknowledging that something was missing from his answer, and then spoke again.

"I can't get information about you, but I can infer something about you by gathering information from the people around you."

Everyone fell silent at Lucilion's sudden explanation.

"I knew that His Highness the Prince could twist his fate and survive if he overcame some crises. So, I helped."

The emperor sighed lightly.

Was he surprised that Lucilion knew more than he thought?

"If Dragonia was the only way for His Majesty the prince to survive, I could infer the fact that the princess would make it flourish, and at that time, I was convinced that the princess was a dragon."

It was true that the longer the story, the more embarrassed I felt. Lucilion knew more than I thought.

Perhaps it was a long time ago. Although I knew all of that, I felt a bit sorry that he had chosen to keep his mouth shut.

"Human beings have both soul and body. The dragon's imprint and the blood analysis are usually done simultaneously with both soul and body."

Lucilion added that he had seen it in a theology book.

"You two are related by blood, but... the soul is unstable."

Lucilion said. He looked at me for a long time as if he were seeing through something and then continued.

"In other words, even the imprint that should have been done correctly is not perfect."

"Do you mean that the imprint between Eirin and me didn't proceed correctly?"

Dad asked in response, furrowing his brow a little angrily.

Indeed, I had only heard that it was imprinted in words, but I didn't feel a big change.

Just a little, I didn't want to hear my dad being scolded, or it increased the need to retaliate against those who bullied my dad.

However, I felt that something was missing compared to the powerful word "imprint."

"From ancient times, dragons and gods have been intertwined for a long time."

So, Lucilion continued, adding that there are still stories about dragons in ancient theological texts.

"Ancient theological texts say that properly imprinted opponents will receive a mark."

Lucilion looked at us and said.

In that look, there was a question as if such a mark existed for us.

"A mark? There was no such thing."

I shook my head, remembering my body.

"According to what you say, only the body is flesh and bone... Does that mean the soul is not flesh and bone?"

Charniel Etham, who had been listening as a spectator, interrupted as if he didn't understand.

"No, instead of that... It seems that your soul is already imprinted."

"With the bastard?"

"If that were the case, I would have had the same reaction."

Lucilion shook his head. The emperor, who had been listening in silence, tilted his head.

"So, to put it in words, the Duke of Etham and the princess are blood relatives, but since their souls are already imprinted with someone, are they only imprinted physically?"

"If my assumption is correct... It doesn't make sense, of course, but if you only interpret the information given, it does."

Lucilion replied with a worried expression. He also had a thoughtful look on his face, as if he were frustrated.

Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation.

"Is it possible? Doesn't that mean she has two parents?"

"Similar. That's all I can think of..."

Lucilion pursed his lips. He put his hand to his chin and spoke slowly, as if he had been pondering for a long time.

Then, he opened his eyes wide and lifted his head.

"I guess it's just that the ties of the previous life haven't been broken yet. Your bonds are still intertwined, so it seems like your soul doesn't entirely belong to the person called Eirin."

As soon as Lucilion finished speaking, the strange sensation I felt suddenly turned into anxiety and overwhelmed me.

"No way..."

Is it because I possessed the body of this world? Is it because I wasn't born or don't belong to this world properly?

"However, what is certain is that Princess Etham is the true daughter of Duke Etham."

Lucilion replied with confidence. Dad's expression darkened. And I couldn't hide my feeling of bewilderment.

"Why does he mention that I'm his daughter again?"

I wasn't Callan or Silian, and I didn't think I would have had a relationship with an outsider woman given my father's personality.

"It's true that I had a third child, but... the child died before birth."

Dad said with an infinitely heavy voice, as if he had been struggling for a long time. Upon those words, my eyes widened.

"He was buried with my wife."

"...My wife."

"I care about and love Eirin quite a bit, but what you're saying doesn't make sense."

Dad said.

It was after the usual smile disappeared from his lips as if it were very painful to bring up the story at that moment.

"It is, after all, something that is seen and thought with human eyes from a human perspective."

"There are many more miraculous things in the world than you believe."

Dad, who had been sitting silently without responding to Lucilion's words, stood up after a while.



"Let's just go back."

Dad got up and held out his arms to me. I fell into his arms as naturally as always.

His arms were still warm and pleasant. His touch was gentle, and the feeling of being caressed was soft.

"I think I've come to a conclusion, so I'll be leaving."

Dad boarded the carriage with me in his arms.

Throughout the entire journey back home, Dad stared at me intently.



"Since the first time we met, you've been something special and unusual."

Dad opened his mouth just before the carriage entered the mansion.

"Can I ask you a question?"


"Are you hiding something from me?"


I was speechless at the unexpected question. Before I could open my mouth, the carriage came to a stop.

"I see."

I didn't say anything, but my dad muttered to himself as if he had heard an answer.

Still, my dad never asked me anything.

He just took me in his arms, carried me to my room, and kissed me on the forehead as usual.

"Rest well."

All of that was as friendly as ever, and for a moment, I felt like crying.

That day, I had a dream.

I still couldn't remember it, but it was a strange dream where only an unpleasant sensation remained, as if I had swallowed sand.



The flow of gears, the strange sound that seemed to reverse again, lingered in my ears for a long time.


*Tac, tac, tac.*

Drops of water fell regularly. It was a very faint noise, but exceptionally annoying.

The peculiar hospital smell that touched the tip of my nose made me furrow my brow.

I felt a little more sane than the last time when I had panicked and couldn't see anything.

I slowly opened my eyes with a brief sigh and saw a white ceiling that I would have already gotten used to.


I returned again.

"Why on earth?"

I stared at the ceiling and wondered. I couldn't understand why I kept coming back to this terrible place. The luxurious private hospital room was quiet.

Only the sound of the humidifier running and the liquid dripping from the IV drip resonated in the silent hospital room.

"...The strange thing is that when I become Eirin, what happened here feels like a dream, and I don't even remember it."

As if the world closed in, and the memories were naturally forgotten.

Why do I keep coming back here?

It's true that I didn't want to live here. Even if Eirin's world was a dream, that dream became more precious to me.

If I have to live in a hellish reality, it's better to live in a dream.

"What's the problem?"

It was the moment I thought that with a frustrated expression.

Suddenly, as if a tap that had been tightly closed had been closed a little, some of the faint memories surfaced.


I felt as if a memory that came to mind lightly tapped me on the back of the neck.


A whispered voice leaked out.

"I didn't go there while sleeping."

I was sleeping in my own room, and when I woke up while reading a novel, I thought I had transitioned to that world. Somehow, I kept thinking that way.

However, I remembered it clearly.



A child was standing on the pedestrian crossing. As if the brakes had failed, the truck was speeding ferociously, sirens blaring.

In a brief moment, I ran and pushed the child. And I...

*[Hey, Cha Miso!]*

I didn't dodge the truck.

My family was looking at me. With astonished eyes. So, I didn't dodge it.

I hope you feel guilty. The last look on their faces filled my humble heart with joy.

I was hit by a large truck. The body floating in the air rolled to the ground.

The last thing I felt and saw was the terrible pain and horror of their bodies, unable to move.

"Ah, I'm still on that level with you."

I hope my death leaves a scar on them. Thinking that, I closed my eyes.


I died that day.

No, I thought I was dead.

But when I regained consciousness, I forgot everything and was in another world. In a world that had everything I had ever wished for.

Why do I keep coming back?

Why can't Eirin remember me in this world?

Why the hell did I go there?

Questions filled my head, but I didn't want to think about it anymore.

I thought it wasn't the time to face the truth yet. I wanted to believe that.

"I'm still alive in this world, so that's why the test results came out like that."

That's why Lucilion told me that the ties of my previous life weren't cut.

I looked out the window without understanding.

The hospital room windows were tightly secured with iron bars, as if they were prepared for any accidents that might occur.

"Is that world really a dream? Will the dream end when I die? Or... do I belong to that world?"

Even if I think about it carefully, it's impossible to know now. The thoughts I was having were too risky.

"Not yet."

I haven't even solved the Hatar case yet. I couldn't give Uncle Chronos a pet or reciprocate my family's love.

"So, just a little longer..."

Let's think about it later.

It's okay if I'm still buried in this happy dream. I covered myself with the blanket and closed my eyes tightly.

When I opened my eyes again, I was Eirin Etham once more.

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