TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 415

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 Chapter 415

Raon, with his newly combined Myriad Swords, faced the pressure from Sword Demon and advanced.


His whole body screamed in agony. His bones felt shattered, his muscles torn, and his fingertips trembled from the pain.

The most excruciating pain was in his head. The excessive resonance in the upper energy center made his mind feel like it was filled with dense ash.


He gritted his teeth and raised his gaze. Sword Demon's blue eyes remained unchanged. It seemed he expected this reaction.

'Is this within his predictions?'

He couldn't be swayed by a bit of pain. Enduring pain was like breathing. He tightened his grip, enduring the pain that made his heart and head feel like they would explode.


The upper energy center, influenced by the Ring of Fire, burned brightly. The bodies of the swords that had been buried in the mental world began to emerge more clearly, and the Myrad Swords contained within the Heavenly Drive radiated a brilliant light.

One step, and then another.

The previously distant Sword Demon was now right in front of him, and Heavenly Drive was drawing close to Sword Demon's sword.


Heavenly Drive and Sword Demon's sword clashed. There were no deafening impacts or roars. Instead, the countless Myriad Swords contained within each blade vied for strength, creating a clear resonance.


However, in contrast to the grand resonance, the pressure from Sword Demon's sword was twice as powerful, bearing down on his entire body.


His ankles felt as if they were sinking in mud, his knees as if they were going to snap. His whole body yearned for it to stop.

'...But I'll keep going.'

To break that unreadable expression.

He poured out all the remaining aura, resonating Ring of Fire.

The world turned completely white, and only Sword Demon and his sword were visible.

The sprouts of swords trapped within the world of imagination (mental world) grew prominently within Heavenly Drive, shining brightly.


Sword Demon's sword, which had been descending as if carrying the weight of the sky, was pushed back for the first time.

Like a salmon leaping upstream, his Myriad Swords began to cut through Sword Demon's Myriad Swords.


Sword Demon's sword was pushed up by more than a foot, emitting a shallow groan from Sword Demon's mouth. His previously lifeless eyes now trembled like ripples on the water.

'Just a little more…'

His body felt like it was about to die, but his mind was clearer than ever.

'It seems like I can break through this barrier.'

With the remaining strength, he honed the intricacies of his swordsmanship to the limit and stored it within Heavenly Drive. Sword Demon's sword was pushed further away.


In the white space with only  Sword Demon and himself, a blue cotton candy suddenly emerged.

You fool... you... like this... will... die...

Wrath appeared in front of him, waving his round hands and shouting something, but it was impossible to hear clearly.

Your head... will explode... stop...

He seemed to be going crazy, maybe wanting something.

I'll feed you later.

Ignoring him, he continued to summon more power. The metal world expanded, and a magnificent array of light appeared before his eyes.

'I can go higher.:

He began to see a barrier that could lead him to a higher level.

Thinking that he was almost there, he moved towards the barrier. However, Sword Demon's sword that had been guiding him to that point was easily deflected.


In the heart-wrenching emptiness that made his heart feel like it had disappeared, he dropped Heavenly Drive.

The massive barrier that he could almost reach crumbled, and the white space where only he and Sword Demon existed disappeared.

The moment, whether it was a dream or an imagination, crumbled like dry leaves.

'Darn it!'

Just a bit more, just a tiny bit, and if he had crossed that one barrier...

He clenched his fist in regret for not reaching that unattainable barrier. Well, he tried to clench his fist, but the strength didn't go in.


His heart and head, no, the excruciating pain that emanated from his entire body, made him kneel without even realizing it.

"Huh... Huh!"

He couldn't breathe. He held his left chest and forced himself to breathe. The previously empty lungs filled with air, and his vision, which had been closed, opened.

The countless spectators and the ruined dueling ground that he had forgotten came into view.


Raon wiped the sweat flowing from his forehead with his sleeve. His uniform was drenched, and it seemed like blood was coming from his eyes and nose.

'What in the world…'

You crazy bastard!

Wrath appeared, shouting and grabbing him by the collar.

You almost died, you!

He had recklessly used the Upper Energy Center, and his breath was cut off. He shook the hand that grabbed his collar.

'I almost died?'

That's right! You, without even taking a breath, were trying to forcibly break through the Upper Energy Center barrier while using both cold and heat mana. How did you think your body would hold up?


Your body is mine! Don't handle it so recklessly!

Wrath scolded him not to do such crazy things again.

"Are you okay?"

A deep voice settled his turbulent mind.


Raon groaned and lifted his head. Sword Demon were looking in his direction with the same gaze as before.

No, not the same. Their seemingly composed pupils were trembling slightly.

"Do you realize that you narrowly escaped death just now?"

Sword Demon said, taking the same stance as Wrath and exhaling a low breath.

"You could have gained a lot just by withstanding my sword. But you almost pushed it away and almost suffered an irreplaceable loss, your life."

His eyes emitted a stern light. A glare filled with deep reprimand. His pupils showed even sharper alertness than when he struck with his sword.

That's right. If that old man had taken back his sword a little later, your upper energy center would have exploded and you wouldn't have been able to maintain your appearance.

Wrath looked at Sword Demon and smacked his lips.

'Is that right... Ah!'

He remembered how easily the Sword Demon's sword had been pushed back by him when he had thought he was just a bit away from reaching the massive barrier.

He had thought that it hindered his growth, but in the end, it was an action that saved his life.

'So he really wanted to teach me'

It appears that Sword Demon, as he mentioned in the beginning, wasn't trying to repay the dishonor of his disciple but was, in fact, trying to help the growth of a far-off junior.

Raon bowed his head in a respectful manner, biting his lip.

“Physical wounds can be healed. Internal injuries can also be healed, but it takes a long time. However, once the energy center is damaged, it is difficult to repair.”

Sword Demon tapped his own temple with his finger.

“Especially the upper energy center, if you touch it wrong, you could become a cripple or a madman. It requires much more delicate manipulation than other energy centers.”


“Some children are born with the upper energy center open, but most people open it after becoming a grandmaster.”

The Sword Demon looked at the child in the distance.

“However, you are neither. You were not born with the upper energy center open, but you are a rare case in which the upper energy center opened as you grew.”

He explained in a calm voice why this phenomenon had occurred.

“At the age of twenty, you are a master advanced level. No, you have now passed the wall, so you are at peak master level.”

Sword Demon's eyes sank low, as if contemplating.

“If the stairs you have stepped on so far have been made of sharp rocks, the stairs you will have to walk on in the future may be made of rotten wood or thin paper.”

It seemed that future growth would require him to take each step carefully, unlike before.

“Even a successful lumberjack needs to take time to sharpen his axe. Since you have passed one wall today, take it easy for a while.”

“I will remember.”

Raon nodded as he listened to Sword Demon's wise advice.

‘That's right.’

Through his sparring with the Sword Demon, he reached the peak master level, and he also gained a great realization about Myrad Swords.

Grandmaster rank and Sword field creation were far away, but if he took one step at a time, he felt that he could reach them in a not-too-distant future.

“To grow in a state of trance in actual combat means that you are giving it your all in your usual training. I can understand a little why you have reached your current level at the age of twenty.”

Sword Demon smiled faintly and put his sword back in its sheath.

“Keep working hard.”


When Raon bowed to him again and stood up, cheers erupted from the arena.


“White Sword Dragon blocked the Sword Demon's one-sword style!” (Myrad Swords)

“Raon! Raon! Raon!”

“White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon!”

The people did not notice that Sword Demon had withdrawn his sword, and they only shouted the name of White Sword Dragon.

“How did he get stronger every time I see him?”

“What's his level right now?”

“Can he even beat the top twelve stars of the continent now?”

“That's enough!”

The spectators cheered as they talked about Raon's martial prowess.

“That's not it!”

Raon raised his hands.

“This time, I….”

Sword Demon tried to say that he had simply retreated, but it was useless because all the spectators in the arena were shouting.

“It's okay.”

Sword Demon shook his head.

“But if you don't explain it properly, your reputation will be…”

“Reputation doesn't matter.”

After stating that he didn't care about his reputation, he lowered his gaze.

"Although it may not be much, can I ask you a few questions?"

"Of course..."

Raon nodded, but from behind, Rimmer's shout could be heard.

"It's the path of flowers! I'm only walking the path of flowers from now on!"

Despite the numerous people cheering, his voice strangely stuck in Raon's ears.

"I'll answer anything I can. But before that..."

Raon turned to look behind him, and his eyes had a sharp, fierce glint.

"May I set some flowers on fire?"


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For Indonesian: 

As soon as Rimmer realized that Raon was in trouble, he rushed out but came to a halt.

'It looks like he's okay, fortunately.'

Raon had pushed his upper energy center too hard, but fortunately, it seemed like Sword Demon had stopped him in time.

'I heard he had a calm personality, but he's surprisingly…'

Worried that Sword Demon might do something awful, Rimmer hadn't relaxed, but Sword Demon had instead raised Raon's status and saved him from a crisis.

'I guess you can't always trust rumors.'

Seeing Sword Demon advising Raon, even after he had caused him embarrassment, it seemed like Sword Demon had a more generous personality than his sharp reputation suggested.

'The sparring has ended well, and now I…'

I've become rich again!!

The gold coins that had been entrusted to the Third Prince of Owen, and the profits that would be derived from him, plus a 40% commission. It was no different from raking in money with a rake.

'I might get some resistance due to the fee (comission) , but if I say it's for the support (donation) of the Arian family, they'll accept it.'

People would make a fuss about the 40% fee, but for the sake of supporting the Arian family, they would reluctantly agree.

'I'm truly a genius, after all. And…'

Rimmer raised his hands in prayer for Raon, who was standing in front of Sword Demon.

'My lucky Raon is my only treasure. Please continue to do well…Hmm..?`


Rimmer squinted his eyes as he looked at Raon and Sword Demon.

`Now I understand. Why it felt so familiar."`

It was only now, as he looked at Sword Demon for the first time, that he realized why he felt a sense of familiarity.

He gestured to Dorian, who was clapping absentmindedly by his side.



"Don't Raon and Sword Demon look somewhat similar?"

"Yes? Well, Sword Demon was handsome, but not as much as vice-squad leader."

"Look at the details of their facial features, besides the hair and eyes."

Dorian scratched his head and examined the faces of Raon and Sword Demon one after the other.

"Oh? I see!"

He quickly nodded to Rimmer.

"When you look at it that way, they do look quite similar! Raon is much more glamorous, but there are similarities with Sword Demon!"

Dorian said it wasn't just similar, it was almost the same feeling.

"Could it be a coincidence... hmm?"

When Rimmer was pondering this, Raon gestured to him, as if to call him over.

"Squad leader. It seems like the vice-squad leader is calling you?"

"Really? Why would he call me now?"

"Perhaps it's related to the training they discussed earlier, and he wants to express gratitude for being able to withstand Sword Demon's attacks thanks to your teachings?"

"Hmm, is that so."

Raon was originally someone who didn't care much about reputation, so Rimmer thought he might be doing this to avoid the hassle.

"C'mon, let's go."

Rimmer cleared his throat and adjusted his appearance before heading up to the training ground.


"It's the Light Wind squad leader!"

"The master of the White Sword Dragon!"

Raon's exceptional performance seemed to have gained him recognition, and the title "Light Wind squad leader" was no less thrilling to Rimmer.

"Why did you call me?"

Rimmer spoke with a deep, resonant voice that was hard to associate with someone who ran a gambling stall until a short while ago.

"Because you've done a good deed, Master. It should be announced."

"A good deed?"

Raon's gaze, as he described it as a good deed, seemed somewhat sinister, like a hawk eyeing its prey.


As Raon raised his hand, the cheers across the dueling ground instantly quieted down. He nodded with satisfaction and stood at the center of the dueling ground.

"Everyone, I'm sure you're aware that our leader has opened a gambling stall."

People in the crowd looked puzzled as to why they were suddenly hearing about gambling.

"The squad leader of house Zieghart's running a gambling stall is quite unusual, isn't it? However, there's a big plan behind this."


Although Raon's words sounded like praise, there was something disconcerting about it that made hearts sink.

"You might not understand, but our leader has set a 40% fee for this gambling."


"Are you crazy?"

"What kind of gambling has a 40% fee?"

"He's taking almost half of the ill-gotten gains!"

"That swindler!"

"Let's catch him and pull his ears!"

Rimmer had discreetly written the 40% fee in small letters on the signboard so that only those with a Master level could read it. Those who had just discovered the contents were now drawing their swords and using aura.

"What, what's this? Why are you suddenly saying this?"

Rimmer covered his mouth with his hand.

'How does this even work?'

He had hoped Raon would explain, but Raon didn't even look in their direction.

"You probably want to curse. You probably want to shout that even loan sharks don't charge that much. But our leader's plan starts now."

He raised his hand with a wicked smile.

"Our leader has decided to donate all the fees he earned from the two rounds of gambling to the Arian family, which suffered a significant loss in this last crisis!"

"What? Me?"

At this, Rimmer's complexion turned pale, and the crowd erupted in cheers again.


"As expected, the leader of the Light Wind squad!"

"He didn't take 40% for nothing! He had a bigger plan in mind!"

"If he donates it to the Arian family, we can accept that kind of fee!"

"Rimmer! Rimmer! Rimmer!"

People chanted Rimmer's name once more.

"And furthermore!"

Raon's words continued. Rimmer wanted to stop him immediately, but he couldn't muster the strength.

"Our leader has decided to make an additional donation of 1,000 gold coins out of his own pocket and plans to hold a second festival the day after tomorrow!"


A thousand gold coins were almost equivalent to throwing away all the money he had earned through the Third Prince. The world seemed to be turning upside down.

"No, no! I never said such a thing! You crazy people!"

Rimmer protested vehemently, but no one paid him any attention.


"Rimmer! Rimmer! Rimmer!"

"Light Wind squad! Light Wind squad! Light Wind squad!"

"Rimmer, the donation angel! We can't live without you!"

"Thank you!"

The loudest cheers yet erupted, and members of the Arian family, including Wendy, had tears in their eyes.

"Light Wind squad."

Sword Demon approached Rimmer and bowed his head slightly.

"I thought it was pitiful when I saw you running a gambling stall, but I never knew you had such deep thoughts. I apologize."

He looked at Rimmer again with a gentle smile.

"Indeed, our leader!"

"You're amazing!"

"I used to think you were obsessed with money, but you had this plan in mind!"

"We'll follow you wholeheartedly from now on!"

The Light Wind members also sent Rimmer applause filled with admiration.


Rimmer lowered his hand, which he had raised to try and stop the crowd.

'I'm doomed...'

If he tried to say that here and now, he'd be stabbed thousands of times.

"I was planning to donate from my own pocket, but thanks to our leader, it's not necessary anymore. Thank you."

Raon smiled gracefully and nodded his head.

"Shake hands with everyone. You've climbed your own 'Flower Road' just the way you wanted."

He shook hands with everyone as if urging them to hurry up.

"This crazy bastard! Is this really the 'Flower Road'?"

"This is a 'Fire Road,' not 'Flower Road'."


Rimmer reluctantly forced a smile and shook hands with the crowd. A tear fell from his eye.

"You relentless son of a..."

Watching Rimmer silently fuming, Wrath chuckled.

The young king has become a terrible son of a….


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