Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 9


The Great Training Grounds.

Arriving on time, Shirone saw Rian waiting for him.

The two stared at each other's swords without moving from their spots, as if the battle had already begun.

“Let's get started.”

Rian's weapon was also a longsword.

The subversive and vigorous swordsmanship of the Ogent family was originally more suitable for greatswords rather than longswords… Until Schema came about..

Therefore, the reason why they chose the longsword was because it was more suitable with Schema, not for consideration towards the opponent.

Rian carefully observed the Stillness Encompassing Movement learned by Shirone in the beginner level of swordsmanship.

His center of gravity was better than before.

'Is that really possible?'

Rian, who discovered Rai's genius traits in Shirone, suddenly had a thought.

'That guy might really not have learned swordsmanship.'

'But… How can you be so calm when you're holding a real sword for the first time? Aren't you afraid of death?'

Rian also feared death. Therefore, he trained endlessly in order to gain the courage to face it.

'No matter how talented you are, catching up to me this quickly is impossible… So how?'

Of course, Shirone knew.

As a beginner, he couldn't flexibly control this life-and-death duel as well as Rian could.

Therefore, he developed a special training.

'If you can't beat fear, then simply understand it.'

It's called 'jumping off the cliff.'

Human beings were capable of jumping off cliffs if they didn't imagine what would happen after.

'Fear exists in the future, and the future is just an illusion that doesn't exist yet.'

Like a dictator of absolute power enjoying a dinner calmly before a rebellion, Shirone imagined himself standing on a cliff.

His body remained in the air when his right foot stuck out in front of the cliff as his left foot followed.

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