Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 77


"Can you give me more details about the situation?"

"The incident happened a week ago. The escaped prisoner is a man named Lucas, who was the deputy leader of the Parrot Thieves' gang before being captured. The leader is currently wanted."

"Do you know anything about the appearance or characteristics of the person who attacked Inferno?"

"Um, well, I've only heard rumors. They say he was an old man with white hair. There seemed to be two accomplices with him. They used dark magic to free the prisoners. What was it called... something of darkness..."

"The Power of Darkness?"

"Yes, that's right! You're definitely a magic school teacher."

Reina raised her voice, but Thad did not listen. An old man who could cast dark magic, particularly the high-level skill Power of Darkness, had attacked Inferno.

'No way?'

Thad suddenly raised his head.

"I'm sorry. I have to go now."

"Yes? Ah, I see."

He barely maintained his manners until the end, which was close to instinct. In Thad's eyes, neither the party nor the beautiful woman were visible anymore.

'Damn it! Of all times, while I'm on a business trip!'

It was said the jailbreak was a week ago. If he had traveled non-stop from Bashuka, he would have had enough time to reach Creas.

"Carriage! Carriage!"

Upon leaving the mansion, Thad jumped onto any of the waiting carriages. He opened the window at the driver's seat and shouted.

"To Creas! As fast as possible!"

“G- Guest-nim, and carriages here are all reserved. We can't take anyone not on the list..."

It was a carriage meant to carry high-ranking officials, so it wouldn't be swayed by a small amount of money.

Thad searched his pockets and took out all the money he had.

"Here! Take it. Will you go or not?"

The coachman, who counted the gold coins scattered on the box seat, immediately changed his expression and prepared to leave.

"I'll take you there quickly. Will we be traveling through the night?"

"I don't need sleep or rest! Just go as fast as you can!"

The cheerful sound of horses hooves pounded the night air.

"Damn it! I can't afford to be late."

Thad leaned back against the backrest and touched his forehead. He wished he could leap through space using teleportation, but casting it repeatedly in an unfamiliar place with unknown coordinates and environment would be life-threatening, even if he had ten lives to spare.

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