Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 69


"By the way, Shirone, what are you up to these days? What are you doing in the city? Are you working at a store?"

"Uh? No, actually..."

Shirone decided to tell the truth. He knew that his father had covered for him, but she couldn't treat them coldly enough to lie when they asked.

“Actually, I am attending a magic school.”


The children all opened their eyes wide and screamed.

It was unbelievable. Of course, they knew Shirone was special since they were young, but the child of a hunter entering a magic school was unheard of.

"H- How did that happen? Is it true?"

Shirone was surprised that the children were more shocked than he expected. To calm them down, he spoke with a playful tone.

"Haha. I just got lucky. I once worked as a librarian for a noble family, and fortunately, they liked me enough to help me get admitted to the school."

The children were even more astonished by his words.

No matter how much he worked as a librarian, an aristocrat wouldn't do that far for a commoner.

If someone didn't know the hardships Shirone went through to get where he was, it would be hard to understand.

“Tha- That’s great. So, are you learning magic now?”

"Wow! Magic! Can you use magic? Huh? Show us! Show us!"

As the children all clamored for his attention, Shirone had to break a sweat to calm them down.

"Well... my class level is still low, so I can't do much. Plus, using magic outside the school is against the rules."

Altor looked at Sirone suspiciously. He honestly couldn't believe it. Shirone's delicate appearance and demeanor had always inspired awe in the children. Even so, Altor could become their leader because he had the most important attribute for a commoner: physical strength.

But what about now?

Shirone had become a student at the magic school attended by only the highest nobles, while he was still just Altor from Hwajeonmin village.

"If you're attending the magic school, why are you here? Shouldn't you be studying right now?"

"Ah, well... I just took a break. I had a tough exam a few days ago and needed some rest."

He had no choice but to lie this time. If he said he was suspended, it would get in his father's ears. Even though it was a good thing, his parents would undoubtedly be disappointed.

Most of the children seemed to believe him. Having never attended a school themselves, they easily thought that breaks could be given.

Lumina grabbed Shirone's sleeve and asked.

"So, how long is your break?"

“Um, well? About three days?”

"Really? Are you going home then?"

"Haha, no. The semester is about to end, so I plan to go home then. My parents will be busy too."

"True. In 3 days, your break would be over just by traveling back and forth."

The children, who shared the same busy hunter parents, knew better than anyone how busy they were.

Martin said.

“Then have you decided where to go? Where are you planning to sleep?"

"Um... that's the thing. I haven't really decided yet."

Lumina shouted, turning bright.

"Really? Then come with us. We used to sleep over a lot before."

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