Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 66


The flower vase hit the wall and shattered to pieces.

Amy, who had thrown the vase, was against the opposite wall. 

“Wh-What the hell?”

The moment the midnight bell rang, a real ghost appeared.

Was this what Nade called the 'resonance effect'?

At first, she thought she was hallucinating, but whatever was reflecting on the window was real.


Hearing the gravelly voice, Amy turned on her heels and slammed open the door.

Numerous girls were screaming at the top of their lungs, running through the hallway.

Amy was appalled. Dozens of ghosts were chasing them from behind while their jaws clattered with each step.

“Amy! Save me! I'm seeing ghosts! What should I do?!”

Sharelle came running with a pale face, and a sense of reality rushed into Amy.

She had never believed in ghosts. However, it was the nature of humans to refuse to enter a cemetery alone even if they didn't believe in them.


Amid the wave of crowds, Amy also began running out of the building.




In a quiet training ground at the entrance of a mountain, a strange noise broke the silence.

Ethella came out from her meditation.

When she stood up and turned around, a hideous, transparent figure was walking towards her.

The word 'ghost' quickly entered her mind, but she didn't feel any particular emotion from the ghost. She could tell because she was a truth-seeker fighting against the evils of the world.

When the ghost came to stand right in front of her face, Ethella squinted her eyes and leaned forward to have a better look.

Then, the ghost stared at her as well and tilted its head.

It was a moment of truth to prove how well Yiruki's equation predicted the opponent.

The ghost threatened again.



Out of innocent curiosity, Ethella raised her hand and tried to press the soldier's nose.

However, the result was expected. Her hand penetrated and came out the back of the soldier's head.

“Haah! Haah!”

Inside the ice domain where even steam froze solid, Siena breathed heavily, covering herself.

The moment she opened the bathroom door, what stood in front of her was a white-as-sheet face that was looking at her through a window.

The first thing that came to her mind was 'pervert,' so Siena flew back a little and froze the steam coming out from the bathroom.

After she created the ice curtain to hide from the assumed 'pervert,' she took a moment to gather her thoughts.

She peeked through the long rope-like frozen steam and what she clearly saw was a corpse with a decomposed face.

“What in the world?”

Of course, she remembered the frequency of souls she had heard in the presentation.

'Was what Nade said true…? No, that can't be.'

However, she couldn't deny it with confidence because she couldn't explain what she was seeing.


As soon as the ghost opened its mouth, Siena instinctively froze the window.

Siena regained her composure when she confirmed that it was still moving behind the frost.

“How dare you…”

She covered herself with a gown from inside the bathroom and walked to the window to open it.

As expected, no harm was done to the soldier, and it continued making uncanny expressions.

She went outside to inspect the building. She found a spherical device that was emitting a dim light.

She let out a sigh and returned to her room to take off her gown.


The remaining water droplets on her body froze with a crackling sound, and ice particles that glistened like diamonds spread all around her.

Before she knew it, no water was left on her body.

“These good-for-nothing kids…!”

Cold energy escaped Siena's eyes.


As of midnight, the Alpheas Magic Academy was in a state of terror.

Lights could be seen turning on through the countless windows of the dormitory as students rushed out of their rooms.

It was the same kind of situation everywhere else.

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