Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 50


The bell that indicated the start of class rang.

“Hooo? If that's the case, I'm the expert regarding those sorts of problems. Let's go to the research group together later.”

“Where's Yiruki? I haven't seen him.”

“He's not coming today. Something along the line of his renewed passion not prepared to accept old, bland education. Anyways, he's sleeping like a log in the research group.”

“Haha! That's so Yiruki.”

Yiruki declared that he would advance towards his dream after the confrontation with Shirone, but it seemed like his tendencies would not easily change.

“Let's talk later. Class is about to start.”

Seeing the empty hallway, Shirone quickly made his way towards the lecture room.

After diligently focusing on his studies for the day, he headed to the research group with Nade after his daily routine.

Shirone was amazed once again as he stood in front of the magic warehouse, Estas.

If the shape he saw last time was a colony-like structure, now there were seven towers scraping the sky.

“Even though it's my second time seeing it, this building is really amazing.”

“I mean, there are 89 buildings, so there's no end to the patterns. I hope Yiruki's awake.”

As much as the outside had changed, the interior was no different, but Nade walked all around the maze with no hesitation.

“I'm curious, how do you find your way around? Even labeling would be of no use if the structure changes.”

“Haha! We don't use such a one-dimensional method. Simple enough, we just memorize everything. A long time ago, an upperclassman who was part of this research group restored Estas' blueprint.”

Shirone's eyes grew large.

“What? Of this complicated building? No, before that, why did he do that? It wasn't like he was going to build a new one.”

Though it was unproductive, Nade was still proud.

“There, look at the ceiling over there. There are three dots. That means this is the 3rd Room. Then we look to see what the color of the iron door to the 3rd warehouse is. It's blue, right? Hence, this place becomes the Blue of Room 3.”

Shirone looked to where Nade was pointing.

“Then, you count the number of cubes. Since there are four intersections, that means there are four cubes connected to the surrounding area. It gets important from here. X is used to represent the room numbers, Y is used to represent colors, but in number form, and Z is the number of cubes. Finally you plug in the variables into the equation.”


“Actually, the blueprint isn't the standard blueprint that you're thinking of. It's simply impossible to express this building that way, so this blueprint that I'm talking about is really an equation. One that was made by analyzing Estas' pattern. If you plug in the data, you will end up with a number with two decimal places. With that number, you can figure out where you are and where to go. In other words, there's no way we'll ever get lost inside Estas. Should I say it's like a Master Key?”

'Master Key.'

Shirone realized that the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group was nowhere close to being normal.

Estas could change into different shapes an infinite number of times, and yet the seniors who established the equation managed to figure out its patterns.

While Shirone felt it was slightly unnecessary, he couldn't understand the underlying reason behind it.

“But doesn't calculating take a very long time? And all this just to get to the research lab?”

“You get used to it. It's learning through experience. By the time three months pass, you won't even need to substitute things into the equation. You'll know it by heart.”

“Even now, Estas is still a unique structure because it only exists inside the Alpheas Magic Academy. According to the rumors, there was an ace savant amongst the first members of this research group. Even Yiruki said the equation was beautiful the moment he laid his eyes on it. Something along the lines of he didn't think he could design an equation simpler than this. Anyways, don't tell anyone about this. If the Master Key is leaked, there will be a big problem.”

'…Certainly maniacal.'

A place that contained unproductive and crazy-obsessed seniors from the first generation.


And that place was the Supernatural Psychic Science Research group hidden deep inside the labyrinth known as Estas.

The two arrived at the lab.

Similar to before, the sign was tilted, and as soon as the door opened, clouds of dust rose and attacked them.

But this time, Shirone was prepared. He blocked his mouth and nose with his hand, thus avoiding managing to avoid what he felt was a catastrophe.

“Yiruki, we're here.”

Yiruki, as usual, was writing complicated formulas on the blackboard. He smiled as soon as he saw Shirone.

“Hey, Shirone. What's up? I didn't think you'd come back to such a shabby place.”

Nade laughed as he recalled the past.

“Haha, seems like we were both wrong. He wants to join.”


It must have been a surprise because Yiruki put down his chalk and walked towards them.

“How unexpected. This research group should have nothing to do with your personal studies.”

“The thing is, it doesn't seem like that anymore. Something's been troubling me recently. Can I get some consulting?”

Yiruki and Nade made eye contact. Yiruki smirked.

“The genius who beat me has something he's concerned about. Hmm, I can already tell it must be a heck of a concern.”

Now that Shirone knew and understood Yiruki's personality, he was not offended by his twisted words.

“Something inside of me has changed. Ever since the Speed Gun exam, I have been having nightmares, and whenever I wake up, I feel kind of creeped out. No, I feel very creeped out. It feels like there is someone right next to me. Could this have any relation to either the supernatural or the psychic? Don't you guys know those things like the back of your hands?”

His friends' eyes shone. 

Nade, the explorer of the supernatural,  and Yiruki, the critic of the supernatural.

“Then you've come to the right place. First things first, sit here.”

Nade dusted off the sofa and offered Shirone a seat, Shirone stared at the rising dust in disgust.

'I finally figured it out. The origin of the dust…'

It was chalk dust. It was evidently a by-product of Yiruki's obsession with disproving the supernatural. 

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