Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 33


Moving from point A to point B took no more than 1 second. It was quite difficult to calculate variables in your head since you were limited to that 1-second time frame. And above all, due to the nature of teleportation, short distances had to be repeated several times, meaning multiple calculations. 

“Ah, I get it now.”

Shirone slapped his forehead. You couldn't calculate with your head, but you could still feel with your intuition.

Just as the number of leaves in a tree could be counted through the Spirit Zone, the speed of light was also perceivable through insight.

This was exactly what Alpheas wanted. A magic that anyone could utilize, but not everyone could master. 

Shirone gained confidence. Although he lagged behind in terms of omniscience, he had been honing and polishing his omnipotence every day since he was 12 years old.


30 days left until the exam.

Shirone did his best to expand his knowledge of Kergos' theory on photonization. After class, he spent night and day digging through the books in his dormitory. After 20 days of doing so, he could no longer find a book that could offer him anything new. 

So from that day onwards, he started visiting a training ground dedicated to Class 7. The training ground was empty, presumably because his classmates had better, more private training areas. 

Shirone combined the omniscience of the photonization theory with the omnipotence of the Spirit Zone. He found it difficult to grasp the feeling because this was his first attempt.

Shirone stood between omniscience and omnipotence. In that state, as soon as Shirone erased himself, the omniscience and omnipotence grew an affinity with each other. They then attached themselves as the magic activated.

Shirone cast the magic while in a state of trance. As he felt his body disintegrate, a light flashed before his eyes. At the same time, he bobbed his head to move forward, the distorted world crashing down on him.


Shirone, after traveling 5 meters, rolled on the floor. He felt like all the bones in his body were breaking.


As he grit his teeth and endured the pain, the word 'failure' got engraved in his mind. If the mass was not completely reduced by the photonization, the impact force from the speed would follow. Hard.

It was a magic too dangerous to try alone. 

However, Shirone, who had no upperclassmen to ask for advice, let alone a private teacher, had no choice but to learn by tackling it with his body. And while yes Amy and Ms. Siena offered to help, he could not accept either. He chose not to out of principle.

'I won't give up. I'll definitely succeed.'

From that day onwards, Shirone went through numerous trials and errors to correct anything he was doing wrong. An ignorant method at first glance, but in the end, only muscle memory would remain when facing the actual test.

A few days later, a mysterious person suddenly appeared on the training grounds and started watching Shirone. They could have been a spy sent by someone, but Shirone didn't care. There was no other suitable place to train.

How many times did he roll on the floor and bust his lips on the ground? He had bruises all over his body while his muscles did not forget to ache each time he woke up in the morning.



The day before the exam.

With ten minutes to go before midnight, Shirone stumbled back to his position.

“Never give up… Never give up…”

His throat was dry and sore from inhaling all the dust. He stood in the center of the training ground with half-open eyes. 

He had corrected most of his mistakes by this point. All he had to learn now was perseverance in front of pain and gain the will to overcome fear.

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