Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 22


Shirone concentrated more. When he averted his attention from the Image Zone and only focused on delving into his Spirit Zone, the already large sphere expanded twice as much.

The jaws of the upperclassmen dropped. The numerical value shown on the scoresheet was 41… 41 meters in diameter.

Considering that the average diameter of a Class 4 student was 27 meters, it was a number close to a student from an Advanced Class.

“Wh-What? How the heck does he have such a big zone?”

Even Ethella was surprised.

Of course, the diameter of a Spirit Zone could always be increased through training.

However, not only did it require extreme physical discipline, but one also needed to have grown mentally.

The human body did not lie. So as long as one trained consistently, results would surely follow. Though, unlike training the physical body, the mind needed to battle against vague illusions where definite answers were not set.

Despite dedicating their lives to pursuing a goal, there were countless mages around the world who fell short of achieving their desired results.

It was for this reason that magic was called the realm of talent.

'I've never seen such an exceptional zone from the start. He probably grew up contemplating the world and exploring his inner self… But he just turned 18. Is this really possible?'

Compared to just a while ago, Shirone began to feel confident. As his Spirit Zone grew bigger, he finally felt the frames establishing themselves.

Not noticing the crowd of students paying close attention to him with a look of surprise, Shirone busied himself connecting the framework.

'Don't be fixated on it. Tighten it all at once.'

Shirone clenched his teeth and opened his eyes wide. When he entered the Defense Form of the Four Way Formation, the large sphere began to tighten, as if trying to crush Shirone.

The force was so strong that the people who were watching heard an auditory hallucination of cracks and snaps.


A groan was heard from somewhere.

Shirone stared bewildered at the Four Way Formation he unfolded. He felt like he was trapped inside of a hard, diamond crystal.

Like the cubed-shaped form Ethella had shown before, everything was perfectly interconnected. A diameter of 13 meters. Though the efficiency decreased by 30% as the size scaled down from 41 to 13 meters, a success was still a success.

“He did it for real! That kid succeeded on his first day!”

Many upperclassmen frowned when the inadequate Class 7 students made a fuss.

However, the number of people who expressed their interest stood on equal footing. Of course, most of them were girls.

Amy did not affiliate with either side. But really, Shirone began to get on her nerves.

How could she have forgotten? Didn't he decide to learn magic because he was humiliated?

'That guy… Who the heck is he?'

This was not an academy where one could just enter by having talent alone. She was positive that he had a benefactor. But the question was… Who was it?

“Ms. Romie, the volume shrunk much more than I thought it would.”

“Hm? That's inevitable. But its durability would have improved a lot. With the way it is right now, being able to withstand physical impacts to a certain extent wouldn't be impossible.

'I heard he surprised the instructors during the entrance test. I guess the rumor is true.'

'Though, success does not happen overnight.'

Ethella admitted that he had great insight, but he was only able to succeed due to two factors. His unusually large Spirit Zone, and his convergent tendencies.

Realizing the people's reaction belatedly, Shirone returned to being a shy boy and went back to his spot in the corner.

Was it because he was buried in other people's stares? Because Shirone did not notice Amy's fierce gaze.

Shirone was busy studying various subjects. Once one got to the Advanced Class, one could choose a major, but before then, one had to study all the subjects, so the range was enormous.

His first period was basic chemistry. When he entered the lecture hall of Class 7, he saw the students seated. And on the platform in front of the class, he saw a familiar face.

Siena Olifer, Master of Ice Magic.

She was the second daughter of the Olifer family and a graduate of the Olifer School. She was a 26-years-old genius who became a certified Grade 6 mage with just ice magic alone. She had a pretty face and a cold attitude.

Thanks to that cold attitude of her's during the entrance test, she made a strong impression on Shirone.

However, she was surprisingly popular with the male students. She had a beautiful appearance as well as a feisty personality. She was the ideal type for many of the students.

With her long, purple hair neatly tied up, she spoke while stroking her horn-rimmed glasses.

“Hello everyone. I'm Siena Olifer, and I'll be teaching this Class 7 chemistry class as of today.”

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