Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 19


'H-How could…'

Shirone, frozen in shock, turned his head away as Amy walked towards him with her friend.

'Please, just pass by! Just go!'

Shirone hoped earnestly that they'd just ignore him for, in his eyes, nothing good could come out of them meeting. Thankfully, the two girls gave him no attention and were about to walk past… Or so he thought. Due to being in the moment, Shirone had totally forgotten that he was pretty attractive. And due to this, he did not notice that he had already caught the attention of one of the girls.

“Amy, Amy! Did you see the boy we just passed by? Is he new? He seems a bit too old to be a new student… Maybe he's a transfer student? Oh my god, he's totally my style.”

Amy couldn't answer back even though she was listening to her chatty friend. It was because, like Shirone, she felt something weird.

“Strange… He looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?”

“Wait, are you interested in him? You, who never bothered to look at a guy before?”

“No. I really have seen him somewhere before.”

“Enough with the lies. Be honest, you have a crush on him, right? Right???”

“Seriously, I'm telling you, it's not that.”

Amy sped up her pace to escape the persistent rambling. And when her friend started to catch up to her, she started running.

“Hurry up and spill it! I won't drop this until you tell me the truth!”

“No! I said it's nothing like that!”

Boys who saw Amy running away from her friend watched in envy.

Although she was the most popular girl in school, she rejected the love calls of every junior and senior to confess to her.

The only one who knew she was once a vicious girl who dominated the back alley was Shirone.

The Magic Academy's 3rd Test Site.

The spacious hall had a mirror-like smooth floor.

Letters were engraved on the floor, but it was too difficult to understand.

Five teachers were seated side by side behind a table on the north side of the hall.

Upon his arrival, Shirone saw six students taking the test, and all of them were young kids.

“I see it's still not over yet. That's good. Watch carefully what those children do.”

Considering he looked a bit old for a newly enrolled student, he paid no mind to the stares he received.

Alpheas explained the letters on the floor.

“If you enter the Spirit Zone, these letters will look and feel different. And depending what you feel through them, we will analyze the size, strength, flexibility, and propensity of your Spirit Zone. You just have to answer the instructors honestly.”

Shirone, who got the gist of it, watched the test from a distance.

“Okay, Camie. Can you use magic?”

“I can levitate objects into the air.”

The examiners did not check each individual claim to see if they were true. It was because they knew that if the students were to uselessly bluff their way through the academy where they came to learn, they would ultimately be the ones at the losing end.

“I see. Then shall we go right to the Spirit Zone?”


When the child named Camie entered the Spirit Zone, a young instructor sitting at the far right asked. With slicked-back blond hair, he was a handsome man who made a sharp impression.

“What is the farthest number you can see?”


“Oh? A six…”

The man wrote down the number on a paper approvingly.

It meant that his Spirit Zone reached a sphere of six meters in diameter.

To have that degree of skill as a newly enrolled student, he was on the level to join Class 9 at minimum.

The next question was asked by an elderly instructor sitting next to him.

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