IBRV (Novel) Chapter 90

C 90

Oh, it's ruined.

That was the first thought I had. Actually, my intention was to make Lucilion feel a little more comfortable.

Because he could obtain the position of High Priest without having to act and without being influenced by the High Priest.




The atmosphere became uncomfortable.

Chronos Etham was also looking at me, unable to believe that he had been fired.

"I was going to live as my mistress's pet..."

"Do I have to keep you...?"

"Can't he...?"

No, it's because it was unexpected.

Usually, when it comes to male lead and secondary characters in Rofan, aren't they all anxious because they can't support the female protagonist?

Lucilion was also one of the people in the female protagonist's fishing ground, so he was impatient because he couldn't do anything for Sharnae.

"Ah, is it because I'm not the female protagonist?"

Then I can understand it.

"It's time for the main male and female candidates for the reverse harem to gather."

Since the female protagonist is 13 years old now, it might take another two years.

"Well, let's leave it at that."

The job is done, so I'm sure it will work out on its own.

If I go back to the Etham family and hand over the documents to the family's legal expert and ask him to take care of it, he will clean up the mess of the High Priest.



I opened my mouth as I made eye contact with him sitting on his knees.

"Thank you for your help. Thanks to you, I was able to open my eyes safely."

Lucilion's eyes opened a little, then quickly curved into a round shape.

"Yes, I'm very happy that you've grown up safely."

Lucilion kissed the back of my hand and stood up from his seat.



"Before I met my mistress, I made a bet with the High Priest."

"A bet?"

Ah, those must have been the words he told me in that alley back then.

"Yes, if I stay as a beggar on the street and someone takes me in, I win, if not, I lose."

I blinked at the unexpected words.

"If I win, I'll be free, and if I lose, I'll obediently return as a priest candidate."

Ah, did Lucilion in <Adopted> act obediently because no one could save him?

"Do you know why I left here?"


"... It was because I didn't want to become High Priest."

Lucilion leaned against the wall and tilted his head. There was a touch of mischief in that desperate tone.


I never thought there would be such a strong intention. I thought he needed power.

When I rolled my eyes, he laughed.

"Still, did you do it for me?"


To be precise, it was for Sharnae and for him.

Because, out of conscience, I couldn't even interfere with the female protagonist's fishing.

"Hmmm, it's definitely not because I want to see that 18+ content."

I nodded.

It's a novel with so many crazies, so the obsession and level are high... Ahem.

"That's it, I'll do it. Instead, it will be a gift from my mistress."

Lucilion smiled and said.

"But Lucy."


"Now that you're a High Priest, wouldn't it be better to stop calling me mistress?"

It didn't seem like it would look very good for him to kneel in front of a young noble while saying "mistress, mistress."

"So, how should I call you?"

"Just Eirin?"

"Then I'll be like everyone else."


Because I usually seek this kind of normal relationship.

"I don't want that."


"Because I want to be a special presence for my mistress."

As I looked at him with a stunned expression, Lucilion added.

"Don't forget, mistress. I was the first to recognize my mistress's special character."

It was when Lucilion grabbed the back of my hand and was about to kiss me again. My body trembled in the air.

Lucilion's lips wandered through the air and turned towards me, who was slowly lifted into the air.

"Uncle Third?"

"The young ones are good at this. Staying on the right path," 

He said, but Chronos Etham's gaze remained on Lucilion.

"I don't know since when Cardinal Chronos loves his niece so much."

Lucilion straightened his slightly bent body and said.

"Don't talk nonsense; cancel the dismissal immediately..."

"No, because I am an obedient pet."

I closed my mouth as I looked at his slightly curved eyes.

Um, I'm a little tired.

"Uncle, let's go home."

"Your insolence ends here."

"Yes, yes."

In response to Chronos Etham's harsh words, I chose to wrap my arms around his neck and cling to him.

As expected, babies and cute animals are the best for healing.

I'll have to find a pet when I get back.

Chronos Etham grabbed me from behind and tried to pull me, but now I could cling to him like a cicada on an old tree without thinking.

Chronos Etham is worse off than I thought...

"His strength is a little weak."

No, it was very weak.

I thought as I looked at his cheeks and earlobes, which were burning bright red from the effort.

"Come on, Uncle."

I leaned on his arms and said with a yawn. He pushed me away several times, sighed, and finally got into the carriage with me.

Lucilion, who had been hovering by my side, came out to bid me farewell.

"I'll send someone, Lucilion."

"Oh, it's fine. I can handle it myself."

Lucilion pushed a large cloth bag into my arms.

"And these are sacred stones; I'll send more soon."

"Why is this?"

Wasn't it unnecessary now that I've grown up?

"My mistress is not ordinary, so if she just eats, she'll still be hungry, so try eating these too."


I nodded as I looked at the translucent sacred stone that resembled an elongated hexagonal crystal.

"I'll clean up the temple."


"Thanks to my mistress giving me the contract, there probably won't be any problems with the procedure."

He said, kissing the paper. My eyes widened unintentionally.


"Yes, I'll clean up the temple, see you soon."

"Stop talking and let's go back because I'm tired."

Meanwhile, Chronos Etham closed the carriage door with an exhausted look.

It seemed like he didn't want to hear any more.

The carriage started moving.

Looking down at the pile of sacred stones I held in my arms, I felt deeply concerned.

"But how do I eat this?"

The way to eat Sacred Stones was not mentioned in <Adopted>, so I felt confused.


As I looked at the stone, I felt a fierce hunger.

As soon as I lowered my head in embarrassment, Chronos Etham let out a brief sigh.

"I don't know what you want or how you've come this far."

"Oh... a family?"



I was embarrassed to say it, so I changed my words.

"I have a grandfather, a father, and an uncle!"

I tried to suppress the urge to brag in a place like this. I thought it was embarrassing to do it at this age.

"My mother will like you."

Chronos Etham, who had been staring at the closed window as if looking at a distant mountain, opened his mouth.

"If it's her mother... is it the grandmother?"

"Yes, she had a big fight with my father and is on the run."

"On the run...?"

"Technically, they've been in the process of divorce for five years."

I didn't know he had a grandmother.

She was a character who had never appeared in <Adopted>.

"What's she like?"

"She's bold and sharp."

Oh, is she a general-like woman of this era?

"If you don't listen, the first thing she does is draw her sword, and on days when there were couple fights, there was nothing left in the house."

It's a bit... it seems like I've been through that. With a family like this, these kinds of things can happen.

"She didn't even move when the three naughty children clung to her..."

It would be good if the grandmother could straighten things out.

"No one in the social world could stand her. All kinds of foul language mixed with obscenities came out even when she was a little uncomfortable."

Besides cursing, wasn't she a very good mother? As I listened attentively, it sounded far from being a compliment.


There's more?!

"People are discriminated against in order of cuteness."


I couldn't describe how bitterly cold Chronos Etham's eyes were when he said that.

"You're cute, so you'll be able to monopolize my mother's love."


The more I hear, the more I want to meet her.

"Do you want to meet my mother?"

"A little?"

"You'll get to meet her."


"Soon she'll hear news of you, and she'll come running."

What news are you talking about?

As I tilted my head, a rare smile spread across Chronos Etham's mouth.

"To grab my father by the neck."


"Mother hates him even more-..."

During the conversation, we arrived at the mansion.

Chronos Etham gave me a disapproving look but hugged me and got off the carriage.






At that moment, shouts and dust swept through the mansion with all kinds of roars that couldn't be expressed in words, and a rough wind brushed against my cheeks.

The roar of a fierce lion burst through the cracks in the broken windows and the collapsed buildings.

"You crazy old bastard! If there's a knife in your head, will you go to a coffin? If you don't stand up, won't your head roll? Why don't you give me another grandchild and pass it on to a newborn? What a pair of fucking idiots. Hey, you idiot, did you live as a careless person, and that's why a hole appeared in your brain now? You spoiled brat! Did you make the family look fun by doing group drugs? Why? Is it funny now that you don't have a mother?"

"...It's child abuse."

Chronos Etham's face, who said that, had become even paler than usual.


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