TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 385

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 385

The storm known as "Human Wrath" had passed through the deserted training ground in the city. On the cracked ground, marked with hundreds of footprints, Rimmer rose to his feet, trembling with a sharp groan. "

"I almost died for real," he thought. If he hadn't used up all his aura for defense, he might have already set sail for the afterlife.

"It was almost less painful when I faced the Light Wind squad members and the Warring Steel division members."

It hurt the most, when the wrath of the gamblers who had narrowly recovered their capital from the 7-fold jackpot, their anger piercing through his bones and flesh.


Rimmer let out a sigh and shook his head.

"It hurts, and I'm broke. Looks like I'll be eating Nadine's bread for a while."

"Why did you do such a thing?" a voice murmured softly from the right when he tried to stand up, using his sword as a makeshift cane.

Lifting his head, he saw Raon approaching with a sinister aura.


Rimmer recoiled, his voice trembling.

"You're not leaving yet?"

"...," Raon remained silent, his eyes sinking with an eerie vibe.

"You're not planning to step on me again, are you? That's not it, right?"


"If you hit me again, I'll really be on my way to the underworld! Descending to the afterlife for sure!"

No matter what he said, Raon didn't stop walking. He approached, and with bloodshot eyes, he stared right in front of him.

Seeing those eyes, Rimmer's stomach churned, and he felt like he might vomit.

"Ugh! Ra-Raon, I'm sorry. But I really didn't mean to cause an accident..."

As he trembled in fear of the unknown consequences, Raon didn't strike but suddenly sat down right next to him.


"Why would I hit you? If someone hears that, they might think we're thugs."

Raon chuckled softly and reached into his spatial pocket, pulling out round cookies that Dorian liked, some jerky, and two bottles of whiskey, placing them on the ground.

"What's this?"

Rimmer relaxed his guard, no longer maintaining his defensive stance, and quivered his lips.

"How about having a drink?"

Raon opened the whiskey bottle and offered it to Rimmer.

"Huh? Uh..."

Rimmer awkwardly accepted the whiskey with a contorted body gesture like a tangled octopus.

Raon, as if drinking water, casually sipped the whiskey. It seemed to have a vanilla scent, somewhat upscale. He also enjoyed the intense alcohol that felt like it was hitting the throat.

"Not bad."

Rimmer took a sip of whiskey as the alcohol began to affect him and chewed on the snacks he had placed in front of him.

"It's a bit of a cheap snack compared to the whiskey, but it's nice in its own way."

"Master," Raon began, as he took another sip of whiskey, "Are you trying to pass the leader position to me?"

Rimmer's hand, which had been reaching for jerky, stopped abruptly at Raon's low, soft voice.

Raon looked at Rimmer, his eyes calm as he smiled faintly.

"As expected, you want to pass the responsibilities to me."

Today, Rimmer was different from his usual self.

Since it was an important test with stakes, it was natural for Glen to come, but he played such an obvious trick.


As a result, there were even voices calling for Raon Zieghart to be the leader of the Light Wind squad instead of Rimmer when they were promoted to division.

'Only then did I realize what that foolish elf was aiming for.'

Rimmer was trying to create a situation where it was natural for him to hand over the position of leader after making his own reputation the worst and Raon's reputation the best.

That idiotic elf caused unnecessary trouble.

Wrath also seemed to understand what was being said and snorted.

He's generous but foolish. But..


Shouldn't you try pulling his ear to see if it's really detachable?

'Please go away.'

He waved away Wrath, who was inspecting Rimmer's long ears.

"Why did you do that?"

Raon asked the question he wanted to ask the most as he chewed on jerky.


Rimmer didn't answer and let out a short sigh.

"Hah, Perfect timing to sober up from the alcohol….Why are you so perceptive?"

He laughed and took a swig of whiskey.

"Raon. You are growing faster than my expectations. No, faster than anyone else's expectations."

"It's not that much."

"That's right. You can definitely do your job as a leader at your current level."

Rimmer smiled and said he has the qualifications and ability to do that.

"I just thought it was time to support you from below instead of looking down on you from above."


Raon listened to Rimmer's words, which were spoken calmly, and poured whiskey down his throat.

It felt like his esophagus and stomach were on fire because he swallowed it right away. He spoke with that heat.

"If I become a leader, I will be called to the head of house a lot, so I don't really want to do it. I'll just teach the kids behind."

"Also I'm tired! That old man shoots lightning at me every time he sees me! Now there's more lightning energy in my mana circuit than the wind!"

Rimmer screamed that his mana circuit was about to tear.

"Anyway, I can't do it anymore! You'll surpass me soon, and the kids are growing up like beanstalks, so I thought you should be the leader when promoted to the Light Wind division...."

"Squad leader. No, master."

Raon lowered the bottle of and interrupted Rimmer's words.

"I don't think a leader job is just to teach martial arts."

In his previous life, the one who taught him killing techniques was not a leader, but a trainer.

He had only learned the skills to kill people, so his relationship with Rimmer, who had taught him what a true leader was precious and important.

"I and the Light Wind squad still want to move forward while looking at the back of the squad leader."

Becoming a leader is not a very important thing. All he wanted was for the current Light Wind squad and his relationship with Rimmer as a disciple to continue for a longer time.

"I brought this alcohol because I wanted to drink it with my master for the first time."

"Raon. You...."

Raon finished the whiskey left in the bottle in one breath and stood up.

"I will ask for your guidance in the future."

He nodded and left.


Rimmer let out a deep breath and shook his head. His shoulders trembled slightly.

"I raised a really good disciple."

He downed the whiskey in one gulp and wiped his mouth.

"In a situation like this, you can't just stay still."

* * *

Tsk, what a waste.

Wrath seemed to be regretting something as he savored his drink.

"What's a waste?"

Raon raised an eyebrow, looking at Wrath.

You should've checked if that elf's ears were really detachable...

Raon glanced at Wrath, who seemed to be disappointed.

He sighed and turned to head towards the main building when the members of the Light Wind squad, who had been waiting at the entrance of the training ground, came rushing towards him.


Dorian, the one who had not been eliminated on the battlefield until the end, enthusiastically shook his hand.

"You're here now."

"It's all over, so why were you waiting?"


Burren wore a peaceful smile, Martha frowned, and Runaan nodded off.


Krein trembled like a quail that had encountered a predator while staring at the ground.

Raon stood in front of the Light Wind squad and gave them a gentle smile.

"Great job today, everyone. Despite the big issue caused by someone, you all did well according to the plan."

"We had to endure hell, so it's only natural!"

"It was thanks to everyone becoming one that we could win."

Martha farted, Burren clenched his fist tightly and raised it.

"We've passed the vice-squad leader's training, so this is a piece of cake

"There were a few times when I almost died back then."

"Now, if we pass one more test, will we become a division?"

"Looking forward to it, Light Wind squad!"

The Light Wind squad laughed excitedly as if they were looking forward to being called the  Light Wind division.


The Light Wind squad's laughter stopped at Raon's chilling tone.

"When everyone was doing their roles properly, someone made a big mistake."

As soon as those words were uttered, everyone's gaze turned towards Krein.


Trembling, Krein raised his hand.

"I-it's not because I wanted to fail..."


"Because Dorian was in command and couldn't watch our backs, I had to protect him and ended up being hit in return!"

He explained, biting his lip.

"W-what about me? I wasn't like that! I moved properly while on guard!"

Dorian shook in surprise, unable to believe it.

"I really got hit while protecting you!"

"Don't lie!"

"I'm serious! Since you were in command, I had to protect you!"

"I had eyes in the back, so I could have avoided that much!"

The two argued back and forth, neither giving in.


Raon clapped his hands, and Krein and Dorian fell silent.

"Whether someone was at fault or not, Krein fell first, and that won't change."



Krein's jaw trembled, and Dorian smiled in victory.

"It would be right to punish Krein, but I'm reminded of what Burren said a little while ago."

"What? Me?"

"Yes. That the Light Wind squad won because we were united."

As Raon's lips curled up, the Light Wind squad's eyes filled with anxiety.

"In other words, the fault of one companion is the fault of all. Today, everyone will do the remaining training."


"This crazy bastard is at it again!"

Burren and Martha both opened their mouths wide at the same time.

"We won, but we're going to do training?"

"This guy is really crazy!"

"His brain is definitely filled with the words 'training'!"

The Light Wind squad swordsmen also shook their eyes wide open.

"Well, to be honest, Krein wasn't the only problem. First of all, Martha didn't think about connecting with her teammates when she charged, and Burren should have been more active instead of playing a cushion role in the middle, and Runaan was too focused on defense. If he had moved a little faster, he would have caught Kaman more easily. And Dorian is....”

Raon recited the mistakes the Light Wind squad had made, as if he had not fought with Trevin, but had watched from the side.

"What, how did he see that?"

"Does he have four eyes instead of two?"

"He's a ghost. No human could do that....”

"So, do we really have to train?"

"The exam just ended... Ugh!"

"If the demon see that guy, they will come running to be friend with him!"

The Light Wind squad gritted their teeth as if they were fed up.

It's not a friend, it's a leashed....

Wrath sniffled, saying that he was in the same situation.

"Kill him! If we don't kill him, we'll really die!"

"This time Martha is right! Let's go!"

"Now that he's tired, this is our last chance!"


The Light Wind squad charged forward, yelling.

Raon smiled happily as he saw the Light Wind squad, who had raised more fighting spirit than when they were fighting the Warring Steel division.

"It's more fun if there's rebellion."

*     *      *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Glenn frowned at Rimmer, who suddenly came to his office.

"What is it?"

"Head of house."

Just when he was thinking of dropping lightning if he said something stupid, Rimmer raised his head.

Rimmer's eyes flashed sharply, as if they had returned to the time when he was called the Zieghart's Sword of Light before "that incident."

"I was perhaps too hasty."

Rimmer smiled faintly at Glenn.

"You, my lord, may have already noticed, but I intended to make Raon as the leader after this test ends, and I was thinking of stepping down as the squad leader or taking charge of another division or squad. But it seems I should keep a closer eye on things."


Glenn looked at Rimmer without the slightest surprise, as if he knew everything.

"You always choose to do stupid things, but what wind blew this time?"

"It's not inside me, but the wind blowing outside is quite strong, so I can't resist."

Rimmer nodded slightly while looking out the window.

"I've noticed that Raon intends to reject on the position of the leader. He's quite perceptive."

"What did that kid say?"

"He mentioned that being a leader is not just about teaching martial arts. He asked me to stand with the Light Wind squad a bit longer."


Glenn scrutinized Rimmer again. Life returned to his eyes, which had been as lifeless as rotten fish. It had been a while since he had seen him like this.

"That kid really..."

Raon seemed colder and more level-headed than anyone else, but he also possessed a warmth that was second to none.

Rimmer felt strengthened by the words of that child.

"So, what are your thoughts... I guess there's no need to ask."

"Before, I wanted the children to grow a bit more, and I wanted to see Raon rise to the top of the house. But now..."

Rimmer smiled without hesitation, raising his head.

"I want to be with him in that position. I think I need to get a bit more serious."

"I see."

Glenn nodded with a thin smile. He couldn't help but smile knowing that his cherished subordinate had regained his composure and that his precious grandson had made it happen.


"I'm writing it down. It's best to note this in Volume 1." 

Roenn began jotting down Raon's famous line that Rimmer had shared a while ago.

"Raon and I were drinking, and it reminded me of the past..."


The atmosphere, which had softened with Roenn's gentle tone, turned icy once again at Glenn's voice.

"What did you just say?"

"I had a drink with Raon. It was the first time, and it was quite enjoyable... Ugh!"

Rimmer opened his mouth but then widened his eyes. A massive thunderbolt was suddenly striking the ceiling of the room.

"My lord? Why is this happening all of a sudden?"

The atmosphere had been pleasant just moments ago, so why a thunderbolt now? And it was raised as if to truly kill.

"I... I didn't do anything wrong this time, did I? I just had a drink with Raon!"

"That's your crime."


With a expression he hadn't shown even when facing the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon, Glenn gripped him tightly and dropped the thunderbolt.




After training with the Light Wind squad until midnight, Raon headed to the annex building.

'They all seemed satisfied.'

Even after the exam, he had ruthlessly pushed them, but now, after granting them a week of vacation, everyone's eyes sparkled as clear as the sky after the rain.


Wrath let out a groan as he looked in this direction.

The King of Essence doesn't understand them, A week of rest was originally scheduled, so why are they so happy about it?

He muttered that he didn't understand why they liked the devil who had even trained them after the test.

'That's how you handle subordinates.'

The most important thing in dealing with those below you was knowing when and how to use both the carrot and the whip.

Since the training that was supposed to take several days due to Krein was finished in one day, and the original one-week vacation was still provided, it was natural for everyone to be happy.

Hmm, so it's the method of tormenting them and then letting them go, is it?

What are you doing?'

The Kimg of Essence is taking notes on how you train humans.

He turned his head and smiled broadly.

When the King of Essence returns to the devildom or take control of your body, the King of Essence will make use of it! If the King of Essence acquires this knowledge, dimensional conquest won't be just a dream!

'...Is that so.'

While the idea of dimensional conquest sounded like a dream, handling subordinates properly was no easy task. It involved understanding the emotions and states of each individual and taking different actions accordingly. However, with Wrath being so oblivious, he might end up making everyone faint before making them obedient.

'Give it your best shot. Don't kill the kids... huh?'

Raon playfully patted Wrath's fluffy head, then his eyes widened.

A small hedgehog on a tree in front of the annex building was waving its hand.

Th-this hedgehog is saying hello...

'No way…'


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