TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 138

C138 - Miracle in the Demon Cult (1~)

The turbulent atmosphere calmed down.

The astounding power displayed by Young Master Kim and the apparent improvement in the Heavenly Demon's condition changed the mood that had become lively in an instant.

Only a heavy silence filled the place.

"Kim Haeil, sound doesn't carry here, right?"

Cale looked in astonishment at the Heavenly Demon, who had set aside the title of Young Master and called him by his alias.

'I don't know your name, but why are you calling me by my name, and your words are getting sharper?'

Could it be that dissatisfaction had increased inside him? Cale's response that came out was quite laconic.

"That's right."

It was just one word.

The Heavenly Demon seemed not to care at all. He simply raised a relentless blood-red energy as he observed the Masters outside the pavilion.

Then he opened his mouth.

But his words wouldn't be audible to those outside the pavilion.

"Kim Haeil. It seems you wished to move secretly, but that has become impossible."

Cale nodded.

"Well, the spies have seen my power, so I think it's better to move openly."

It was unexpected, but if things were different, he would have to act accordingly.

He cleared his thoughts from his mind and organized what he had to do.

"I haven't found the Living Jiangshi leading the Evil Faction yet, but that's fine. I need to sort out the Demon Cult's affairs as quickly as possible and meet with the Evil Alliance Leader."

It was unknown how today's events would unfold and how the Blood Cult would react to the Living Jiangshi or the Blood Cult spies, or to Young Master Kim purifying the black smoke, so it was better to act swiftly.

At that moment, the Heavenly Demon spoke indifferently.

"No. It won't spread to the Evil Faction."

Cale's gaze shifted to the Heavenly Demon.

And then he realized.

"It won't be spoken of outside the Demon Cult. It's just that it will be impossible to hide it within the Demon Cult."

A faint smile formed at the corners of the Heavenly Demon's lips.

Cale was sure.

'He seems furious, doesn't he?'

But the next words that came out of the Heavenly Demon's mouth made Cale's expression tremble.

"Because I am angry."

Since he himself was angry, he couldn't move secretly.

The Heavenly Demon didn't look at Cale's expression.

He didn't need to because he felt no inadequacy in his own words.

Heavenly Demon. From the moment he left his name and assumed this title.

"I am the Demon Cult, and the Demon Cult is me."

The aura/energy surrounding the Heavenly Demon grew stronger.

Cale, unknowingly, slightly raised his Dominating Aura.

'Ah, he's really angry.'

Goosebumps returned to his arm.

Now that he had gotten the hang of it, Cale used his Dominating Aura more and more to follow the eerie aura of the Heavenly Demon as it grew stronger and stronger.

Of course, compared to the Heavenly Demon, its intensity was insignificant.

It was just weak enough to prevent his skin from tingling.

Cale listened carefully to the Heavenly Demon's words.

"The Living Jiangshi are both perpetrators and victims of the Demon Cult. But a spy is different."

And he nodded.

"They are a victim because they couldn't be protected by the Demon Cult and became a Living Jiangshi for the Blood Cult. However, since there is no will of their own in it, one cannot be angry about it. But it's a different story for non-Cultists to sneak in and harm the Demon Cult."

The Heavenly Demon murmured.

"Yes, it's a very different story."

As soon as he finished his story, the Heavenly Demon heard an indifferent voice.

"I will dispel the soundproofing."

Young Master Kim Haeil spoke without showing any notable expression, and the Heavenly Demon stared at him.

Although he didn't say anything positive about it, given that he mentioned dispelling the soundproofing, it was an indication that he would follow the Heavenly Demon's will.


He hadn't learned martial arts, and although the Heavenly Demon knew his Inner Energy had surged like a torrent due to his anger, Young Master Kim remained unruffled.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Demon's own Inner Energy didn't yield to the strange aura emanating from Kim Haeil.

"What are you looking at?"

The Heavenly Demon averted his gaze at the blunt question.

"Nothing in particular."

He replied briefly and took a step forward.

He felt the strange aura surrounding the pavilion dissipating.

"Did he mention something about Sound Isolation Magic?"

It must be that this magic is related to the path Kim Haeil is following.

Then, the Heavenly Demon's gaze turned to the Cultists who were outside the pavilion.

The smile had disappeared.

It remained silent.

He could hear the wind blowing, the leaves whispering in the breeze, and he liked it when people kept their mouths shut.

Because there's silence, and he liked silence.

"I don't like noisy things."

That night, when his body hurt from the beating the other candidates for the Celestial Demon Successor had given him while he was starving but held his breath, unable to let out a cry or whimper because it would deplete his energy.

It was a quiet night outside, not even the whispers of insects could be heard.

It was such a quiet night that he thought he might sleep soundly even though his body hurt and he was hungry.

Until a rat scurried across the roof.

The rats that lived in the gaps between the roof and ceiling scurried.

Although it wasn't a significant sound, due to the extreme quiet of the night, the Heavenly Demon felt like the noise was so loud that he feared the roof might collapse.

This was his only home, and the noisy footsteps and whining of the rats seemed to threaten to take away this one home.

"Yes, I especially hate rats."

The Heavenly Demon took another step and said.

"Right now, close all the doors of the Demon Cult."

His voice was indifferent.

A voice that spoke of his impressions as he watched the flow of water, a majestic voice.

"Starting today, no living creature existing within the Demon Cult will cross the doors and go outside."

Spies of the Blood Cult.

From the moment he heard about those rats, the Heavenly Demon made a decision.

"Anyone who attempts to leave will not survive."

No one dared to say a word against the violent and savage crimson energy of the Heavenly Demon.

Everyone simply knelt and lowered their heads in response.

"Demon (魔)!"

However, behind the tyrannical energy of the Heavenly Demon, there was another energy asserting its own presence.

Unlike the violent and tyrannical energy, this one seeped slowly, as if it was smothering one's breath. It was a force that made one bow their head for another reason.

Young Master Kim.

He stood behind the Heavenly Demon as if to support him.

'What's going on?'

Pavilion Master Gong, the Master of the Laws and Manners Pavilion, had a racing mind as she knelt on one knee with her elderly body.

She was about to ask the Brain Demon beside her when she heard the Heavenly Demon speak.

The Heavenly Demon didn't raise his voice. However, the voice containing Inner Energy reached everyone's ears.

"The Blood Cult has made me ill."

Pavilion Master Gong's eyes widened.

At the same time, an impulse began to emanate from her.


The hand holding the staff gleamed with blood.

The Demon Cult's land is a desolate place, flanked by deserts.

To survive there, one must be strong.

That's why the strongest among the strong, the Heavenly Demon, is the Demon Cult's land.

He determines the land they can take root in, or the direction they must go.

And that land is sick?

This was like a threat that wanted to destroy the Demon Cult.

"But Young Master Kim Haeil here can cure that illness."

Pavilion Master Gong now understood the true meaning behind the Brain Demon and the Heavenly Demon's invitation to Young Master Kim.

Negotiations between the Demon Cult and the Just Faction? Ties to the Royal Family?

No, the Demon Cult never did such a thing.

At that moment, the Heavenly Demon, who was the land supporting the Demon Cultists, spoke.

"Pavilion Master Kee, General Meng. These are the Blood Cult's spies."

Pavilion Master Gong raised her head. Her eyes fixed on the Heavenly Demon.

In the next instant, Pavilion Master Kee and General Meng stood up.

Not to escape.

They seemed to be seeking self-determination or attempting to send their final Sound Transmissions, each acting at the risk of their own lives to then commit suicide.


The hand of General Meng, who had tried to send Sound Transmissions and then commit suicide, was pierced. And one after another, his Dantian points were punctured.

It was a staff that went through both of them.

Thud. Pavilion Master Gong landed lightly on the ground. Still skewering General Meng.

It was an advantage that she had also struck his Pressure Points to prevent him from killing himself.


Beside her, Pavilion Master Kee failed to kill himself and passed out while being subdued. It was the same Heavenly Demon who held his neck.

As soon as the spies were discovered, they were immediately hunted, unable to escape the trap.

As if it was natural, the Heavenly Demon spat without showing any reaction.

"Demon Law Battalion."

The Demon Law Battalion. A battalion that protected the Heavenly Demon and was directly under the Heavenly Demon's orders.


In an instant, the thought that the wind was blowing crossed their minds.

Martial artists dressed in black surrounded the pavilion and its surroundings.

With their faces covered except for their eyes, they looked like shadows.

"Demon. (魔)"

With a brief response, the Demon Law Battalion disappeared.

No one knew what they were going to do.

Starting today, all doors of the Demon Cult are closed.

And all creatures that flee beyond them will die.

But no one feared this.

On the contrary, Pavilion Master Gong's and the Brain Demon's impulses increased.

Numerous inner energies soared, and the ground began to vibrate.

Watching this, Cale swallowed hard.

"This is madness."

All this time, he realized, he hadn't seen the true nature of the Demon Cult.

Now it was clear why the Just Faction and the Government both ignored the Demon Cult and were afraid at the same time.

Fierce glares that did not look back were directed at the Heavenly Demon.

The Heavenly Demon received those glares fully and increased his impulse even more.


Kale felt goosebumps and used more of his aura to avoid being caught by the impulse.


Just when he was about to sigh.

The Heavenly Demon spoke while shrouded in a dark red aura.

"Destroy the Blood Cult."

Destroy the Blood Cult.

Those were the only words he spoke.


Everyone in front of the pavilion hit the ground with their heads and shouted.

"Demon (魔)!"

They must have infused their voice with inner energy because the surrounding air vibrated with a low murmur.

With a whisper, the birds lurking nearby startled and flew into the sky. But there were pupils watching those birds.

If those birds crossed the threshold of the Demon Cult, they would also die.

Cale watched the scene with a heavy heart.

'As expected, the Demon Cultists are no joke.'

The Blood Cult made a mistake by provoking them.

There was something different about them compared to the Just Faction and the Murim Alliance.

But wouldn't they get a headache from banging their heads against the ground so hard?

For no reason, Cale felt a tingling sensation on his forehead, so he rubbed his forehead with the palm of his hand.


Then he felt something strange and turned his gaze.

There were two people looking at him as if they wanted to pierce through him.

One of them was Pavilion Master Gong. Cale averted his gaze from her. Imperceptibly.

'What a fierce old lady!'

General Meng fainted with his Dantian destroyed.

Even though the Blood Cult Spy was drooling and trembling, he didn't even blink and hung the spy in the air with his raised staff.

The Elder looked at Cale and smiled.

It reminded him of Ron.

No, Ron was better. Ron would never do something like this!

'Who is she?'

Cale averted his gaze from Pavilion Master Gong and saw that another person was looking at him, and he felt quite creeped out.

One of the candidates was staring at him while drooling. And laughing foolishly.

That laughter was terrifying in another sense.

Aren't the crazy ones the most frightening?

When their gazes met, he smiled even more intensely and tilted his head.

'...I hope he doesn't become the Heavenly Demon.'

Cale averted his gaze from the candidate, thinking it was better to avoid the crazy one.

-Human, are we not going to have a snack? Are you done already?

Upon hearing Raon's faint voice, Cale approached the Heavenly Demon.

Toc, toc.

He tapped the Heavenly Demon on the shoulder.

The Heavenly Demon turned his head and asked what was going on.

"Are you almost done speaking?"

In response to Cale's indifferent question, the Heavenly Demon replied.

"More or less."

More details were not necessary.

In response, Cale nodded and opened his lips.

"Ask that Pavilion Master Kee and General Meng over there what their numbers in the Blood Cult are."


"It seems those who were sent out of the Blood Cult use numbers to identify themselves."

"...What does that mean?"

"I have Blood Cultist No. 7."

The Heavenly Demon's eyes widened.

He realized that Young Master Kim knew more about the Blood Cult than he thought.

"You really have the answers."

"Yes, yes. I have the answers."

Cale replied vaguely and then asked:

"By the way..."

His expression became serious. The Heavenly Demon met his gaze, and Cale looked around.

Then Cale approached the Heavenly Demon. Suddenly, the Heavenly Demon's movements became cautious, and he focused on Cale's mouth.


Cale asked.

"Can I bring some snacks? There's someone who wants to eat."

Cale swallowed hard as Raon's voice echoed in his head.

As he didn't know how to send a Sound Transmission, he brazenly asked in the midst of the serious atmosphere.

"...Yes. Go ahead."

The Heavenly Demon gave permission.

But Cale felt strange.

'Why is he looking at me like that?'

Raon's voice echoed in his head.

-Great! Thanks! Let's bring all the expensive snacks!
Yes, let's go to the lodging first.

Cale thought that he wouldn't have much to do, so he casually picked up some snacks and returned to the lodging.

Of course, he made it clear that if there were any changes in the Heavenly Demon's condition or if any decisions were made, he should be informed promptly.

In response, the Heavenly Demon said,

"Can we conduct the experiment the day after tomorrow?"

Upon the suggestion to move up the time for purification, Cale replied:

"Of course."

It wasn't difficult.

The Heavenly Demon responded lightly and watched as Cale disappeared.

A serene yet destructive energy/aura.

Handling that would require meticulous control, but he responded as if it were no big deal. Although for him, it might really be something insignificant.

"Heavenly Demon-nim."

The Brain Demon approached and spoke.

"We will go to the Great War."

From now on, the Demon Cult will break its silence and be noisy for a while.

However, Cale didn't dwell on it and headed to the lodging quite quickly.

Because he had work to do.

Tonight, he was thinking of giving Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo a training match.


Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo stood in the training field and looked at Cale.



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