RDM (Novel) Chapter 524

 Chapter 524

The Sol Family Pavilion was now in Pyo Wol's hands.

Upon realizing Pyo Wol's identity, Sado Won gave up on resisting entirely.

Reaper and the Hundred Wraith Union.

This was indeed the worst combination.

To the assassins living in the underworld, it was nothing short of a disaster.

Pyo Wol, hailed as the greatest assassin in the history of Kangho.

Hundred Wraith Union, the most powerful assassin guild in Kangho.

Facing just one of them was a risk to life, but an alliance of the two was unthinkable.

It was clear that Pyo Wol had gained control over the Hundred Wraith Union.

Even the mighty Hundred Wraith Union could do nothing but bow down to Pyo Wol.

For a place like the Sol Family pavilion to reject him was unthinkable.

In the end, the Sado Won and the other warriors pledged their loyalty to Pyo Wol.

"Sado Won, I swear loyalty to the Reaper."

"We pledge our loyalty."

Their voices echoed throughout the Sol Family Pavilion.

Pyo Wol looked at them and spoke.

"I will stay in the Sol Family Pavilion for the time being. Be Cooperative."

"Of course. We will serve you to the best of our ability."

Sado Won bowed his head in response.

Pyo Wol's gaze fell on Sal-no, who nodded and spoke as if he understood.

"I will handle the rest. Please rest comfortably, my lord."


Pyo Wol nodded and headed inside.

They were followed by Hong Ye-seol, Do Yeonsan, and others.

When they all had disappeared, Sal-no approached Sado Won.

"Sado Won, was it?"

"Yes, sir!"

Sado Won responded politely.

He had an intuition that Sal-no was not an ordinary person, judging from Pyo Wol delegating

tasks to him.

Sal-no continued speaking.

"My name is Sal-no. As you can see, I'm old and nearing retirement, but fortunately, I am realizing a grand dream after meeting the Supreme leader."

"A dream, you say?"

"The unification of all assassin guilds in the world!"

"The whole world, you say?"

"That's right! The whole world!"

Sado Won's eyes widened in shock.

Such a scale was beyond his wildest imagination.

As the owner of a small sect, he had been managing small assignments.

He had somehow become an assassin, and then, he had become the leader of an assassin guild.

To him, striving for world domination seemed like a talk that could only come up in a dream.

"Do you really think that the Supreme Leader is going to unite all the Assassin Guilds in the world?"

He asked again, in disbelief.

Sal-no's answer was firm.


"My goodness!"

"You and The Sol Family Pavilion are fortunate. To be joined from the beginning. You understand what that signifies, don't you?"

"Of course. It's an honor to participate in the Supreme Leader's endeavors."

"The Sea Hawk Pavilion and the White Moon Guild have already sworn their loyalty to the Lord."


Suddenly, his heart began to race.

Pyo Wol was not simply dreaming of unifying the assassin guilds; he was genuinely in motion towards achieving it.

Sado Won was well aware of the difference between joining at the start and merely poking chopsticks into a prepared meal.

He bowed his head to Sal-no, saying,

"Please command me to do anything. Even if you ordered me to fetch the mane of the Hell King, I will obey."

Sal-no patted Sado Won's shoulder.

"This is a good attitude. Our Lord will remain here for the time being, so begin the task of turning this place into a fortress".

"Understood. Just give me the orders. I will follow the guardian faithfully."


"Should I call you by another title if you don't like it?"

"No, it sounds good. Guardian. A fitting title for an old man nearing retirement."

"Then, I will continue to call you Guardian."

"Do that. Start by straightening things up within the Sol Family Pavilion."


Sal-no gave instructions to Sado Won, and Sado Won listened attentively.


The Sol Family Pavilion was already situated in a land blessed by nature.

Sal-no made it an even stronger fortress.

He had profound knowledge of machinery.

There were countless examples of his assassination targets using mechanisms to protect themselves.Of course, he had to study them in order to circumvent and assassinate them, and after a long time he became an expert in mechanisms.

In just three days, the Sol Family Pavilion was reborn into a powerful fortress. But nobody knew this fact.

During these three days, Pyo Wol stayed holed up in his dwelling without venturing out. Still, there wasn't a single person who complained.

Sado Won and the members of Sol Family Pavilion had fully accepted Pyo Wol as their ruler.

The nights at the Sol Family Pavilion were extremely dark.

There were no nearby residential areas, and it was precariously located on the edge of a cliff.

Those who were unaware of the Sol Family Pavilion's location might find themselves stumbling in the darkness and falling off the cliff.

Those currently within the Sol Family Pavilion were all adept in darkness..

Except for Do Yeonsan, Eun-yo, and Nam Shin-woo, everyone else was an assassin.

They had no need for light because they had the visual acuity to see through the ordinary darkness.

Three people looked at the Sol Family Pavilion, which was shrouded in darkness.

Dressed so tightly that it was impossible to guess their age or gender, they stood on top of a tall tree, gazing at the Sol Family Pavilion.

A strong wind was blowing, causing the branches to sway as if they might break at any moment.

But they didn't falter in the slightest.

The three individuals who had been observing the Sol Family Pavilion exchanged glances.

"He is there."

"Does he really deserve it?"

"We have to verify that now."

Their conversation was cryptic.

Even on regular days, there was hardly any communication between them.

It had been years since they last gathered like this.

All of it was because of one man.

The man residing in the Sol Family Pavilion, Pyo Wol.

The three individuals who had been looking at each other for a moment dispersed quickly.


Although they moved in different directions, their destination was the same, the Sol Family Pavilion.

One among the three gathered that day was called the thunder Eye.

He had a real name, but he hadn't used it and had long since forgotten it.

Instead, he adopted the alias thunder Eye. He had a liking for this nickname.

Thunder Eye was given this name due to the intensity of his gaze, akin to lightning striking from his eyes.

In the world of assassins, such a conspicuous trait was usually grounds for disqualification. Nevertheless, Thunder Eye's exceptional abilities allowed him to survive, even thrive, in this dangerous profession for a long time.

Thunder Eye was an assassin.

Not just any run-of-the-mill assassin.

He belonged to the Hundred Wraith Union.

Within the Hundred Wraith Union, he was a part of the Ten Blood Assassins.

He took on just a single assignment a year.

No matter how much gold was offered, he declined all other requests. Yet his position in the ten

blood assassins was solid, an affirmation of his unparalleled prowess.

By the standards of merely completing assassinations, no one among the Ten Blood Assassins could match the Thunder Eye.

He was the assassin who would unfailingly complete an assignment once accepted.

His pride in himself was immense.

He rarely showed interest in the internal conflicts or power struggles within the Hundred Wraith Union.

As long as he received payment for his assignment, he didn't concern himself with the Union's internal affairs. Even when Hong Ye-seol, a fellow member of the Ten Blood Assassins, assassinated the previous Union Leader and assumed the role, Thunder Eye showed no particular interest.

After all, she was a member of the Hundred Wraith Union.

He had no particular discord with Hong Ye-seol and, importantly, he knew that her becoming the Union Leader wouldn't cause him any inconvenience.

His principle was firm.

He would accept just one assignment a year.

As long as this principle wasn't violated, he didn't care who became the Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union, as long as they were a member of the Union.

Three days ago, he received a message.

Not just him, but all the Ten Blood Assassins received the same message.

The Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union had changed again.

Initially, he couldn't help but curse.

"How is this possible? She's only just become the Union Leader, and now it's changed again?"

The position of the Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union was not something to be easily replaced.

This time, the new Union Leader was known as the Reaper.

He could accept Hong Ye-seol. She was, after all, originally an assassin of the Hundred Wraith Union. But Pyo Wol was different.

He had no connection with the Hundred Wraith Union.

While Pyo Wol might have shaken the murim with his nickname, Reaper, his background was different from the assassins of the Hundred Wraith Union.

'Sal-no must have lost his mind. No matter how much Pyo Wol is acknowledged as the Reaper, accepting him as Union Leader is absurd.'

He couldn't accept Pyo Wol as the Union Leader, even if Hong Ye-seol could.

Even if Pyo Wol had reached the pinnacle as an assassin, accepting him as the Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union was a different matter altogether. And so, Thunder Eye had come all this way to confirm it himself.

It just so happened that the place he was hiding was not far away.

'Blood Rain and Death Shadow must have thought the same.'

The ones who were with him just a moment ago were also members of the Ten Blood


Blood Rain and Death Shadow.

They too had traveled all the way here to see Pyo Wol for themselves.

Blood Rain had a personality as unique as the Thunder Eye himself, and Death Shadow was a formidable owner of lethal techniques, worthy of the nickname"Death Shadow".

All three of them were amongst the top-ranking assassins within the Ten Blood Assassins.

In terms of mere skill, they were so powerful that they even looked down on Hong Ye-seol.

The reason they came here was singular.

That was to confirm whether Pyo Wol was worthy of being the Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union.

The method for one assassin to verify the skill of another was simple.

It was to assassinate them directly.

If one couldn’t avoid their assassination attempt, they weren’t worthy of being the Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union.

It was unexpected that Blood Rain and Death Shadow had joined forces, but he did not want to yield to them either.

Whoever could assassinate Pyo Wol first and subdue him would be recognized as the greatest assassin in the murim world.

He wasn't particularly interested in the position of Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union, but he did covet the title of best assassin in the murim world.

Thunder Eye unleashed his stealth art, the art of Traceless Assimilation.

His Traceless Assimilation was, as the name suggests, a stealth technique that left no trace and blended in with the surrounding scenery.

When Thunder Eye unfolded Traceless Assimilation, no one could detect him.

No sound, no signs of presence.

He even manipulated his body temperature to deceive the senses of those on guard.

Currently, the Black Shadow Assassins were guarding the Sol Family Pavilion.

The direct subordinates of the Union Leader of the Hundred Wraith Union, assassins whose

skills and power are beyond imagination.

As a fellow Assassin, Thunder Eye knew the capabilities of the Black Shadow Assassins better than anyone. Despite this, he fearlessly unleashed Traceless Assimilation because he was so confident in his own abilities.

Indeed, despite his infiltration of the Sol Family Pavilion, none of the Black Shadow Assassins had noticed.

Thunder Eye's eyes sharply scanned his surroundings.

What seemed like an ordinary wall housed five assassins of the Black Shadow Assassins.

They were vigilantly monitoring without a blind spot, but they were still human.

There always existed a blind spot that they couldn't perceive.

Thunder Eye slipped into their blind spots.

And thus, as he infiltrated the Sol Family Pavilion, he sensed two presences subtly moving.

‘Blood Rain and Death Shadow.’

Thunder Eye instantly recognized their identities.

Just like he had secretly infiltrated the Sol Family Pavilion, they had also succeeded in scaling the wall.

What remained was finding Pyo Wol’s abode.

Thunder Eye didn’t know the layout of the Sol Family Pavilion.

Normally, he would have thoroughly studied the layout and made sure of the infiltration route before infiltrating. But he had run here in such a hurry that he had not been able to investigate the interior of the Sol Family Pavilion.

Even so, Thunder Eye was not particularly worried.

This wasn't his first time experiencing such a situation.

The interiors of places like the Sol Family Pavilion were usually very similar. And the owners' residences were usually located in similar places.

The largest and most splendid building in the compound.

And within that, the largest room would be the owner's quarters.

Although Pyo Wol was not the owner of the Sol Family Pavilion, once he was received, he would be staying in the owner's abode.

‘There it is!’

Thunder Eye swiftly found the building that seemed like a likely place for Pyo Wol to stay.

As if to prove his speculation, an unusually large number of Black Shadow Assassins were stationed around it.

His target was there.

The prey named Pyo Wol.


A deformed knife in the shape of a crescent moon was drawn from his waist.

It was a poisonous weapon, the Thunder King Blade.

With the Thunder King Blade in his hand, thunder Eye crept into the building.

At the same time, Blood Rain and Death Shadow also moved.

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