Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 5


Shirone kept quiet about what had happened in the city.

It was not a simple matter. Because once he brought it up, he would have had to tell them about what happened at the magic academy.

Shirone thought back to the incredible experiences that day brought forth.

Whether it was a blessing or a misfortune, it was clear that since he had crossed the line, there was no going back.

Geniuses know if they are a genius, and Shirone had more or less realized that he was a bit different from others since he was young.

And although he had never felt superior, his desire to overcome limitations was stronger than anyone else.

But he couldn't reveal it.

His parents were the most precious things in the world to Shirone, and he didn't want to burden them with such things, as despite the fact they were poor, they never forced him to go through a hopeless path.

And due to that, daily life didn't change.

He helped his mom with housework and went to the nearby forest to cut down trees.

However, Shirone now spent most of his time meditating, not wielding an axe.

Every single day since the awakening, Shirone had been secretly training the Spirit Zone.

Thanks to this, by the time a month had passed, Shirone managed to cut down the time it took him to enter the Spirit Zone.

There were some parts that were not as easy as he thought.

No matter how familiar he was with the Spirit Zone, he could not reproduce the magic from the alley.

'It's to be expected.'

He only subconsciously managed to do it due to his instincts kicking in.

So even if a similar situation were to occur, and the same emotions were to surge forth again, he knew it'd be difficult to do it while being aware of it.

'If I want to rationally cast magic, I'll have to skip over insight and instead learn the middle process to know everything!'

But there was no information available to Shirone, who had not formally learned magic.

Instead, he focused on digging into the Spirit Zone which was the only thing he could do.

When he finished meditating, he practiced the Thunder Strike.

Unlike the first time, the success rate dropped as he began to be conscious of the skill.

'The power of insight is incredible!'

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