Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 2


“I'll try again.”

Vincent stepped back, but Shirone remained motionless and observed the dented spot on the tree.

Vincent, who briefly thought he might just be goofing off, shook his head to dismiss the thought.

'He's not the kind of kid who would play cheap tricks on his parents.'

He waited, holding back his impatience, but Shirone made no move to continue.

'What in the world is he looking at? When it comes to chopping down trees, using your body instead of your head is much more important. Come on, pick up the axe, Shirone. You just have to hit the tree as hard as you can.'

Contrary to Vincent's restlessness, Shirone felt a light tremor travel through his body.

“I see.”

Hit the same spot, but with a slight twist to the angle.

It was complicated to explain the principles, but it was probably one of the oldest realizations in human history.

And that realization was evolving into a more powerful form in Shirone's understanding.

'I think it'll work. Hit here, like this.'

Finally, Shirone pointed to the base of the tree, where he made the dent.



“Should I break it in one hit?”

“Hahaha! You're not even halfway through yet. Do you think it'll break with one swing?”

“With a bit of luck, who knows? It might work.”

Of course, an experienced lumberjack could break a tree in only a few hits by targeting the vulnerable part of the tree.

“Alright! Let's trust my son's luck!”

Regardless, Vincent went along with whatever his son had in mind.

That was because he was proud of Shirone's ambition, regardless of whether he did it right or wrong.

“If I break this, please grant me a wish.”

“A wish?”

Vincent was anxious.

'What if he says that he wants to study? What if he asks me to send him to an academy like the nobles?”

“Take me to the city with you this time.”

To be honest, his request frightened Vincent out of his wits. However, he didn't reveal it in his expression and laughed back.

“If it's just that, then that's not too hard! I'll grant this wish of yours!”

Shirone smiled while holding up his axe.

Then, after a while, the smile disappeared from his lips. Vincent felt a little appalled.

The sight of Shirone staring at the tree was eerie. It seemed as if he was looking at something only he could see.

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