IBRV (Novel) Chapter 82

C 82

"Is this something that will happen in the future?"

"It's happening right now, but not much yet. So..."

"Do you mean it will go to market soon?"

Nelia Zardan smiled confidently.

"I will take responsibility and block its distribution."


"She is the leader of the Jardan Merchant Guild, the highest in the Empire."

Feeling my confusion, Erno Etham added an explanation.

Oh, not luxurious, but I heard there are many metal accessories or jewelry that look expensive...

I thought I knew what Nelia Zardan's "greed" was. She smiled arrogantly and unfolded her fan.

"But without even asking me...?"

I thought they were going to interrogate me or something.

"...You won't ask...?"

"Eh? What should I ask?"

"For some reason..."

Nelia Zardan looked at me and burst into laughter.

She laughed for a long time because it was so funny, and finally even wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

"...Sister Nelia."

Erno Etham's voice turned cold.

"No, it's adorable. Oh my god. In what part of the world does such a family matriarch exist? Both my father and my late grandfather were Pharisees. I didn't ask why, so why are you so sad?"

Nelia looked at me and started laughing again.

Now I'm a little scared. Because I'm not funny at all.

"Eirin, the orders of the head of the Etham family are absolute for both the direct and collateral lines. And... my father used to throw crystal ashtrays if you had any doubts."

Charniel leaned in as if sharing a secret and whispered quietly.

When I widened my eyes in response to the unexpected words, Duke Miriel raised his eyes fiercely and looked at Charniel.

"Shameless immoral bastards, won't you keep your mouths shut?"


Charniel shrugged and closed his mouth again.

"Yes, since our matriarch is so eager, I have to ask. What is that drink?"

"It's an addictive drug."


"Yes, it tastes delicious at first. The price is cheap, and you can buy and drink it whenever you want."

My words silenced the audience.

Everyone listened to me with serious expressions. It was a very strange feeling.

"It has a mildly addictive taste, so you'll end up drinking it as a habit later, and when it becomes famous, it will also spread to noble servants."

Nelia's eyebrows furrowed as she heard my words.

When I turned my head, Duke Miriel, with his arms crossed, was also silently listening to me.

"Then, it will spread instantly in aristocratic society."

"I suppose so."

Dad nodded slightly. Hearing his voice made me feel more at ease.

It was incredible that no one was ignoring me.

It's really like a dream.

It went to the point where I was frankly afraid that everything would come true just as I wished, or even more than I had hoped.

"In reality, at first, it's like a drink, and it's hard to doubt because you only remember it a little even if you don't drink it."

In response to my words, Charniel nodded.

"But as this common drink becomes scarcer, the price will skyrocket. That's where the problem comes in."

"There will be people who can't afford it."

"Yes. If you can't drink it for a week, withdrawal symptoms worsen, and you'll even have seizures."

When the drink is cheap, you can drink it whenever it comes to mind, but the moment the supply decreases, it becomes dangerous.

People would stock up after hearing information in advance or buy it for more money, and riots and even murders occurred when those who had leftovers faced those who hadn't drunk.

"How can I prevent it from circulating among the merchants? It might be a bit embarrassing if it's from the black market."

I nodded at Nelia Zardan's words.

However, Hill Rosemont would be there, so that would be enough.

"Then, when you drink that kind of water or beverage, dispose of it."


Charniel nodded.

"You too, be very careful. It would be better to find out a bit more about this matter and prepare for another meeting."

At Charniel's words, Duke Miriel nodded.

"Then let's finish here for today."

I nodded one last time, and everyone got up from their seats.

"May you be blessed forever."

Everyone bowed their heads.

"T-Thank you for your hard work."

As I nervously spoke, I heard a small voice from somewhere saying, "It's adorable."

The crowd quickly left the meeting room. Chronos Etham was the last to look at me and then turned away.

I remembered at that moment when I saw those cold eyes.

Who was Chronos Etham?


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