TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 5

 C 5



The moment Glenn flicked his fingers, the audience chamber shook a little.

The flow of mana, which used to resemble a calm lake, rapidly became choppy waves and a gigantic iron door rose from the floor.

The majestic iron door was large enough to almost reach the ceiling, and it was burning with golden flames.

“M-my lord?”

Roenn strained his eyes. That door was the Zieghart repository, which could only be summoned by the Lord of the House. It was the first time in ten years that Glenn had summoned that door.

“I shall return later.”

As Glenn raised his hand, the golden iron door opened smoothly.

He turned around to check the golden flames burning over the sword once more, before entering the repository.

The repository was heaped with innumerable treasures.

Elixirs and weapons of the highest level, gems that could buy a whole castle, and various books. They were treasures that could incite war throughout the continent should they be exposed.

Neither weapons nor gemstones, nor the neatly stacked elixirs that fervently revealed themselves attracted Glenn’s attention.

He went straight towards the large bookcase, deep within the repository.

The cylindrical bookcase shot up at the end of the repository as if it were a World Tree, and there were various books of all sorts on every shelf.


When Glenn lightly kicked the floor, his body began to rise into the air. He stepped through the air and headed towards the first shelf of the bookcase.

The first shelf was unlike the others, and only had two books.

He tried to grab and take the old and yellow book in front of him. However, the book was unmovable, as if pinned down by a boulder.

“It doesn’t move, as expected.”

Glenn clicked his tongue and took the red book right next to it.

The second book fell out smoothly, unlike the first one, and there was no problem reading it as it was preserved very well.

Tap tap.

Glenn was flipping through the book when his hands suddenly stopped.


He frowned as he read the words on the page.

“The aura of the first leader of Zieghart had a golden color like the sun, and its tremendous firepower was capable of melting Devildom’s flames…”

Glenn closed his eyes, recalling the golden flame that Raon summoned.

“Golden mana, golden flame.”

Yellow aura wasn’t uncommon. But there was only one occurrence of mana with a dark gold color throughout the history of Zieghart.

“Raon, what on earth…?”


* * *


“Mommy is sorry.”

As soon as Sylvia entered the annex building, she hugged Raon tighter than usual—to the point that it was difficult to breathe.

“It’s okay.”

Noticing Sylvia’s back trembling, Raon patted her shoulders.

‘I’m not sure yet.’

In his previous life, he didn’t know what emotions were.

He killed if he was asked to kill, he kidnapped if he was asked to kidnap, he stole if he was asked to steal. There were only relationships of order and obedience, a handler and a dog.

However, it was different now.

Sylvia, Helen, and the maids gave to him unconditionally, without anything in return.

It was the first life where he only received, so he couldn’t explain what type of emotion the tingling sensation that he was experiencing in his chest was.

But there was one thing he knew.

He didn’t want Sylvia or the maids to cry. Even if they couldn’t always smile, he didn’t want them to be sad.

‘I wouldn’t have felt anything if they had laughed at me, instead.’

However, the people at lord’s manor laughed at Sylvia.

The collaterals under the platform blatantly cackled, and the direct line on the platform frowned as if they were observing a hateful bug.

‘I will show them.’

Everyone who laughed at Sylvia would be taught a lesson. Their nasty behavior would be returned in full.




It was a sunny afternoon.

A young boy was sitting on the grass in the garden.

With his dark blonde hair fluttering in the wind, his facial features had a nearly perfect proportion, despite looking childlike.

If there was one flaw, it would’ve been the way his pale face suggested his poor health.


The boy, who had stayed seated for a long time with his eyes closed, finally opened his eyes.

‘I’m about to have three rings of fire.’

Raon smiled slightly. He had already grown enough to be called a young boy, rather than a child.

‘It has already been seven years.’

Seven years had passed since the first Judgment Ceremony, and he was now twelve years old.

Thanks to his regular training, the two rings of fire were about to become three.

‘It’s a bit sad.’

If the ice wasn’t spread throughout his body, he would’ve already gotten three stars. But training alongside the ice inevitably slowed down his progress.

Still, it wasn’t all in vain.

‘Status window.’

He thought the now-familiar words to himself.



Name: Raon Zieghart

Title: None

State:  Curse of Frost (Nine Strands), Poor Stamina, Decline in Athletic Ability, Decline in Mana Affinity

Trait: ???, Ring of Fire (Two-Stars), Water Resistance (Two-Stars)

*Additional Abilities have not been unlocked.


His water resistance had reached two stars, and the symptoms of his hand and feet becoming stiff had vanished once the ‘Cold Body’ disappeared from ‘state’.

It was still difficult to move his body because of his other constitutions, but the problem would be solved naturally once the Ring of Fire reached a higher star rating.


Raon closed the status window and stood up on the grass.

‘I need to start physical training now…’

Sylvia and the maids worried less now since he didn’t get cold as easily, but they would always stop him whenever he tried to move his body.

Since physical training was necessary to reach the higher star of Ring of Fire, he needed to find a way to train without hiding.

‘Is there any way that I can train openly?’

He could force it, but it was difficult to go against Sylvia. Even though she didn’t give him any orders, he had no choice but to obey her.

“Young master!”


* * *


While he was pondering what to do, Helen came running out of the annex building.

“What are you doing? We must participate in the Judgment Ceremony! You are just like milady.”

“Ah, that’s true.”

Except for those who were outside or were on a mission, everyone had to participate in the Judgment Ceremony, so he wasn’t an exception.

“I’m gonna have to see those annoying stuffed-shirts again.”

He was blatantly laughed at again at the second Judgment Ceremony a few years before. It was obvious that they would spout incomprehensible nonsense about ‘cowards’ or ‘fugitives’ again.

“Y-Young master, please keep your voice down…”

Helen put her finger to her lip while looking around.

“Because there might be other people listening?”

“The eyes and ears are already open inside this household.”

“You worry too much, but alright.”

With a tut, Raon went back inside the annex building, where Sylvia was waiting in full dress.

“You can rest in the room if you’re tired. Mommy can go on her own.”

Sylvia, who had a bit more wrinkles around her eyes, stroked his head.

“It’s okay.”

Raon shook his head and went into the room.

‘I need to check how the people who laughed at us have changed.’

For an assassin, observing one’s target’s changes was the top-most priority.

Raon gladly decided to participate in the Judgment Ceremony.


* * *


Along with Sylvia and Helen, Raon entered the audience chamber where the Judgment Ceremony was held.

“He’s still short.”

“He’s so skinny. If you didn’t see his golden hair and red eyes, you’d believe that he’s from another family.”

“That handsome appearance is the only thing he has that befits Zieghart.”

“His pale face doesn’t look that handsome, though?”

It was as expected. Just as always, those of the direct line ignored him as if they had no interest in him, and the collaterals were whispering sarcastically.

‘It’s a relief.’

They were still laughing at him and Sylvia. He felt rather satisfied at their unchanging attitude.

‘Joanna, Henry, Denier…’

Looking around from top to bottom of the platform, he reiterated the names of direct line and collaterals.

Lord Glenn Zieghart entered after about thirty minutes of waiting, sitting at the backmost seat under the platform.

He was as dignified as seven years ago. No, he was even more dignified than before. Glenn went to the platform and began the Judgment Ceremony.

Because there were only children from collaterals and vassals who went through the Judgment Ceremony this time, the ceremony didn’t even last three hours.

He ignored the mocking words that he heard, comparing him with the collateral children with high mana purity.

“Today’s Judgment Ceremony is now over. Thank you for…”


Glenn raised his hand to interrupt the moderator, who was about to announce the end of the ceremony.

“Raon Zieghart.”

The gaze directed at Raon for the first time was that of an absolute being, one who sat on the throne to overlook the world.

The room fell silent, and everyone’s attention fixated on him.


Raon swallowed. He was confused because he didn’t think he was going to be called.

“My… My lord?”


Sylvia shook her head in panic, and Helen held her hand tightly.

“You must’ve received the order to participate in the basic training, as a member of the family. Why have you not responded when it’s already been a month?”

‘Participating in the basic training?’

He had never received such a thing. When he looked next to him, he saw Sylvia biting her lips. She must have known.

“My… My lord. Raon is different from other children. He still has ice in his body…”

“There is no exception nor refusal for one who has received the name of Zieghart.”

“He has difficulties walking normally. He won’t be able to handle the training.”

Sylvia firmly shook her head.

“If you can’t walk, then crawl and train. That is Zieghart.”

Resting his chin on his right hand, Glenn closed his eyes.

“I… I can’t accept it. No, please give me some time…”

“If you can’t accept it, are you going to run away once again? Along with that child?”


He could feel Sylvia’s hand getting wet, as she was grabbing his right hand.

“In this land, you can only live as a Zieghart. If you don’t like it, then get out.”

Glenn’s voice was cold, as if they weren’t related by blood.

“Isn’t she going to run away again at this rate?”

“That's going to be amusing, but she doesn’t have an energy center nor a mana circuit to break anymore.”

“To think such a person is from the direct line, tut tut.” 


Observing Sylvia, Glenn, and everyone in the room, Raon calmed down his glare.

‘I get it now.’

He could understand the reason Sylvia received this kind of treatment, despite being from the direct line. The reason that she was looked down upon by not only the direct line but also the collateral…

‘It’s because she left the household.’

She didn’t have an aura, despite having learned martial arts. That meant that she had either broken her energy center, or had never learned to use aura, and the former appeared to be the case.

She must have broken her energy center and her mana circuit and left the household, where she met Father and married him.

‘And she must have returned reluctantly because Father died after she got pregnant with me.’

It was understandable.

Because she threw away her position in the direct line and came back, she received inferior treatment than a member of the collateral line.


That was other people’s point of view, and their circumstances. As Sylvia’s son, Raon couldn’t bear her treatment.


Raon released Sylvia’s hand and took a step forward.

“Y-Young master!”

“Raon, Mommy will take care of it…”

“It’s okay.”

After shaking his head at them, he stood in front of Glenn.

“My lord, I will participate in the training starting next month, as you have commanded.”

Facing his gaze, which looked like he was looking at a bug rather than his grandson, Raon lowered his head.

“But you didn’t even know that there was training.”

Glenn’s third son, Uncle Denier Zieghart, spoke. He was the only person among the direct line who looked apologetic.


“Despite what it is called, basic training isn’t on a level that a patient can manage. You should withdraw for now.”

“It’s alright.”

Raon looked at Glenn, instead of Denier.

“I’ve received the name Zieghart, so I shall pay for it. I will participate in training.”

Because his resolute voice wasn’t befitting a child, people’s gazes changed.

They seemed to recognize him as a small pebble, but that was enough for now.

He had the experience of becoming the greatest assassin, starting as a hunting dog at the rock bottom, and he could use the legendary Ring of Fire.

Becoming the best in the household wasn’t an impossible feat, not if he made use of his abilities.

His revenge would be delayed? No. This way could end up being quicker.

Raon clenched his small fist.

‘I will show you how hard the pebble that you look down on is.’

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