TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 348

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 348

 Raon gulped down the dry saliva, fearing that the sound of his throat moving might give him away. His extreme tension caused his throat to move involuntarily.

'Not yet...'

He hadn't been discovered yet.

If Derus Robert had figured him out, he would have already moved and appeared right in front of him.

Even now, looking at him floating in the sky, it was clear he hadn't noticed him yet.

That's right.

Wrath looked up and squinted his eyes.

He's arrived here and is only gazing at the collapsed dungeon. He hasn't found you yet. Of course, if you make a careless move, he'll notice you right away.


Raon nodded with trembling lips.

'I know.'

He had swum horizontally from the lowest level of the dungeon to reach this place, deep beneath the sea. Even for Derus, it would be difficult to pinpoint his exact location, given the distance from the mainland.

'This scent... It's been a while.'

The scent of death he had felt when his life was on the line in his past life tickled his nose. But unlike back then when there was no way out, now he had a lifeline.

Raon slowly raised his head, his throat feeling tight. He could see something like a dot in the distant sky.

'Derus Robert.'

If he concentrated on his eyes, he might be able to see it clearly, but doing so would risk getting caught and held hostage.

'Don't panic.'


Raon clenched his fist with cold hands.

'Let's assess the situation first.'

Not having his sword with him was almost like a matter of life and death. He needed to think about what was advantageous and disadvantageous first.

'What's advantageous for me is that he doesn't know where I am.'

Currently, he was right above the deep sea. In terms of depth and distance, it was difficult to discover his location.

'I've prepared in advance.'

Before Derus arrived, he had dyed his hair and changed the color of his irises again. He had also resonated the Ring of Fire to minimize his presence and used Glacier to create a sensation similar to water.

Unless someone looked closely, they would likely think he was just a fish or seaweed underwater.

On the other hand, Derus was clearly revealing his emotions. The fact that he had discovered him first was thanks to that.

Raon had expected Derus to use the dimensional gateway, but he had arrived here much faster than he had anticipated.

He must have become stronger, but it also meant he didn't hold back his power.

'In other words, he's so angry that he's lost his reason.'

He was still focused on the collapsed dungeon, consumed by anger, narrowing his field of vision.

Raon exerted strength in his trembling arms.

'Of course, that's a serious problem...'

If Derus Robert's senses were not directed downward but spread throughout this entire area, no matter how well he concealed himself, he would be exposed.

'That's why...'

The biggest problem was Derus's sensory perception.

He was a transcendent being who surpassed even the Grandmaster, possessing power comparable to Glenn.

If he spread his sensory perception below rather than above, it would be impossible to avoid detection, no matter how well he hid.

'I have to hold out until he comes up...'

He had prepared for the possibility of meeting Derus, so he had made preparations before breaking the dungeon. He had to endure somehow until he showed up.

'There's not much time left...'

I don't know what preparations you've made, but it looks like you are having a hard time.

Wrath chuckled and pointed beneath Derus with his round hand. A faint aura began to take shape and extend.


Raon clenched his inner cheek.

'He's opened his sensory perception in all directions!'

It seemed like the worst-case scenario he had anticipated had come true. Derus had spread his sensory perception not just around the collapsed dungeon but throughout the entire sea and land.

'That psycho!'

In this desperate situation, instead of thoroughly exploring the area where the dungeon was, he was trying to comprehend everything, further emphasizing how far removed he was from a normal human being.

If his anger hadn't narrowed his field of vision, he might have been discovered as soon as he arrived.

'And it's fast.'

The speed at which his sensory perception was spreading, typical of a transcendent being, was abnormally fast.

Even as he detected the land, the sea, and even the sky, his speed did not diminish.


Raon's heart felt like it would burst out of his chest as he tightly clenched his chest, shaking.

'At this rate, I won't make it in time.'

Even if what he had prepared came out now, he would be discovered by Derus first. If things continued like this, getting caught by him was only a matter of time.

'Damn it...'

Suddenly, Derus's sensory perception had approached not just where the dungeon was but almost to his location. The intense presence emanating from the blue aura made his shoulders shiver.

As the aura drew closer, it felt like a chilling blade was piercing his heart. Even though he was underwater, it seemed like cold sweat was running down his entire body.

Shall I hide you?

Wrath reached out with a sly grin.

'Hide me?'

That's right. With my ability, I can save you from that.

To save me.

It wasn't like that. To survive, he needed to trust his own judgment not Wrath.

However, there was a bit of a time crunch. He needed that guy's help.

'It won't be free, will it?'

You're quick with calculations, as expected. If you accept 10 points of Wrath every 10 seconds, I can help you escape from that sensory perception.

Wrath gestured as if to make a quick decision.

'10 points of Wrath every 10 seconds...'

It wasn't about running away; hiding meant he couldn't leave this spot. Essentially, if Derus continued to stay above, he would have to endure an enormous amount of Wrath.

Raon felt Derus's aura approaching very close.

'He'll be up in a minute. Just until then...'

The opportunity to leave this place was coming soon. Until then, he had to endure no matter what.


He closed his eyes and grabbed Wrath's hand.

Good choice!

The youthful laughter in Wrath's voice was heard as his body and soul melted into the sea. It felt like he had become one with the ocean.


Less than 0.1 seconds after he held Wrath's hand, Derus's sensory perception passed by like a fleeting shadow.

A spine-chilling sensation as if a knife were piercing his spine. However, Derus seemed to feel nothing and only expanded the range of his sensory perception.

'I wasn't detected...'

Wrath's confidence was genuine. His ability had the power to evade Derus's sensory perception.

It's called the <Veil of Serenity> skill. If he had probed more thoroughly, it could have been dangerous, but he is focusing on speed and range, there were some gaps.

He gazed at Derus and smirked.

This is the Lord of Wrath and the King of the Abyss. The power of Lord Wrath. From now on, you shall follow the King as well.

Wrath chuckled and danced on his shoulders.

[Wrath has increased by 10.]

When he breathed a sigh of relief, a message appeared before his eyes. Giving Wrath immediately after 10 seconds had passed, this guy was like a sharp knife in this regard.

At this rate, I might devour your physical body, don't you think?

'It won't come to that.'

Raon turned Wrath's joyous face towards him and frowned as he looked back.

'He won't stop.'

Derus's sensory perception spread endlessly. It seemed like he wanted to confirm everything in this sea.

[Wrath has increased by 10.]

Ten more seconds had passed.

Derus's sensory perception had finally stopped. However, this wasn't necessarily good news.


Raon looked at the dense blue light spreading from under Derus' feet and sealed his mouth.

'That lunatic!'

The guy had extended his sensory perception quickly, blocked any potential movements, and then unfolded a second sensory perception that was slower but more detailed, confirming everything in this sea.


Wrath watched this and smacked his lips.

Oh, I guess we'll be found out, huh?"


Right now, in my spirit state, it's hard to use my original power...

The guy shook his head, saying this was his limit.

'You are a Demon King! Use your power!'

Where would the power come from when you're always sucking up my abilities?

'Damn it...'

Seeing that time was passing without sending anger, it seemed that even Wrath was flustered.

Raon looked not at Wrath but at the location where the collapsed dungeon was. Bubbles started to rise along with small particles of dust.

His grip tightened. The awaited relief had arrived.

If you don't want to die, surrender yourself to the King. After all, there's no one on your side here!

'I refuse.'

The moment you're detected, you'll be in his hands!

Raon shook his head and smiled faintly.

'It'll be fine.'

What are you...

'It's here.'

Just before Derus's second sensory perception touched his skin, an enormous cloud of dust erupted from the location where the dungeon had sunk.


The emerald sea turned into muddy water in an instant, as if a volcano had erupted.

What is that...

Wrath widened his eyes as he saw this.

'Valley turbidity.'


When you move in a dungeon, the mud that has settled at the bottom rises and the water becomes muddy.

He used Yeomhaemugyeol (flame breaker) to ruthlessly cleave and destroy the massive dungeon, causing the dust and dirt that had settled on the floor to rise and fill the sea.


As the dirt and dust thickened, Derus's sensory perception rapidly diminished, concentrating towards the sunken side of the dungeon.

"Damn it!"

Derus, who had been floating in the air, yelled in frustration as he plunged into the water.

His normally calm and composed face twisted mercilessly. Even in this situation where he might die at any moment, Raon couldn't help but laugh when he saw the expression of Derus, filled with a rage that he had never seen in his past life or present life.

Huh? What's this!

"I told you. It's fine."

Raon released Wrath's bewildered hand and took a slow deep breath.

'Don't move frantically.'

If he relaxed even a little, Derus might catch up from below. Suppressing the desire to look back, he moved as quietly as possible.

Thi-this insane...

Wrath had his mouth agape.

Di-did you predict this far too?

"It's not a prediction, it's preparation."

Raon nodded.

"I didn't want to get caught again."

This preparation was made with the possibility of meeting Derus in mind. Of course, if Wrath hadn't helped, he would have died.

That's why you break it into such small pieces, then? To lift the sunken dirt from below?

"That's right."

Because he had been kidnapped by Merlin, he had prepared for the possibility. With Wrath's help, he hadn't bought much time, but if he hadn't prepared for this, he would have died.

Where are we going now?

"He'll definitely not come here."

Raon smiled slyly and pointed to the east. It was a direction where Derus would never go. Towards the house Robert.

Using dirt and dust, and even thinking about where to escape in advance...

Wrath shook his head in disbelief.

I really want to tear your head off and study it.

'I want to do it as well…'

What had gotten into his head that he just kept talking about food all the time? Maybe instead of a brain, there was ice cream inside.

Ah, and...


Well, the King was a little flustered, so I couldn't give you 30 more Wrath points. I can still…

"Oh, there's no such thing."

Raon waved his hand.

"Carriages that have passed by don't stop."

What nonsense! If I raise your Wrath points, you can't stop the…

"I'll just step on your hand and keep going. That's it."

He laughed and raised his hand.

"An extra 30 Wrath points won't make any difference."

With recent significant growth, an additional 30 Wrath points were meaningless. In fact, it would make it easier to use Eye of Wrath, so it would be a big help.

"Now I can finally breathe."

As Raon engaged in a somewhat senseless conversation with Wrath, he felt a sense of relief that he had escaped from Derus's grip.

Trying to take deep breaths to expand his compressed lungs, a message suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Skill Acquired <Veil of Serenity>.]

What... what is this?

Wrath's mouth dropped open in astonishment when he saw the message.

Why are you giving him this suddenly? Why the Veil of Serenity?

There was no one around to hear the commotion Wrath was making, as the sea was too loud with its crashing waves, filled with anger.

Wrath didn't respond, just stared with wide-open eyes, then raised his hand.

Hey! Raon is here! I have Raon Zieghart here! Catch hiiiiiiiim!!

Wrath was shouting so loudly that the sea roared with the waves, but of course, there was no one around who could hear him.

"This is great," Raon thought. "I'll make good use of this."

Raon swam to house Robert's estate, which was a resort area, while wearing clothes he had prepared underwater. With many tourists around, no one paid much attention to him.


Raon sighed deeply as he floated on the water. His body ached all over, and he felt like his skin had shrunk, perhaps from narrowly escaping a life-threatening situation.

'I almost died.'

He was overwhelmed by a sense of relief that he had managed to survive, and exhaustion washed over him.

Lucky bastard...

Wrath murmured.

I should have just taken his body from the start!

Wrath felt weak for a moment after seeing Raon's dream. His hands trembled with regret that he should have taken Raon body from the start.

"Take 30 of my anger!"

No. I don't want it.

Raon waved his hand. It was all over now. He could handle 30, but 60 might be too much. He didn't need it since he had the Veil of Serenity.

'It's quite comfortable.'

Maybe it was because everything was finally over. He felt drowsy, as if he could fall asleep at any moment. He closed his eyes slightly.


Huge waves suddenly surged from the eastern coast where the dungeon was located. It wasn't natural; it was the aftermath of Derus's temper tantrum from the depths.


Raon brushed his wet hair back and burst into laughter.

"I want to see that face again."

As he recalled the contorted expression on Derus's face that he had seen when he entered the depths, Raon couldn't help but smile.

"He probably didn't find anything."

Except for the assassins who had died when the ceiling collapsed, all the others' corpses had been erased. What Derus would find scouring the depths would be nothing but piles of rocks and corpses.

You evil bastard. You won't die so easily...

"Shall we eat something?"


Wrath, who was cursing, nodded quickly

Raon chuckled and walked out of the beachside restaurant to the outdoor table that Wrath had mentioned earlier.


A young waiter greeted them with a bright smile and brought over the menu.

"Our restaurant, 'Sea House,' is not only known for seafood but also for our meat dishes..."

As he opened the menu, the waiter began his speech.

Even though they're good at meat dishes, you won't order them all, so let's order lobster pizza first, grilled shrimp, and…”

Wrath chose the pizza at the top of the menu while savoring the options.

"I'll have everything on the menu."

Raon swept all the dishes on the menu with a smile.


"Excuse me, everything? Are you not alone?”

"I can finish it all, and a glass of beer, please."

After placing the order, Raon gave a silver coin as a tip to the waiter.

"Sure thing!"

The waiter grinned and rushed back into the restaurant.

What's going on? Is the sun rising from the west tomorrow? Ordering all those dishes!

Wrath raised an eyebrow, finding it unbelievable.

"I told you I'd buy whatever you wanted to eat."

The words Wrath had spoken in the dungeon still resonated in Raon's heart. Just as Sylvia often expressed her gratitude, it was only right to repay kindness given.

"Let's start with the beer. The dishes will come out one by one shortly!"

The waiter placed a glass of beer on the table and then disappeared inside.

Alcohol? Are you drinking in broad daylight?

"Today, I feel like having a drink."

In the distance, amidst the rough waves crashing, it seemed like Derus' enraged screams echoed through.

Raon raised his beer glass toward the rough waves.

"I've accomplished one revenge."

To the nameless friend, may you rest in peace.

Raon drank beer while praying for the soul of the 9th.


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