RDM (Novel) Chapter 514

 C 514

"So he made it, didn't he?"

"It appears so."

"I see."

Upon hearing Pyo Wol's response, Do Yeonsan nodded, a look of 'I knew it' on his face.

It was the same for Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo.

None of them were surprised when they heard the news that Chae Mu-ok had left for the Silver Lotus Hall after acquiring Gomujin.

They had always known that one day, Chae Mu-ok would depart.

What surprised them was that he had managed to get Gomujin.

The three of them also heard the sounds of turmoil coming from outside. However, they feared getting swept into the trouble and forced themselves to sleep.

They were not like Chae Mu-ok, who had just stepped into Kangho, nor were they the type to foolishly involve themselves in unreasonable affairs based on sheer courage alone.

Although they regretted not being able to say goodbye to Chae Mu-ok, they were not sad because they knew that if they stayed in Kangho, their paths would cross again one day.

"So, Brother Mu-ok is now part of the Silver Lotus Sect?"

"It seems so."

"The door to hardship has opened."

"But it's a path he chose."


Do Yeonsan nodded.

To enter the Silver Lotus Hall was to prepare to fight at the forefront of the great Kangho War.

They wouldn't utilize an unproven novice.

Even if he was the benefactor who had found Gomujin, who was a key figure in the Silver Lotus Hall.

The Silver Lotus Hall and the clans supporting them would want Chae Mu-ok to prove himself.

There was only one way a martial artist could validate their worth.

That was to demonstrate their martial prowess and capabilities on the battlefield.

A relatively unknown martial artist like Chae Mu-ok would be thrust onto the front lines.

If he survived, he would gain great fame, but if he didn't, he would be forgotten, remembered by no one.

Nevertheless, it was the path Chae Mu-ok had chosen.

Since he had already made up his mind and left, there was no point in the rest of them discussing it any further.

Just then, Hong Ye-seol walked down into the dining hall.

"Why the long faces?"

Hong Ye-seol slipped casually into the seat next to Pyo Wol's.

"Brother Mu-ok has left."

"Ah, that..."

At Nam Shin-woo's response, Hong Ye-seol gave a nod as if she had just realized.

She too had received a report from Sal-no.

"But he left safely, didn't he?"


"Well, then that's all that matters!"


Nam Shin-woo agreed with her sentiment.

In Kangho, it's common to form new bonds and also to part ways.

Not everyone does well, and it's extremely rare to travel with the same companions to the end.

Chae Mu-ok was no exception.

From the beginning, they were headed on different paths.

Now that the time of their connection had ended, all they could do was wish him well.

The six continued their meal as usual.

The Unmado Riverboat would be leaving soon.

They needed to finish their meal quickly and load their horses and carriage onto the boat.

If they missed today's departure, they would have to wait another day, so they had to hurry their preparations.

As they were enjoying their meal...


Suddenly, someone flung open the doors of the guesthouse.

The woman who stepped in, scanning the interior with cold eyes, was none other than Lee Chu-su.

Following her were the Ice-Flame twins and the patrol unit.

Lee Chu-su walked straight to the table where Pyo Wol and his companions were eating.

Do Yeonsan looked up at her.

"What's the matter?"

"You're one short."

"What do you mean?"

"Weren't you one more yesterday?"


"Yesterday there were seven of you, but today there are only six. So where did the seventh person go?"

Do Yeonsan furrowed his brows.

Lee Chu-su's words were crossing a line.

Do Yeonsan put down his chopsticks and replied.

"He had something to take care of and left."

"Where to?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

At Do Yeonsan's response, Lee Chu-su's eyes turned fierce. However, Do Yeonsan, who was looking straight at her, appeared quite calm.

Do Yeonsan shrugged.

"I said, I don't know."

"How can you not know?"

"It's possible that I don't know."

"Dare you make a fool of me?"


Lee Chu-su slammed her palm onto the table, sending the food on the table flying everywhere.

Suddenly, Do Yeonsan's gaze changed too.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"You better not think about deceiving me. Where is he? The one who was with you yesterday. If you refuse to tell me, I will take everyone here to the Golden Heavenly Hall."

"On what authority do you threaten to send us to Golden Heavenly Hall?"

"You saw yesterday. I am Lee Chu-su, the leader of the blood patrol unit. I have ample authority and standing to do so."

"This is the first time I'm hearing that the patrol unit has the authority to apprehend innocent people."

"Whether you accept it or not doesn't matter. Rest assured, the blood patrol unit indeed has that power."

Lee Chu-su was confident.

No, beyond confident, she was arrogant.

The problem was that she had the power to back up her audacity.

As Lee Chu-su's voice escalated, the Ice-Flame twins and the Blood Patrol Unit behind her began to emanate a threatening aura.

"Damn it!"

"What's happening?"

"Let's get out of here quickly."

The other guests, who were eating, ran out in alarm.

They had watched Lee Chu-su and the Ice-Flame's brutality last night, and the fear they felt was considerable.

Fortunately, the blood patrol unit did not stop or catch the other guests.

A cold smile played on the corners of Lee Chu-su's lips.

Having no other guests was good for her too.

Even if Lee Chu-su and the Blood Patrol unit behaved recklessly, if their notoriety became too extreme, they could be reprimanded by the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Lee Chusu sat down at the table and began to speak.

"Last night, the person we were chasing escaped with someone's help. I suspect the helper was among you eating here."

"Do you have any evidence?"

"Huh! Evidence?"

Lee Chu-su's smile deepened.

"Move your fat ass."

Hong Ye-seol, who had been quiet until now, spoke up.


"I said move your dirty ass. You're disrespecting the table where we eat with your huge ass. With an ass as big as that of a water buffalo..."


"Did you not hear me? Looks like you're as deaf as you're ugly."

"You cheeky..."

Suddenly, Lee Chu-su's face turned red.

Her face, which seemed ready to explode at any moment, was full of humiliation and anger.

"Who do you think you are?"

"Blood Patrol Unit? That's not even funny. You're just a bunch of nobodies causing a ruckus. Do you think sticking together makes you something? You're nothing without the backing of the

Golden Heavenly Hall."

"How dare you insult the Golden Heavenly Hall?"

"It's not the Golden Heavenly Hall I'm insulting. It's you and the ones following you."

Hong Ye-seol pointed at Lee Chu-su and the patrol.

Suddenly, the blood patrol unit flared up.


"That bitch wants to die..."

Among them, the most enraged were the Ice-Flame twins, Jang Hwa-yong, and Bing Haran.

They marched towards Hong Ye-seol.

Lee Chu-su did not stop them.

She was as angry as they were. She could not just let go of Hong Ye-seol, who had dared to be so insolent to her. Her dignity was at stake.

She decided to leave the punishment of Hong Ye-seol to the Ice-Flame twins, and chose to focus her attention on Do Yeonsan, who acted just as arrogantly as Hong Ye-seol did.


Suddenly, she caught sight of Pyo Wol, who was silently eating.

While Hong Ye-seol was confronting the Ice-Flame twins and Do Yeonsan and the children were shooting hostile glances at her, Pyo Wol and Sal-no continued to eat undisturbed.

As if the unfolding chaos had nothing to do with them.

It was as if they existed in a separate world, detached from the rest.

Of these, the one she couldn't take her eyes off was Pyo Wol.

At first, she didn't even notice him, but once she did, she couldn't look away.

His face was ordinary.

It was because Pyo Wol had used the Bone Shaping Technique to change his face. But the

unique aura that emanated from him made it impossible for her to look away.

'The center of this group is this man.'

It was a woman's intuition.

She instinctively sensed the leader of the pack.

Lee Chu-su addressed Pyo Wol.

“What is your name?”

“Why do you ask?”

"Isn't it polite to address people by their full names before speaking to them?"

“Does one who knows manners start a quarrel without revealing their identity?”

“Weren't you here yesterday? So, you should know who I am?”

"This is different from a formal introduction. You may have learnt martial arts from a good master, but it seems that your master forgot to teach you manners".


Surprised by Pyo Wol's sharp retort, Lee Chu-su was at a loss for words. But it was only for a moment, as her face soon took on a murderous expression.

“How dare you insult my master.”

"You're the one who stained his face."

“You... unforgivable.”

Lee Chu-su's anger exploded.

Without further ado, she stretched out her white hand towards Pyo Wol.

She executed her signature move, the Heavenly Net Capturing Hand.

Once unleashed, even the sky itself could not escape from this supreme technique.


Her hand seemed to multiply into dozens, swooping down on Pyo Wol.

At that moment, Sal-no clicked his tongue.


He had intended to simply observe unless absolutely necessary. But Lee Chu-su's actions went beyond the tolerable limits.

Sal-no extended his hand.

“This old man is out of line...”

Lee Chu-su's eyebrows shot up.

She concentrated more energy into her hand.

She was about to snap Sal-no's fingers in an instant.


Their hands clashed in the air, followed by a gruesome sound of bones breaking.


The one who screamed was Lee Chu-su.

All the bones in her left hand, entangled with Sal-no's, were completely shattered.

Upon seeing her hand grotesquely twisted, Lee Chu-su's eyes rolled back in pain.

She had inflicted pain on others countless times, but this was the first time she had experienced it herself.


“Crazy old man...”

Seeing Lee Chu-su's fingers broken, the faces of the patrol turned pale and they rushed forward.


"So it comes to this."

"One should never disturb a dog while it's eating."

Do Yeonsan, Eun-yo, and Nam Shin-woo rose from their seats.

Hong Ye-seol was already exchanging blows with the Ice-Flame twins.

A fight was inevitable.

Do Yeonsan said,

"Let's settle everything before we board the ship."


"Got it."

Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo replied and launched themselves towards the patrol unit.

Do Yeonsan showcased the martial arts he inherited from Ghost King, Eun-yo displayed the absolute technique of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, and lastly, Nam Shin-woo demonstrated the martial arts he learned from Wind Saint.

Although their styles were different, the martial arts they had learnt were all of the highest calibre that commanded respect in Kangho.

No matter how notorious the Blood Patrol were, they were far inferior to the three of them in terms of martial arts prowess.


The trio swept through the blood patrol unit like a raging tidal wave.



Their trail was filled with the echoes of Patrol’s screams.

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