RDM (Novel) Chapter 502

 C 502

Naengsu was a city naturally formed at the mouth of the Naengsu Lake.

If you take a boat from Naengsu, you pass through Yueyang and enter Dongting Lake. From Dongting Lake, you can reach Poyang Lake in one go by following the Yangtze River.

Thus, many warriors flocked to Naengsu to reach Poyang Lake. Consequently, numerous martial art sects sent their people to Naengsu to identify and recruit the martial artists who wanted to enter Poyang Lake.

The fight between Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall was not a fight between right and wrong.

Neither side was clearly righteous, nor was the other clearly evil.

Those participating in the Kangho Great War thoroughly weighed how to maximize their gains.

The more successful a warrior was, the more prevalent this tendency became.

They also instinctively knew.

This Kangho Great War was their only chance to enhance their reputation.

They did not want to miss this opportunity.

Naengsu was swarming with those who targeted such people.

Especially at the entrance to Naengsu, such people were teeming.

In groups, they meticulously observed those entering Naengsu.

The entrance to Naengsu was shrouded in a suffocating atmosphere due to these warriors keeping each other in check.

Then it happened.

With the sound of horse hooves, a group of people appeared.

In an instant, everyone's attention was focused on them.

A group of horses and carriages came into view.

Three people on horseback, and two sitting on the coachman's seat and the roof of the carriage were visible.

Even at first glance, they were not ordinary people.


One could tell just by their momentum.

They were figures of the martial arts world.

Thus, they were targets for recruitment.

However, they did not approach rashly. The first priority was to find out their identities.

In Naengsu, there were people who specialized in such tasks.

"Stop for a moment."

Without anyone particularly directing them, a few warriors blocked the path of the newcomers.

"We are the warriors from Thunder Hawk Clan who are stationed in Naengsu."

"Thunder Hawk Clan?"

The visitors halted their horses and carriage.

Those who declared themselves as warriors of the Thunder Hawk Clan approached them. "You may not know, but we are managing Naengsu. We don't want people with unclear identities to come into Naengsu and cause confusion."


"If you wish to enter Naengsu, declare your identity. And swear you will not cause any trouble. Then you may enter."

To anyone listening, this sounded almost unreasonable.

A martial arts sect, not an official military, had no right to block the entrance of a city and interrogate.

It was possible because the world was in chaos.

The Thunder Hawk Clan asked the questions the watchers wanted, and received a considerable amount from them.

They profited enormously in a way that exceeded imagination.

Then, the person sitting on the roof of the carriage jumped down.

He took his position before the warriors of the Thunder Hawk Clan and introduced himself.

"My name is Chae Moo-Ok of the Four Suns Clan."

"The Four Suns Clan?"

"Are you talking about the Four Suns Clan from the three rivers region?"

At the murmurs of the Thunder Hawk Clan warriors, Chae Moo-ok smiled broadly and said,

"You know it well."

"You said you are Chae Moo-ok of the Four Suns Clan?"

"Yes, I am Chae Moo-ok."

"I think I've heard of you."

Fortunately, the Thunder Hawk Clan warrior knew somewhat about the Four Suns Clan. Thanks to this, Chae Moo-ok did not have to explain in detail.

"How is the leader?"

"He spends more time lying down due to serious injuries."

"Is that so?"

"May we enter now?"

"Who are the people with you?"

"They are... my companions."

"So they came from the Four Suns Clan too?"

The answer came from Sal-no's mouth.

"We came from the Three Blue Pavilion. We met master Chae Moo-ok on the way and came together."

"Three Blue Pavilion?"

The eyes of the martial artists shone.

Three Blue Pavillion was a sect located not too far from here. Although they did not have any exchanges with Thunder Hawk Clan, they had a general understanding of their internal affairs.

Their gazes fell on Pyo Wol, who stood up and greeted them.

"I am Jin So-myeong of the Three Blue Pavillion."

"Oh! You're a member of the three Blue Pavillion, Jin."


The Thunder Hawk Clan warriors closely observed Pyo Wol's face. However, they couldn't figure out his true identity from his appearance.

If they hadn't known anything about the three blue pavilion, they might have been more suspicious. However, because they had a rudimentary understanding of three blue pavilion, they did not doubt.

It was then that Chae Moo-ok asked the warriors of thunder hawk clan,

"But why are you asking so detailedly? Is there a problem?"

"No, there isn't."

The Thunder Hawk Clan martial artists stuttered a little.

They couldn't say they were doing this because they were getting paid by both Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall.

Moreover, if he was the heir to the Four Suns Clan, he would have formidable martial arts skills.

They had heard that the only reason the Four Suns Clan was still holding on was because of their heir, Chae Moo-ok.

Whether he would join the Golden Heavenly Hall, the Silver Lotus Hall, or some other sect, they didn't need to upset him any further.

Knowing his identity was enough for the Thunder Hawk Clan to have done their job.

Instead of further questioning, the warrior of Thunder Hawk Clan paid careful attention to the men on horseback.

One was an old man with a face full of black moles, another was a man of ordinary appearance. And even a boy who looked younger than him.

There didn't seem to be anyone noteworthy.

The Thunder Hawk Clan warrior said,

"We apologize for the inconvenience. Please, go in."

"Thank you."

Chae Moo-ok bowed to him, then signaled the people waiting behind.

"He said he was Chae Moo-ok of the Four Suns Clan?"

"He's known to be quite skilled in martial arts. If we could recruit him, it would certainly be a great help."

"We should recruit him on our side."

"Jin So-myeong of Three Blue Pavillion?"

"His martial arts skills are average, not worth recruiting."

"He looks as ordinary as he is."


The observers murmured among themselves.

They did not rashly approach Chae Moo-ok.

Some people showed great aversion to those who approached recklessly. In such cases, it would only backfire, so they had to be careful when approaching. So, today's plan was to find out where Chae Moo-ok and his group were staying, and then approach them carefully.


As they entered Naengsu, Chae Moo-ok let out a sigh of relief.

He looked at Sal-no and bowed.

"Thank you for bringing me here. Can the safe entry into Naengsu serve as my gratitude?"

"Hehe! Did you know?"

"I kind of figured it out."

"You're more perceptive than you look."

At Chae Moo-ok's words, Sal-no burst out laughing.

He had not expected that Chae Moo-ok would notice his intentions.

On the outside, he looked as naive as a bear, but in reality, he was a fox with a shrewd sense.

'That's what makes the world fun. It keeps you on your toes.'

Even someone who looked as naive as Chae Moo-Ok had the wit of a fox, and if he acted slightly naive, his identity would be exposed in no time.

Sal-no asked,

"Do you have a place to stay?"

"I'm planning to find a decent guest house."

"If you haven't decided yet, come with us. This is fate too, so we should at least share a drink,

shouldn't we?"

"Can... can I do that?"

"Hmph, of course."

"Then I'll be indebted to you."

Chae Moo-ok responded while scratching his head.

He wasn't sure he could safely reach Poyang Lake without Sal-no and his party. With his terrible sense of direction, if he were to go alone, he wouldn't know how many days he might lose wandering around aimlessly.

He wanted to stay with them, at least until they entered the Poyang lake.

Sal-no seemed to like Chae Moo-ok very much.

Chae Moo-ok was different from anyone Sal-no knew.

Most of the people Sal-no knew and was close to belonged to the Killer gates

Those who were in Killer gates couldn't be cheerful.

Living parasitically on the darker aspects of the world, their dispositions were naturally dark. No matter how bright a character, the moment they were incorporated into the killer gates, they were compelled to change drastically.

Spending time with such people, Sal-no found himself naturally drawn to a bright spirit like Chae Moo-ok.

"Over here, gentlemen. Please come this way."

"I Hyang-wol will take good care of you. Please come into our house."


The streets were filled with the laughter of prostitutes.

The men came to Naengsu with their pockets full, and the prostitutes set up brothels here to target those men's pockets.

With their laughter, they lured men to and from the streets.

The men who fell for their charms crossed the threshold of the brothel with excitement, and those who resisted the temptation went to a nearby guesthouse to drink.

Even though it was late in the evening, the streets were full of warm energy.

Pyo Wol and his party cut through the heated night air and headed for the guest house.

Most of the guesthouses in Naengsu were fully booked.

The unexpected prosperity made the owners of the guesthouses scream with joy. They charged the guests extra for renting out rooms.

Because of this, those who arrived late in Naengsu had no rooms left and had to wander around. However, such problems didn't occur for the group of Pyo Wol.

"This way, please."

Sal-no pointed towards an outbuilding, a grin on his face.

It was an annex attached to the guest house.

Even if one paid a high price, getting a separate building was almost impossible. Yet, Sal-no secured it effortlessly. No one knew how he managed to get it.

"How did you get the annex?"


Do Yeonsan couldn't contain his curiosity and asked, but all he got was a laugh in response.

Anyway, thanks to Sal-no, everyone comfortably secured a place to sleep, so no one complained.

After a quick unpacking in the outbuilding, they went out to the dining room on the main floor of the house to eat.

The first floor was bustling with people.

The restaurant was so full of customers that hardly any empty tables could be seen.

The group of Pyo Wol barely found an empty table and sat down around it.

Sal-no spoke to Chae Moo-ok, who was standing awkwardly.

"Sit down too."

"Can I join you?"

"You came with us, and now you're asking that?"

"Well, at that time......"

"Stop beating around the bush and sit down. We came together, would it be right to treat you so rudely? Relax and have a meal."

"Thank you."

Chae Moo-ok cautiously took a seat.

His gaze was fixed on Pyo Wol, who was sitting in the middle.

Pyo Wol was still relaxed. All Chae Moo-ok could see was Pyo Wol's ordinary face. It was a face that he wouldn't have given a second glance if he had passed him on the street. He still couldn't notice anything extraordinary about Pyo Wol. Yet, the reason he couldn't take his eyes off him was because of the reactions of Sal-no and the others around him.

Everything was happening with Pyo Wol's approval. The securing of the guesthouse, the movement of the group, everything was decided after getting Pyo Wol's consent. It indicated that Pyo Wol was at the center of the group.

'Who exactly is this man...'

While he didn't know about the others, Chae Moo-ok was sure that Sal-no was not an ordinary person.

The flow of energy, the atmosphere, the gaze.

None of them were ordinary.

At least, among the people Chae Moo-ok knew, there was no one who exudes such an atmosphere. Therefore, Chae Moo-ok was certain that Sal-no was not an ordinary person. Yet, even Sal-no was being very cautious around Pyo Wol.

Even someone without tact could see that Pyo Wol was treated as a superior. Therefore, he became more curious about Pyo Wol's identity.

'Jin So-myeong of the Three Blue Pavillion…’

Not knowing whether Pyo Wol noticed his intense gaze, Pyo Wol was quietly savoring the hot tea.


It was the moment Chae Moo-ok was about to speak to Pyo Wol.

"Master Chae Moo-ok!"

Suddenly, someone called out to Chae Moo-ok.

With a puzzled look on his face, Chae Moo-ok looked at the owner of the voice.

He was a man in his late thirties with a goatee like beard.

Chae Moo-ok looked at the middle-aged man with a puzzled expression.

"Um... are you talking to me?"

"Yes, master Chae Moo-ok!"

"Who are you?"

"Ah! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lee Joo-eun of Black Tooth Sect."

"Why is master Lee of Black Tooth Sect looking for me?"

"Actually, we want to recruit you to Black Tooth Sect."


Chae Moo-ok looked flabbergasted.

Seeing Chae Moo-ok's reaction, Lee Joo-eun lowered his voice and spoke with a subtle smile.

"Our Black Tooth Sect has a close relationship with the Golden Heavenly Hall. Joining our Black Tooth Sect is no different from joining Golden Heavenly Hall. What do you think? Joining our Black Tooth Sect."

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