IBRV (Novel) Chapter 48



Duke Collin's expression hardened slightly at Erno Etham's words. Duke Collin slowly opened his mouth.

"It's strange; there must be few people in the world who know this, except for me."

"There are many strange things."

Erno Etham responded clearly, with his legs crossed.

"Except when I deliberately reported... I think only the people who send uninvited guests to me every night know this."


"I have no choice but to have a reasonable doubt."

Erno Etham pretended to calmly tilt the teacup he had in his hand, then spun it and spilled it on the carpet.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Planning to assassinate a duke, have you thought about how far this could escalate?"

"You're saying dangerous things. When did I say that? Do you have any evidence?"

Erno Etham's measured questioning silenced Duke Collin.

There was no evidence.

The uninvited guests completely concealed their identities and carried nothing that would reveal their identities.

Even the daggers and items used were cheap, commonly sold by street vendors.

"...belief is also evidence."

"Oh, that's why there are always innocent criminals in the world."

Duke Collin clenched his fist at Erno Etham's matter-of-fact words.

Without proper evidence, it was impossible to pursue a succession candidate of a family.

"Fine, let's assume that's the case. So, why did you come here?"

"I'm here to collect what you stole."

Erno Etham said, slowly leaning his upper body forward.

[Who the hell ordered it? If it's a problem that can be resolved, let's talk!]

[Then why steal other people's things?]

Duke Collin's expression hardened even more at the sudden recollection.

"...No matter how careless I am, what kind of nonsense is this?"

He had no physical evidence, but he was sure.

He was completely sure he had found the person who had instigated the uninvited guests who had been harassing him for the past 10 days.

"I don't know what the hell I stole. But in a house with a wife and children, do you dare...?"

A fierce energy flowed around Duke Collin.

His sharp purple eyes looked at Erno Etham with anger.

"My daughter."


"Eirin, I heard you adopted her at will."


He furrowed his brow.

It was embarrassing to hear the name he had been searching for so long from someone he hadn't thought of.

"Why Eirin?"

"She's my daughter. You stole her on your own."

Duke Collin closed his mouth for a moment as if trying to grasp the situation.

He fell into a long silence, as if searching for something to say.

"Is Erno Etham's daughter?"

No, it couldn't be.

Erno Etham only had two children, and after his wife's death, he had no more heirs.

Duke Collin's last bit of patience snapped. He slightly discarded his courtesy.

"You'd better lie moderately. I have ears and eyes too. You have no more children except your two sons."

Erno Etham's eyes narrowed.

"Eirin wasn't even registered in the first place. That girl will grow up to be Richard's little sister."

"Then where is this Eirin?"

"She disappeared after being sold at an underground auction... Do you have her with you?"

The expression slowly faded from Erno Etham's face as well. He fell silent for a moment, then smiled faintly.

"Originally, she was a collateral family member's daughter, and I was supposed to adopt her, but someone snatched her away from me in the middle."

"Nonsense, this girl was in an orphanage with my son. If you were really going to adopt her, why was she in an orphanage far from the capital?"


"Even if what you say is true, I wonder if a social misfit like you, who lives solely for pleasure and self-interest, can raise a girl properly."

"I even received a kiss from my daughter."


Duke Collin asked back, looking as if he had suddenly received a punch to the back of his head after a wild swing.

"I decided to make that girl my daughter, and my daughter decided to make me her father. But Duke Collin, why are you needlessly interfering?"

"I haven't verified it myself or heard it, so I refrain from passing judgment on that statement."

Duke Collin turned his head.

"Her father? It's not even funny."

Erno Etham is a man who lives life solely for pleasure.

A person who throws away anything he's tired of, no matter how it ruins his life.

"Anyway, taking Eirin as a daughter must have been part of a scheme."

It was a famous anecdote that he committed all sorts of eccentricities to rebel against Duke Miriel.

"I'm sorry, but I don't trust you, and I don't believe you can raise a girl properly."

He stood up firmly from his seat.

"Keep trying to assassinate me, but it won't work."

"I wonder if you'd be able to say the same if your neck was on the line."

"Try it. I'm also quite curious about how Eirin will look after hearing that."

Erno Etham slowly lowered his eyes.

"I don't know if the girl really wants it, but if not, I'll complete the family registry sooner or later and officially adopt the girl."

Since the right to a child belongs to the person who has parental authority, if the family registry were withdrawn, Erno Etham would have no rights over Eirin.

"Do you know what's trendy these days among children?"

Erno Etham's fierce gaze reached Duke Collin. Duke Collin opened his mouth and looked at him coldly.

"It's trendy for kids to have other kids as pets."

Erno Etham furrowed his brow at that incredible absurd statement.

"So, you don't know."

Duke Collin openly laughed at him and walked away.

"I must serve Young Master Etham with respect, or I might die."

"Take care both day and night."

Goosebumps ran down Duke Collin's back at Erno Etham's words.

"...Did I provoke him too much?"

He rubbed his forehead with a slightly tired expression.

"Fortunately, she seems to be unharmed."

Maybe there's a reason why he couldn't be contacted.

"I have to tell Richard."

Duke Collin, thinking he needed to bring news to the depressed child, quickened his pace.


"Welcome, Young Master."

Erno Etham stopped in front of the carriage.

"Where are pets sold these days?"

"...Huh? Uh, in a pet store in the capital...?"

"Human ones?"


"Tsk, forget it."

Erno Etham clicked his tongue and got into the carriage.

It was just as the carriage was passing through the capital.

Erno Etham, who had been looking out the window, narrowed his eyes.

He lightly tapped the wall in the direction of the driver a couple of times, and the carriage slowly came to a stop.

"Yes, Young Master?"

"Bring that."


"Bring that."

He nodded.

At the end of his nod was a boy with an unusual appearance.

A young boy with fine, white hair that makes you wonder why he's sitting in an alley.

"Do you know this kid?"

"Well, maybe yes, maybe no."

Erno Etham said something meaningful. His power was familiar.

"Then why...?"

"I'll use him as a pet for my daughter."


"It's trendy."

"Ah, yes..."

The driver fell silent and decided to do what he was told.

This was because the thoughts of high-ranking people were completely unknown.

The carriage carrying the boy who was huddled on the floor moved quickly again and headed towards the Etham family.


"...What is this...?"

I stupidly stared at what they had thrown in front of me. A familiar face protruded from the sack.


The boy protruding from the sack laughed, his mouth slightly open.

It was obvious to anyone that he had been deliberately caught.

The blue eyes and contrasting white hair...


Why is he here?!

"It's a pet."


"It's trendy these days."

Erno Etham said with a somewhat proud voice.

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