TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 313

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C 313

 The third prince took them to the Training Grounds. However, it wasn't just an ordinary training ground; it was the place where the elite knights, the Silver Knights, who were the deadliest assault force in the Owen Kingdom, trained.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the Silver Knights.

'They're sharp enough to send chills down my spine.'

If the Royal Guards who protected the kingdom were like sturdy pilWrath or shields, the Silver Knights looked like endlessly honed swords.

The difference in martial prowess between the knights he had seen on the way to the capital and these ones was stark. The aura emanating from the Silver Knights was enough to make one's skin crawl.

'This is promising.'

The sword techniques displayed by the Silver Knights were a culmination of Owen Kingdom's unique swordsmanship style, maximizing the use of both single-edged and double-edged swords. Thanks to his greatly elevated level of swordsmanship, he could easily grasp the flow of their techniques.

'This could be quite helpful.'

Although he hadn't fully revealed his abilities, he had still learned a lot due to their exceptional swordsmanship.


He noticed a young man on the right who was wielding his sword slower than anyone else. With blue hair resembling the sea and brown eyes, he appeared young, but the energy he possessed was different from the other knights.

However, the energy wasn't unfamiliar. He had sensed it before, quite a long time ago.

"As expected, you have a discerning eye."

Rimmer approached with a faint smile.

"That guy is Borini Kitten."

"Borini Kitten?"

"Borini Kitten of the Twelve Stars of the Continent. You might have heard about them, those geniuses from the continent."

He pointed to the young man with blue hair, whose presence alone exuded an imposing aura like a sheathed sword.

"You knew?"

The Third Prince chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, indeed. That gentleman is Borini Kitten, the Spearblade General. I didn't know you were familiar with him."

His face brightened with a smile, happy that Rimmer was acquainted with Borini Kitten.

"I do know about the Twelve of the Stars Continent. The stories of who's the strongest among the Twelve Stars of the Continent are always circulating in taverns and gambling dens."

Rimmer muttered that even if he didn't want to know, he would find out if he frequented gambling dens.

"Would you like to visit once as well, Your Highness? To experience the world of adults..."

"Shut your mouth."

Sheryl furrowed her brows and jabbed Rimmer's waist with her elbow.


Rimmer grimaced, clutching his waist.


Borini Kitten sensed the gazes on him and sheathed his sword before approaching.

"Your Highness."

He respectfully bowed his head to the Third Prince.

"You probably already know, they are guests from Zieghart."

"General of the Silver Knights, Borini Kitten."

Borini Kitten neither overdid nor took lightly his bow.

"Zieghart's Swordmaster, Sheryl."

Sheryl, who could be considered the representative of their group, nodded in response to his greeting.

"It's an honor to meet you."

Borini Kitten's voice carried sincerity that couldn't be mistaken for mere pleasantries.

"And this person..."

"Oh, don't bother."

Although Rimmer was still clutching his waist, Sheryl obscured him from Borini Kitten's sight.

"Raon Zieghart."

Next in line was Raon. He approached Borini Kitten beside Sheryl and nodded his head.

'Now I know where I've seen him.'

Seeing Borini Kitten up close, Raon recalled the presence he had felt before.

It was the same presence that had come to mind when he fought against the White Blood religion believers on the hill near Cameloon, a presence identical to the one Borini Kitten emitted now.

"Raon Zieghart..."

Borini Kitten's pupils widened.

'To have grown to this extent.'

There was a time when I observed Raon from afar while secretly guarding the third prince. Back then, he possessed a strength and elegance that surpassed his age, but now he seemed like an entirely different person.

'It's unbelievable.'

At that time, there had been towering mountains between Raon and himself, but now it seemed that all those mountains had been pierced through. The young swordsman who hadn't even reached the age of 20 was already chasing him relentlessly.

'Is this even possible?'

He had heard tales of his exploits under the name of "Frostfire Sword of Valor," but he had somewhat dismissed him after he was abducted in Eden.

However, the Raon he saw now was no longer someone who could be ignored by anyone. Even considering his age, he possessed a level of prowess that was beyond imagination.

'If it were someone else, they might have overlooked him.'

Either he hadn't fully developed Owen's unique sense of gauging an opponent's strength, or his own power was slightly lacking; otherwise, he wouldn't have even been able to recognize Raon's abilities. It made his head spin.

"Borini Kitten?"

"Oh, yes."

At thw third prince call, Borini Kitten hastily gathered his thoughts and nodded.

"Welcome to the Silver Knights. Unfortunately, the Commander is currently absent. However, I'll guide you in his place, to the best of my abilities."

Borini Kitten respectfully bowed his head and indicated for them to follow.


Rather than paying attention to the training ground facilities or the knights Borini was introducing, Raon focused solely on his back.

'How will it be...'

The difference between now and before was enormous, although he still hadn't fully sensed Borini Kitten's presence back in cameloon city. However, that wasn't the case anymore.

While the gap in skill remained considerable, it had narrowed enough that he could win if they were to engage in full combat.

'He made the right choice coming.'

Raon smiled as he poked the Spearblade knight's side with his sword.

'I'll be able to gain a lot from this.'

*  *  *

Derus Robert took a sip of tea and smiled contentedly.

"The taste and aroma are indeed delightful. Starting off a bit bitter and ending with sweetness; it seems like they've dried the finest Velvet Coral properly."

Setting down the tea cup, he briefly savored the flavor.

"For it to be called the highest-grade Velvet Coral Tea that's difficult to find even for someone living in Robert house; that's quite impressive."

"It's because you took the effort to look into it."

King Leckros grinned, his eyes twinkling. Unlike Glenn, who didn't appreciate the taste of the tea, he was pleased with Derus, who appreciated the flavor.

"Oh, I encountered the Frostfire Sword of Valor on my way here."

Derus raised his teacup again and looked at Glenn.

"It's no wonder Your Majesty's face brightened. He was exceptional even among the young swordsmen I've seen so far."

"As expected, the Sky Sword Saint sees him in a similar light."

King Leckros smiled, sharing similar thoughts.

"At 19 years old and already a Master Intermediate level, anyone would think the same. I also noticed the distinct resonance of his martial arts."


"Yes, by feeling His sharp yet straightforward aura and his tension"

 "It seems his majesty has observed him correctly."


King Lecross sighed, as if letting out a breath.

"This talent is truly formidable."

"Yes, he's a young swordsman with much promise for the future."

Derus praised Raon, glancing at Glenn.

'Expressionless, or perhaps a hint of happiness.'

Glenn's expression appeared as cold as it did the first time they met, but there was a subtle lift at the corners of his lips. He seemed to be pretending otherwise, but it was as if he held some affection for Raon.

"The lower four of the Twelve Stars of the  Continent Swordsmen will likely be defeated, and he should be on par with the middle four."

Derus offered even stronger praise, observing Glenn's reaction.

'Hmm, or maybe not?'

Though they were grouped under the name of the Twelve Stars of the Continent Swordsmen, it's not to say they were all on the same level. Due to differences in age, talent, and martial prowess, they were further divided into lower four, middle four, and upper four within that group.

Despite comparing them to those middle four, who had already made their name and strength known throughout the continent, Glenn's expression showed no change.

"My thoughts align as well."

King Leckros nodded slowly.

"That Borini fellow is squarely among the middle four. It seems he could have an exciting match with that child."

"Yes. He could also have an interesting fight with our Cardis as well."

Derus mentioned Cardis, once again studying Glenn's expression. His gaze had grown colder.

'Hmm, seems I was mistaken.' 

Borini Kitten and Cardis Robert had accomplishments and fame beyond comparison with Raon.

Even when compared to them, and despite the lack of change in his expression, it seemed that Glenn didn't hold Raon in high regard.

'Well, it wouldn't make sense for that cold-blooded person to care for anyone.'

The Glenn he knew didn't even care for his own kin, let alone grandchildren. Attacking Eden this time seemed to stem more from his anger at being disregarded the Zieghart name, and not from a genuine intention to rescue Raon.

'I can probably begin with my plan now.'

Derus placed down his teacup with a faint smile.

"Well, since we've gathered here in this manner, how about we host an entertaining competition?"

"A competition?"

"What sort of competition are you suggesting?"

Both Glenn and King Leckros turned their heads to Derus simultaneously.

"Since it's not common for young martial artists to gather like this, why not have a friendly tournament? Dividing it into Expert and Master levels could be quite enjoyable."

Derus lightly tapped the table with his fingers, wearing a smile.

"I'm genuinely curious about how the Frostfire Sword of Valor would fare against the Twelve stars of the Continent Swordsmen. So, let's have our child participate as well."

"Blue Sword Cardis? Isn't he the highest ranked among the middle four?"

Facing Cardis Robert, who was fifth among the Twelve Stars of the Continent Swordsmen, would prove a somewhat challenging opponent for Raon.

"Anyway, it's a friendly competition, isn't it? There should be no significant danger."

"Hmm, it could be fun, I suppose. In that case, we shall also send Chamsa Sword." (Spearblade/Borini Kitten)

"And what about you, Your Majesty?"

"Very well."

Glenn nodded expressionlessly.

"It does sound intriguing. We can look forward to seeing who among the young martial artists will emerge at the top."

Derus smiled faintly, clasping his hands together.


Raon called Derus with narrowed eyes.

"Blood is dripping from your gloves."

True to his words, a few droplets of blood were seeping from within his black gloves.

Derus smiled without a hint of panic.

"Oh, it's nothing."

As he flicked his hand, the blood disappeared cleanly.

"I'll share this tale during the banquet. It might be wise to gather some gifts for the children."

"Hmm, sounds good."

"Then, I shall take my leave now. Until the time of the banquet."

Derus lowered his head to Glenn and King Leckros, then left the reception room.

"I'll also go."

Glenn put down his empty teacup and stood up.

"Rest well."

He nodded to Leckros, who had come to see him off, and left the reception room.


Roenn narrowed his eyes as he walked down the corridor following Glenn.

'He seems to have suddenly become uncomfortable.'

Glenn's gaze, which had just moments ago been pleased Raon's praise, had turned cold.

'I don't know the reason.'

While Roenn thought he knew everything about Glenn, when it came to issues regarding Raon, he couldn't discern his intentions.

"My Lord, was there something that happened?"

Unable to contain his curiosity, Roenn came up beside Glenn, speaking candidly.

"How could I not get upset when I hear 'those kinds of words'?"

"what do you mean...?"

"How did he compare Raon to the likes of the Twelve Stars of the Continent? Even though their talents and accomplishments are on different levels! And Raon's personality is superior in many aspects!"

Glenn's brow furrowed as he clenched his fist. It meant he was genuinely angry.


Glenn furrowed his brow and clenched his fist. It indicated that he was genuinely angry.


Even comparing to the future transcendent beings known as the Twelve Stars of the Continent, he couldn't find satisfaction. It seemed he had underestimated a grandfather's love for his grandson.

However, the words weren't entirely untrue. Although it might not hold true now, in the future, the Twelve Stars of the Continent would likely be beneath Raon's feet.

Roenn smiled wryly and nodded in agreement.

"You're right. This time, I'll be able to show them that side of him."

*  *  *

Derus Robert returned straight to his lodgings and summoned his two servants to his room.



The servant on his left responded with a bow. He was the mute servant who always wore a mask, an expert in the art of assassination.

"Can you recognize the assassins you've trained?"

"Of course."

Martio nodded without hesitation.

"Assassins have unique gestures and vibes. Those cannot be erased even with time. Especially if it's the person I've trained, I can definitely recognize them."

"Even if it was 20 years ago and they've learned a different martial art?"

"The education I provided utilized the imprinting effects of birds. Even if they were reborn, they wouldn't be able to escape it."

He displayed confidence with his eyes, as if it were self-evident.

Derus lightly smiled as he removed his gloves. Dried blood was stuck in the wounds engraved on the back of his hand.


With his gloves still in his hands, he turned his gaze toward the window.

"What's the matter?"


Derus narrowed his eyes and turned his head back.

"Do you remember Raon by any chance?"

"...Do you mean that Raon?"


"Of course, I remember him."

Martio lowered his gaze with a subdued look. Since he had raised him from a young age, and even engraved the scars on his master's hand himself, he couldn't possibly forget that guy.

"Start monitoring Raon Zieghart from now on."

Derus removed a dried blood speck from his back of the hand and gave a chilling smile.

"Find any traces of the assassins you've raised from him."


Although the command that Raon Zieghart and shadow assassin Raon were related was rather baseless, Martio didn't have any doubts. He reacted just like a dog following its master's command.

Derus put on new gloves, a sinister smile on his face.

"I've created the opportunity, after all."

Roen returned to the lodgings and changed into formal attire.

*  *  *

"Aren't you resting?"

Wrath questioned, raising an eyebrow at Raon changing clothes.

"There's a welcoming ceremony."

"Hmph. Humans always hold such troublesome events. Incomprehensible..."

"Since it's a reception, there will be a variety of dishes."

"What are you doing?"

As Raon chuckled, Wrath suddenly stood in front of the door with an irritated expression.

"How much the king loves these receptions! Let's go right now! The food will all be cold!"

"It's not time yet."

Raon shook his head with a wry smile. He never thought he'd be having such thoughts, but looking at him, the Demon King who couldn't find a moment of boredom.


Letting out a deep sigh, he laid down on the bed.


"Is it mealtime?"

"It hasn't even been a minute yet..."

"No, it's not that. Do you remember the King Owen we saw today and my arch enemy?"(Derus Robert)

"Of course."

"Between those two, who's stronger?"

Considering Wrath's words, it should have been Derus, but just to be sure, Raon asked again.

"I can definitely tell you. The thief who stole your last bite of bread is stronger."

"...I see."

Raon frowned slightly.

"He's surpassed the gap between them."

Twenty years ago, Deirus had been evaluated as the weakest leader among the Six Kings. It was a natural outcome due to being the youngest, but now it seemed he had overcome that disparity.

Despite his reckless personality, Raon was aware of his exceptional talents. However, he hadn't anticipated that Derus would surpass the leaders of the other Six Dragons beyond the barrier of time.

"Don't worry about it."


"The king will give you the chance to take revenge on that thief."

Wrath patted Raon's shoulder with a pouty expression, resembling a candied fruit.

"You're still fine even after eating Nadine's bread, and you've become a lunatic who's fine even after seeing good food. It's all thanks to that demon."


Honestly, it wasn't an incorrect statement. Thanks to the training he received as an assassin, Raon had become indifferent to the taste of food.

"The wrath of food is the king's wrath! I'll assist you in punching that guy's face!"


Every time he opened his mouth, food-related stories came out. Raon still couldn't quite believe that this guy was the Lord of Wrath.

"So, are you going to give me stats or traits?"

"No, not that..."

"Then what exactly..."

Raon was about to ask Wrath again when he felt a slight movement near the window. Turning his head, he noticed a small squirrel climbing up to the windowsill.


He had seen small animals like squirrels in the courtyard and gardens before, but it was strange to see a squirrel that wasn't afraid of humans approaching the window.

Tap, tap.

The squirrel lightly tapped on the window with its paw, as if asking for it to be opened.

"Who raised this squirrel?"

Just in case, Raon expanded his senses, but he couldn't feel any special energy coming from the squirrel.

"Is there something strange about this squirrel?"

"It appears to be an ordinary squirrel, but it has a very faint trace of mana. It seems to have been tamed over a long period."

Wrath also wrinkled his brow, unsure of the exact details.


Raon approached the window, raising his hand to the sword hilt at his waist. Just in case anything dangerous happened, he opened the window cautiously.


The squirrel pushed its way through the slightly opened window and entered the room. Familiar with the surroundings, it immediately went down to the drawer beneath the window.

"Who are you..."

"You could've opened it a bit quicker."

Words in a human voice flowed out of the squirrel's mouth. Though awkward, it was clear and structured, resembling the speech of someone Raon knew.


Raon raised an eyebrow as he saw the squirrel, which was smiling like a person.



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