TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 281

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 281

Raon entered the restaurant in the alley and ordered a sandwich.


Wrath let out a groan as if he didn't like something.

"Wasn't the deal different?"

"They closed the door, what am I supposed to do?"

The barbecue restaurant Wrath wanted to go to had its doors closed, seemingly because they had been open until dawn. 

In the morning, not many restaurants were open, so they didn't have much choice.

"I vowed to never trust your mouth again, and yet I got fooled again!"

Wrath slammed his hand on the table in frustration.

"I won't trust your words ever again..."

"Once work is done, I'll try all the good food around here."

"That's a lie! Clearly a lie!"

"You know as well as I do, there's not much time left."

Raon raised a finger, pointing not at the restaurant ceiling but at the magic circle above it.

"The magic circle was activated last night. That means the magic inside it will be triggered today."

The excitement and energy Raon had felt before entering the restaurant last night were fragments of the power that burst forth when the magic circle was activated. 

Now that the magic had been opened, the energy within it wouldn't be wasted, and the magic would be activated within a short period of time.

"In the king's eyes, that energy isn't yet perfect. The vessel isn't fully filled."

"Right. But there's a sacrifice here."

Raon pointed at himself, a faint smile on his face.

"You're the sacrifice?"

"Yeah. They definitely know I'm here."

Given the current situation, it was clear that the White Blood religion was lurking in the black market as well. 

Having defeated the Seven Apostle and killed the Fourth Apostle, the White Blood religion, which saw him as an archenemy, wouldn't have missed any information about him.

"They'll target me and attack soon. It won't take long. Just hold on a bit."

"Are you really sure?"

Wrath seemed to forget what he said just 20 seconds ago and blinked.



"Food is served."

The waiter brought two sandwiches with eggs and ham while Wrath was doubting. 

Since they were in the middle of a conversation, he placed the plates on the table first.

"What are you doing?"

"No, this time you can really..."

"Shut up and start eating. The king's skin is attached to your back!"


Raon let out a breath. 

He thought they were going to continue discussing the food they would eat later, but Wrath seemed urgent about the sandwiches in front of him. 

It made him wonder if this guy was really the Demon King.

Wrath eagerly bit into the sandwich, his expression brightening. 

The crispy bread, thick ham, cheese, and tender egg all blended together in a rich and full-bodied taste that filled his mouth.

"It's good."

"Ugh, you said side dishes, but this isn't bad."

Wrath grinned broadly while enjoying the sandwich.

"The bread is uneven, isn't it? The balance is off. Make sure to put the ham properly between the bread slices!"


Raon watched Wrath happily and tasted the sandwich himself.

"Not bad."

Raon summoned the rewards he had received.

Wrath, who had been enjoying the sandwich, bit his lip after reading the message.

<Master of Magical Interpretation>

A title given to someone who interprets high-level magic successfully.

All stats +5.

"It even increases stats."

Raon realized that the title was not just a name; it also increased his stats. 

He smiled at the unexpected delight.

<Interpretation of Divine Laws (1st Tier)>

Insight and concentration that allows the flow of all divine laws, such as sword techniques, martial arts, and magical runes, to be understood.

Interpreting divine laws didn't provide additional stats, but it heightened the ability to understand the effects of various divine laws. 

Since it was a growth type, with proper cultivation, it would be more helpful than stats.

Lastly, all stats were increased by 5 points.

It felt like the Goddess of Victory was blessing him, ensuring his victory right before a battle.


Wrath , who had been enjoying the sandwich, bit his lips tightly after reading the messages.

"Giving such rewards just for interpreting a magic?"

"Think about it logically."

Raon waved his hand dismissively.

"The system rewards achievements accordingly. I've interpreted a massive magical rune/formation this time, so receiving rewards fitting for that is only natural."

The system operated efficiently. Even if he wasn't a martial artist, he had achieved something worth calling an accomplishment, so he received corresponding rewards. 

The rewards he gained were related to magic and divine laws.


Wrath had no words to say and left the conversation.

"Once the King leaves, I'll destroy the system! I won't use it again!"


Raon shrugged. 

Wrath would probably leave once he had completed all his tasks.

"How about we go now that we're done eating?"

Raon pushed the empty plate forward.

"What, what is it? You're leaving after just eating a sandwich?"

"To the kids."

Raon placed the money for the meal on the table and stood up.

"I need to tell them about the plan to dismantle the White Blood religion."


After receiving instructions from Raon, Martha had been trailing Luna. 

As mentioned before, Luna was living with her two younger siblings in a small inn.

Thinking that they had enough money, she expected them to be eating well today.

However, it seemed that the protection fee they paid was taken from them, as the kids were eating dry and hard bread to fill their stomachs.

"Sis, you should eat too."

Luna's younger sister offered her half a piece of bread. 

Even her younger brother, with a runny nose, handed her a piece of the bread he was eating.

"I ate outside, so don't worry and you guys eat first."

Luna smiled gently and pushed the bread back to her siblings.

Martha frowned as she observed Luna's behavior.

"She fell for it."

Seeing the bruises on Luna's face, it seemed like she not only paid the protection fee but also got beaten and robbed of her money.

"Damn them..."

Seeing Luna gripping her stomach while her siblings ate dry bread, Martha's anger flared up. 

She thought of using some excuse to take some money from them.

"What about those kids?"


Just as she was pondering, Raon's calm voice came from behind. 

She almost jumped in surprise, but thanks to Raon covering her mouth, she managed to hold herself back.

"You! Show some presence before you approach!"

"We can't do that here."

Raon smiled gently and playfully muffled the sound that was about to escape Martha.

"That girl is Luna, right? She doesn't just have wounds; there's vital energy in her entire body."

He squinted slightly as he looked at Luna. 

As he had expected, he nodded with a hum.

"Vital energy in her entire body? Can you see that? I can't feel anything."

If she hadn't seen Luna's injuries, she wouldn't have imagined that there was vital energy.

Seeing Raon sense the vital energy within Luna's body made her look like a monster.

"That girl has exposed herself to a blood-imbued stone more than once. It's not just her injuries; her body is filled with vital energy. She can't control it, so it's moving on its own."

"So, what does that mean?"

"It's fine for now, but the moment the magic is activated, she'll die."

"She'll die?"

"Yes. The magical rune isn't fully activated yet. They'll start with those kids who have been exposed to vital energy and are close by."

Raon lclenched his fist with a creepy look in his eyes.

"Wha- What can we do then? Are we just going to leave her like this?"

"Have you bonded with her yet? She seems different from usual."

"Shut up!"

Martha swung her hand downwards. 

She couldn't say that it was embarrassing to look at herself before entering Zieghart.

"It could be dangerous."

"I don't care."

Even if she had to endure any pain, it didn't matter as long as she could break the White Blood religion's plan of sacrificing even those kids.

"Nice determination. If you're prepared for that, then I'll believe in you."

Raon smiled and nodded.

"Soon, that guy named Tusa will summon those kids. You and Group 1 will follow the kids separately…"


Granseville's district leader, Dening Rose, descended into the dried-blood-stained underground passage.

"This place must have collapsed."

When Dening Rose was first assigned to Granseville, he personally confirmed this passage being blocked.

However, the passage now revealed a gaping hole, and the floor was covered in dried bloodstains.

"No, regardless of whether this passage collapsed or not..."

Why am I here?

She was walking on his own two feet, yet she had no idea why she was here, why she was walking through this corridor. 

A feeling of detachment between her body and mind. 

He couldn't stop her steps or sit down; the only option was to keep walking.

After walking through the dried-blood-stained underground passage for a while, she saw a round corridor oozing with a reddish light. 

Still not knowing the reason, she crossed the corridor.

In the vast chamber, bathed in a moonlight-like soft glow, sat a young handsome man amidst a pile of corpses that resembled mountains.


Dening Rose swallowed dry saliva. 

Silver hair and sapphire eyes, along with scars etched into his chest. 

An impression that the District Leader of the Shadow Market could not remain ignorant of.

He was the Seventh Apostle of the White Blood religion.

"It's my first time seeing you in the same city. Dening Rose."

The Seventh Apostle lifted himself up and offered a gentle smile.


Dening Rose found herself unconsciously kneeling and bowing her head, not out of fear or terror, but as if his body had reacted on its own accord.

"A woman who bows from the beginning is quite rare."

The Seventh Apostle approached with a sly smile, standing before Dening Rose.


Dening Rose clenched her teeth. 

She wanted to stand up desperately, but her body wouldn't move. 

Her limbs felt as heavy as stones.

"Why? Seems like your body isn't moving as you wish?"

"W-What on earth did you do..."

She forced the words out, feeling like she was speaking through someone else's mouth.

"Who knows?"

The Seventh Apostle tilted his head slightly and flicked his finger, causing Dening Rose to raise his head involuntarily.

"Shall I tell you why you couldn't detect us?"

"Probably because of the barrier…"

Dening Rose took a shuddering breath, meeting the Seventh Apostle's knowing gaze.

He had become certain of the existence of the barrier upon realizing that Raon's information had leaked.

"And even the lowest rank within the Brotherhood."

The Seventh Apostle nodded slowly, seeming satisfied.

"Then, who is that?"

With a snap of his fingers, five individuals in white robes appeared behind the Seventh Apostle.


Dening Rose widened his eyes. 

All five of them were members of the black market, and among them was a high-ranking member. 

It was Philip, who ran an antique shop directly connected to the Granseville branch.

"Why, Philip..."

Despite his questions, they remained silent.

They kneeled before the Seventh Apostle with their heads bowed.

"Do you know why I'm telling you all this?"

"To kill me, I suppose."


The Seventh Apostle chuckled and shook his head.

"Your body is no longer yours."

"So, my current state..."

"Yes. I'm controlling it now."

He flicked his finger as if manipulating a puppet.

"Not just you. All the insects on the surface are under my control. If I command them to die, they will stab themselves in the heart and commit suicide."


"From today, Granseville will become a massive breeding ground. The pleasure-seeking moths will offer up their lives and blood, not knowing if they're dying or not, all for the sake of money and blood. It's a form of sorcery."

He pointed to the ceiling. Within the soft light, a massive presence writhed.

"Don't worry. You'll have to continue living as the Black market District Leader of Granseville."


Dening Rose's lips trembled. 

Unable to even resist, she couldn't report to the headquarters of the balck market. 

She might end up living under the Seventh Apostle's dominion for the rest of his life.

"Dening Rose."

The Seventh Apostle smiled at Dening Rose, whose eyes were filled with fear.

"Receive your first mission. Bring Raon Zieghart to me. He'll be the final piece of this breeding ground."


Raon examined the physically enhanced body and Aura behind the lodging. 

He then raised his head. 

The sky had darkened, and the sun had vanished without him noticing.

Though it wasn't yet sunset, the entire world felt dim. 

The moon, stars, and clouds were absent from the eerie sky.


Light footsteps sounded from behind him.

When he turned his gaze, Dening Rose, the District Head of the Black Market, was approaching.

"Sir Raon."

Dening Rose approached and courteously bowed his head.

"We have captured a White Blood religion believer."

"White blood religion believer?"

"Yes. We plan to interrogate them. Would you accompany us?"

"Of course."

Raon nodded, then put on the coat hanging on the wall.

"Thank you."

With a gentle smile from Dening Rose, Raon followed her onto the main street of Granseville.


Distinctive buildings and colorful lights were still exuding brilliant illumination, but there was one difference from yesterday.


Not a single person was walking along the bustling street.

Dening Rose walked with an unaffected pace and speed.

After a while, she stopped in the center of the main street. 

Though it was the most bustling spot in the city, not a single soul could be seen.

"Sir Raon."

Dening Rose slowly turned around. 

A tear dropped from under her black eyepatch with a rose design.

"I'm sorry."

She left those words behind as she stepped back. 

Simultaneously, people hiding in the buildings poured out into the open.

By a rough count, there were over a hundred people, their gray eyes fixated on Raon.

Following them, White Blood religion believers in white robes emerged, their auras rising threateningly as they wielded various weapons.


Beside Dening Rose, a smoky puddle suddenly formed. 

Liquid writhed like beer foam before gradually rising and taking the shape of a person.

Lavender hair, gleaming eyes. 

The unforgettable Seventh Apostle was before them, exuding confident smiles.

"Long time no see, I suppose."

The Seventh Apostle shrugged off his coat, raising his white hand.

"Raon Zieghart."

"Seventh Apostle."

Raon lowered his eyebrows slightly as he looked at the Seventh Apostle.

"Was it your doing?"

"Indeed. They are all my creations. I didn't expect you to come at such an opportune time, though."

He laughed lightly and extended both arms.

"How do you like my welcome?"

"A welcome, huh..."

Raon narrowed his eyes and gripped the scabbard of the sword hanging on his back.

"Ah, I'm not done yet."

The Seventh Apostle tilted his head leisurely.

"These people, they aren't followers. They've merely unknowingly absorbed the aura due to the spell. They're not believers of our religion. they're ordinary bugs living here." 

He held Dening Rose's hair in his hand.


Though Denning Rose's head was pulled high enough to make his hair come out, she neither groaned nor changed her expression.

"I know the efficacy of the dagger you hold. I've heard that it sings a song of death to those with blood aura. If you use it now, all these bugs will die as well."

The Seventh Apostle gestured towards Dening Rose and the crowd.

"Sir Raon..."

Perhaps released by the Seventh Apostle, a hoarse voice flowed from Dening Rose. 

Urgent words from a serene face. 

It was so eerie that it sent shivers down the spine.

He flicked his finger as if giving them a choice.


He pointed up at the sky.

Slosh, slosh, slosh, slosh!

Although Raon didn't activate the Ring of Fire, he could see a massive aura swirling in the air.

"Do you understand now?"

The Seventh Apostle smiled wider, observing Raon's baffled expression.

"Due to the effect of that spell, they've unconsciously absorbed the aura. None of them chose to do so. Whether you commit innocent people to death for your sake or run away, I wonder how you'll decide."

He flicked his finger, as if offering a choice.

As a sharp sound resonated, the people drew various weapons from their bodies and approached Raon. 

The gray irises of their eyes gleamed sinisterly.

Raon firmly drew the Blade of Requiem.



The red-glowing blade revealed itself, and a thunderous roar akin to a thunderclap reverberated throughout the main road.




Both ordinary people with aura and the White Blood religion believers who guarded them collapsed to the ground, spraying blood.


The Seventh Apostle pressed his forehead with his hand and laughed maniacally.

"Right, I knew it! It's you! The world doesn't know you. Only I can understand your true self, cruel and despicable!"

He threw off his robe, revealing the scar on his chest that the Blade of Requiem had left.

"Let's begin. Your blood... huh?"

The Seventh Apostle's voice faltered as he glanced at Dening Rose beside him. 

She was still alive, breathing.

It wasn't just Dening Rose. 

Those humans imbued with aura remained alive and breathing, while the White Blood religion believers protecting them were dead.

"What the...?"

The Seventh Apostle's eyes rolled in incomprehension.

"You've crossed the line."


"From now on, even the White Blood religion will flee at the sight of my shadow."

With the Blade of Requiem raised, Raon aimed at the Seventh Apostle. 

The red blade glowed like his crimson eyes.

"I won't spare a single vampire on this land."

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