TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 322

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 322

 Tacheon chuckled as he looked at the map of Owen Kingdom Castle spread out on the wooden table.

"A failure, is it?"

He had distorted the spatial coordinates to ensure a thorough elimination, yet chaos had not ensued. Not a single human died, let alone Raon. It was a perfect failure, needless to say.

"A failure, you say?"

The Red Demon looked at Tacheon with incredulous eyes, gripping the table tightly as if unable to believe.

"Could it be because of Glenn Zieghart...?"

"No, it's because of Raon Zieghart. He erased the Yin-Yang energy before chaos could take hold."

Tacheon lifted his hand gently, and light and darkness wafted above his palm.

"Understanding the flow of chaos even in the midst of a battle against Glenn, that's certainly extraordinary."

"That's what's most terrifying about him."

The Red Demon nodded heavily.

"He's been changing day by day, even when he faces me. He's not a significant threat yet, but it won't be long before he reaches higher heights."

"Before the branch collapsed, Raon had fought every day, revealing a power that changed like a person each time he swung his sword.

Though he had seen many warriors, such insane growth was unprecedented.

"Talking about growth..."

Tacheon turned his body with a faint smile. The sun had set below the horizon, and darkness was encroaching upon the sea.

The Ultimate Sword still faced the sea, unchanged from before.

"What are you going to do? If you're going to eliminate him, it's best to do it as quickly as possible."

The Red Demon looked at Tacheon with a sinking gaze. Raon Zieghart's growth was unpredictable. If he was to be killed, a resolute decision had to be made.

"Unfortunately, I don't have much leeway. I've been expending quite a bit of energy lately."

Tacheon raised his head slowly, his gaze rising.

"Let's look a bit ahead."

He gently closed his eyes while gazing at the sky over the moonlit beach. As if enjoying music, his fingers snapped before his irises, which now glinted with various colors.

"We'll need to change how we deal with Raon."

"What do you mean?"

"Not elimination, but utilization."

Tacheon's lips twitched upwards slightly.

"It seems he might assist us with our cause."

*  *  *


The heat of the Red Island's radiance shattered Borini Kitten spearblade as if it were glass. Following that, the dissipating heat turned the training ground into a blazing furnace.


Despite the broken sword, Borini Kitten's gaze remained unwavering. Clutching the half-broken spearblade, he lunged into the scorching training ground where flames were emerging.


Even from the broken sword, the most brilliant light thus far surged. The intense energy emitted in a flash aimed for Raon's neck.

Raon, too, didn't let up. Lowering his knees and waist like a swallow, he swung down his sword.


From the blade of the broken sword, flames that had yet to extinguish flowed along the crescent, ruthlessly cleaving through the energy Borini Kitten had poured out with all his might.


Borini Kitten's sword was reduced to dust, and the bright silver armor, which had boasted its brilliance, twisted and was torn apart.

To prevent further damage, Raon swung his sword, erasing the heat that filled the training ground.


Borini Kitten let out a deep breath after removing the torn armor.

"I've lost."

He admitted his defeat and bowed his head.

"Putting in all your strength and losing; it's quite a satisfying feeling."

Indeed, Borini Kitten's gaze was clear. It was a refreshing expression, as if he had poured out everything.

"I've learned a lot."

He admitted defeat and bowed his head.

"Putting in all your strength and fighting to the end is quite a satisfying feeling."

Indeed, as Borini Kitten's gaze indicated, he felt relieved after giving it his all.

"I've learned a lot."

Raon smiled and nodded in acknowledgment.

"No, I've learned even more."

Borini Kitten lifted his head. There was not a hint of conceit in his eyes.

"The winner is Raon Zieghart!"

The announcer, who had been watching the match closely, climbed onto the stage and proclaimed the results of the duel.


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"We believed in the Frostfire Sword of Valor!"

"He showed us what a true warrior is!"

"I'll support you for life! Raon Zieghart!"

The spectators shouted Raon's name with such fervor that it felt as though the arena was shaking. Their combined voices were so loud that it almost caused a ringing sensation in the ears.

Raon looked at the Six Kings beneath the stage.


Glenn nodded his head slightly. His faint expression indicated a certain level of satisfaction.

"That was an impressive duel."

"You're seriously insane, and handsome too!"

"Both of you were in warrior mode."

King Leckros applauded, Chamber chuckled, and Ogrem wore a satisfied smile as if he found Raon likable.

"It feels like a visual feast."

Derus also had a smile on his face. To others, it might seem like a cheerful laugh, but it was a superficial smile.

Currently, he was busy suppressing the boiling rage within him.

'Damn it, Robert….'

Memories of his past life resurfaced.

While I had my hands covered in blood and filth, Derus was enjoying the cheers of people.

While I was killing the humans rebelling against the house Robert, Derus was saving people and gaining the title of Sky Sword Saint.

While I was ambushing resistance forces to gather my troops and stealing money and information, Derus was receiving praise for supplying food to the army and was called Hyeongunsung.

While I suffered through hardships alongside my shadow, Derus grew stronger, gained reputation, and then cooked the hunting dog that made his achievements come true.

He was a wretch, unforgivable even in death and rebirth.

The power and reputation he gained, all thanks to me.

"I'll take everything away from you."

Raon stared at Derus's smile and clenched his teeth inwardly.

"It starts now."

True revenge hadn't truly begun yet. After smashing Cardis, his son, into the ground tomorrow, then he would stand at the starting point.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to the Six Kings, including Derus, after suppressing his inner thoughts.

"Swordsman Raon-nim."

When he was about to leave the stage, Borini Kitten approached. He used not only the title of Swordsman but also the honorific "nim" to address him.

"Excuse me?"

"Could you wait a moment?"

He approached King Leckros, stating that he couldn't make hasty decisions due to his affiliation. After a brief conversation with the king, he returned to the dueling arena.

Approaching Raon, Borrini Kitten knelt on one knee, bowing his head.

"I, Borrini Kitten, hereby swear in this moment to fulfill three requests from you, no matter when or what they may be, as repayment for awakening me through our duel."


Unexpectedly, Raon's eyes widened in surprise.

"What are you saying..."

"While dueling you, Swordsman Raon, I came to realize three things. As compensation for opening my eyes, I offer my life to fulfill three requests from you."

Borrini Kitten raised his face. His expression was as bright as the returning sun.

"What are these three requests?"

"First, I will help people in need at any time. Second, I have seen what a true swordsman is through our battle. And the third, offering encouragement to enemies can also be helpful."

He smiled, extending his fingers one by one.

"Actually, setting all of this aside, I owe you my life for saving me and everyone here. However, as I already owe my life to my lord, I ask for your understanding."


Raon narrowed his eyes. Borrini Kitten was a knight with more anticipated potential in the future than he was right now.

Being able to make three requests from him was an invaluable advantage, worth more than any treasure.

"His Majesty has already approved as well. Please accept."

Borrini Kitten bowed his head again. It seemed the conversation he had with King Leckros earlier had led to this oath.

"To think this would be approved..."

It seemed King Leckros quite liked him.

"What are you doing?"

Wrath emerged from the ice flower bracelet and frowned disapprovingly.

"It's free labor, isn't it? Accept it immediately!"

This creature had an insatiable love for anything free.


Pointing his head, Raon took a step closer to Borrini Kitten, meeting his gaze.

"May I ask just one thing?"

"Of course."

"If I were to request something that goes against the honour of a knight, or rather, something that you couldn't do with a clear conscience, would you still make such an oath?"

He was genuinely curious. His plan was just to anger Derus, but receiving Borrini Kitten's oath was burdensome.

"Because you said that just now."

"What do you mean?"

"While it might sound presumptuous, if I make an oath to fulfill your requests, most people will be busy accepting that oath. We can think about the tasks later. For now, the focus is on accepting the oath."

Borrini Kitten smiled gently and raised his head.

"But you, without receiving the oath first, expressed concern for the honour of a knight. That's precisely why I believed I could trust you."

He thumped his chest with his right hand.

"I believe that you would never ask me to forsake the path of a knight or a person. Please accept my oath."

Raon let out a faint exhale and closed his eyes.

You are talking a lot. Hurry up and accept! While I was in the Demon Realm, countless scoundrels like him came running, but you, you're favored even by mortals…

'Step aside.'

Sensing that the conversation might become lengthy, Raon pushed Wrath aside.

"I'm still not sure."

He had no intention of trying to impress Borini Kitten. He had merely provoked him to become stronger, but now this situation had unfolded.

However, his statement of trust made Raon's heart swell with warmth. It was the first time someone he had met not long ago had placed such faith in him.

Raon composed himself and opened his eyes.

"I will accept."

Meeting Borrini Kitten's gaze, Raon continued.

"I make the same oath. I will never ask you to do anything that goes against the honour of a knight, Borrini Kitten."

"I believe you, Swordsman Raon."

Raon reached out his hand. He clasped hands with Borini Kitten and helped him to his feet.


"This is the battle of the Swordsmen, and this is the camaraderie of the Swordsmen!"


"Swordsmanship Brotherhood!"

The spectators erupted in cheers once again, shouting the names of Raon and Borini Kitten.

Raon raised his hand in response to their cheers before leaving the dueling arena. He looked at Derus, who was forcing a smile, and then at Borini Kitten, who was genuinely smiling, and savoured the moment.

'I still feel like I don't know much about people or the world.'

-Indeed. Your taunts may be on par with a demon lord's, but your human side is not even on par with the king's...

"Quiet down."

Even after the quarterfinals had concluded, discussions about Raon and Borini Kitten were the only ones filling people's mouths.

This master-class duel had turned into a stage solely for Raon and Borini Kitten.

Glenn smiled at the chaotic atmosphere of the training ground. Everywhere he went, he heard stories of his cherished grandson. Hearing only positive things naturally lifted his spirits.

"I have to endure."

He decided to let it go when he considered assassinating the audience members who had spouted nonsense to Raon at Roenn's request. His mood was just too good. (Lmao)

"Now let's go..."

"I'm coming with you!"

When Raon was about to head to his duty room with Sheryl and Roenn, Rimmer dashed down from the audience seats.

"Where have you been until now?"

Sheryl looked at Rimmer and rolled her eyes. If he didn't give a proper answer, she was prepared to give him a good hit.

"Hehe, you didn't think I was gambling again, did you?"

Roenn smiled softly, but there was a sharp glint in his eyes.

"Oh, no, not at all."

Rimmer quickly shook his head.

"Most people might not know, but right now, I'm the one who's responsible for spreading Raon's name."

He chuckled and raised his finger.

"If I hadn't pushed Raon, this chaos caused by Tacheon's chaos would've blown everything away here."


Glenn stared at Rimmer for a moment before turning and heading towards the direction of his duty room.

"You're ridiculous."

Sheryl clicked her tongue at Rimmer, her expression full of pity.

"It won't work. You're going to take a hit from me and get knocked out."

"Oh, really! Master Roenn! Master Roenn, believe me!"

"Hehe, I have to follow Master Glenn's order."

Roenn nodded firmly and followed Glen.

"Head of the Heavenly Blade."

When Sheryl was about to hit Rimmer to scold him, Glenn turned around.

"Let's leave it at that."

"Yes? Yes!"

With a puzzled expression, Sheryl followed behind Glenn. She narrowed her eyes as if she found it surprising.


After everyone had left, Rimmer sighed in relief.

"I'm lucky."

He chuckled while looking at the gambling tickets in his hand.

"I almost had all of these taken away."

After receiving treatment for his injuries in the duty room, Raon headed to the training ground. The empty practice area was bathed in darkness, but the moonlight illuminated it sufficiently, allowing movement without much hindrance.


He moved to the center of the training ground and drew Heavenly Drive Sword.

-You can't be serious...

Wrath swallowed dryly and looked up.

"Training again?"

"Why ask the obvious?"

Raon nodded firmly.

"If you've learned, then you need to review."

Today, in his battles against Matis and Borrini Kitten, not only had his Sword Techniques of the Blazing Sword and Gale Sword improved, but also the accomplishments of the Shadow Sword and Truth Sword. Without checking his growth before going to sleep, the skills he had accumulated would diminish. (this part is unedited)

-It's not just boring, now you're annoying me...

Wrath let out a sigh as he rolled his eyes and pouted.

"You have to do the boring stuff to become an outstanding Swordsman."

-That's not it! You wretched brat!

He shouted before dropping his shoulders. His expression indicated he was tired of speaking.

"I'll just do this until Dorian comes with him."


Raon didn't respond and swung down Heavenly Drive Sword. The sharp edge of fangs of insanity, both deadly and precise, cut through the night air.


As his accomplishments in Yegeom Sword and Jeonggeom Sword increased, the restrained predator, fangs of insanity, grew sharper and more precise. With the growth of Yegeom Sword and Jeonggeom Sword, an aura of menace and precision emerged from Gwang-ah (Fangs of Insanity). (fuck my brain hurt, the only correct name I know from this part is Fangs of insanity lol)

"Greater change lies in Frostwind sword style."

Even though Frostwind sword style hadn't been fully integrated due to a lack of practical experience, the sharp fangs of Frostwind sword style were now visible. The sharp blade that could cut through the enemy's flow and sever it was deeply engraved into the training ground.

"It's not over yet."

I can still go further.

After consecutively displaying fangs of insanity sword style and Frostwind sword style, Raon lowered his sword. A satisfied smile appeared on his face as he enjoyed the moment.

"This little brat..."

There was a memory of the saying that a natural quality emanated from the Swordsman's sword when it reached a high level.

'Am I at that level?'

He was probably far from it still.

He found it odd that he was having this thought when he didn't even know what a natural sword was.

"Even though it's tiresome, doing it well is how you become a great Swordsman."

-It's not that! You insufferable brat!

He muttered under his breath as he shook his head.

"There's still time for training at this hour…"

"Well done."

A faint smile appeared as the little sparrow turned its head and spoke with a human voice.


Raon's mouth hung open. Just from that speech pattern, he could immediately recognize who it was. He quickly suppressed his surprise to prevent any sound from escaping.


"Now you remember me."

Merlin laughed teasingly in her sparrow form.

"Didn't you leave already??"

"You're in danger, so where would I go?"

She turned her head away, as if asking why he would even ask such an obvious question.


Wrath trembled, his body shaking, as he looked at Merlin.

-Ah, what a madwoman! Truly a madwoman indeed! An obsession blade has struck her head!

After swallowing dryly, he retreated into the Ice Flower Bracelet.

"To be able to deplete mana before the completion of chaos, that was a perfect response. Beautifully done."


His head was throbbing. Even though he thought he might not see her for a while after her unusual greeting, she appeared just like that. And the fact that she appeared in the form of a sparrow was utterly bewildering.

She truly was an enigmatic woman.

"Now that you've gained the trust of Borini Kitten and the King of Leckros, you could say it's the best possible outcome."

Merlin chuckled in her sparrow form. It was an extraordinary experience to feel both cuteness and a shiver down the spine at the same time.

"Now even Tacheon won't be able to move recklessly. You've really done well."

"Since when were you watching?"

"From beginning to end. I've always been watching over you."


Her gentle voice sent shivers down his arms.

"With this child watching over your battles, it won't be long before you can't stand it anymore."

The wings of the sparrow containing Merlin trembled slightly.

"I look forward to seeing you rise even higher."

She raised her quivering wings in a gesture of farewell. But even after leaving them like that, he felt she might reappear in an instant.

"Oh, give this little one some grains. It was a promise."

"Why do you keep bringing your promises to me…"


He was about to rebuke, but already it seemed like Merlin had taken over. The sparrow looked up at him with innocent eyes. The expression seemed to demand grains be provided quickly.


Exhaling, he shook his head. Just then, the training ground door opened, and Dorian entered.

"Good timing."

Raon awkwardly smiled and gestured to Dorian.

"Do you have any grains by any chance?"

"Grains? Of course!"

Dorian grinned widely and took out ten cylinders from his bag.

"What would you like? Barley, rice, millet, beans, sorghum, wheat, corn? There's more. Just tell me!"

"I'm tired…"

Raon exhaled wearily. Whether it was due to the frequent appearances of Merlin or carrying all manner of items, Dorian also seemed to be quite tired from it all.

"This one needs to eat, so could you choose some for it?"

Raon pointed to the sparrow. He had heard once that birds liked feed made of oats and sorghum, but not knowing what the sparrow would prefer, he had asked for a variety.

"So you're trying to feed this little one!"

Dorian, seeing the sparrow now perched on Raon's hand, opened a container and took out all sorts of grains. He spread the grains in rows on the table, creating a buffet.


The sparrow flapped its wings and enjoyed the grains it wanted from the buffet.

"Hehehe. Isn't this little one adorable?"

Dorian chuckled as he watched the contentedly plump sparrow.

When the training ground's door opened quietly, Raon turned around and gave a cold smile.

"He's here."


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