TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 275

 N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 275

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched the Light Wind squad, who were engaging in a fierce battle against the Instructor (Gambling Monster) using their powerful gusts of wind.

"They certainly look impressive."

With the seventh ring of fire ascending to the 7th stage, the flaws of each member and the discrepancies in their teamwork became evident.

"Martha, lower your stance and place your sword at the ready. As the leader, you need to hold the front so that other members can have room to maneuver."

"Damn it..."

Martha cursed under her breath as she adjusted her stance and positioned her sword at the ready. 

It was clear that her skills had improved significantly over the past month, as she quickly compensated for her shortcomings.

"Runaan, your execution speed is slowing down. Refine your technique to anticipate the Instructor's movements more effectively.


Runaan nodded, and a silvery aura spread from her sword, enveloping the Instructor's space and beginning to seize control.

"Burren, you worry too much. When an opportunity arises, you need to be more daring in your attacks. It's your mistake to remain passive even when you spot an opening in the Instructor's defense."

"Because I thought it might be a trap..."

"Distinguishing between the two is a part of skill. Develop your intuition."

"Ugh, I know!"

Burren shouted with determination and charged towards the Instructor, delivering a resolute strike that released a chilling wind.

"Let's go!"


Following his lead, Martha and Runaan moved in from both sides, unleashing their sword strikes.

As the Instructor attacked with powerful energy waves, the Light Wind squad maintained their formation and pushed back. 

When the Instructor's energy waned, the Light Wind squad quickly exploited the openings, launching their attacks.

"They must be satisfied with their performance."

Even though the Gambling Monster was controlling his strength, Raon was satisfied with how well they were holding their own against the Gambling Monster, who were using formidable power. 

It seemed that the Light Wind squad members were likely feeling content and proud.


Wrath scoffed, pointing at the Light Wind squad.

"Do they appear satisfied in your eyes?"

He gestured again towards the Light Wind squad. 

Their eyes were slightly tired, breaths were heavy, and their hands were trembling. They had clearly surpassed their limits.

After a week of relentless training without much rest, this outcome was expected. However, this was necessary training to push each member beyond their limits.

"It's undoubtedly challenging. However, experiencing that state in real combat would be too late."

The encounters with Tyler, Roman, and the Fourth Apostle in their previous mission were not easy battles. Especially with Grandmaster Roman, they narrowly avoided complete defeat.

To ensure they never went through such an experience again, both their physical and mental strengths, including Raon's, needed to be strengthened. .

"Well, yeah, that's true."

Wrath  nodded in agreement.

"We need to keep Ice Cream Girl and Beef Girl alive, after all."

"There's one more."

Raon pointed towards Dorian, who was standing at the back after the training, with a fearful expression.


Wrath reluctantly nodded, as if acknowledging that there was no choice.

"Oh, I know. He was the first..."

He sighed, muttering, "Why did he make that choice?"

"Because of that coward, the flow of the training was disrupted. Tell him to step forward."

Wrath frowned, pointing out Dorian's shortcomings. 

Despite his outward appearance, Wrath genuinely cared about this subordinate.



"Don't be afraid, come forward. There's no one as strong as you hiding anywhere."

"Ah, I understand."

Dorian swallowed nervously and shifted his foot slightly forward, moving away from the rest of the group.


Just that act made the Light Wind squad's effectiveness even stronger. With a united spirit, they pressed forward against the Instructor.

However, immense strength wasn't always the best approach. 

The Instructor retaliated as he surged towards the heart of the attacks, sending out a shockwave of power that shattered the core of the Light Wind squad formation.


"Damn it…"

"We were too hasty..."

The members of the Light Wind squad groaned as they collapsed to the ground, barely holding their stance. 

Due to their numerous battles and experiences, they were well aware of their mistakes.

Raon stood at the edge of the stage, giving a faint smile.

"I've said it many times before, but the moment I attack is usually the best opportunity for the opponent to counterattack. Always keep that in mind."


"Ah, understood."

The members of the Light Wind squad weakly nodded in response.

"And next..."

"I can't anymore! You crazy bastard! Just kill me!"

Martha yelled, lifting her head and shouting.

"I've reached my limit too. G-Gods, help me."

Burren prayed with his hands clasped together, looking as if he was on the brink of collapse.

"I'm done for..."

Runaan closed her eyes as if she didn't care anymore.

Her breathing stabilized, indicating that she might have actually fallen asleep.

"Listen up. The next... "

"I can't! You lunatic! Just let us go!"

"I'm done for now... I can't!"

The Light Wind squad members rejoiced as they looked at the still-setting sun. 

Since they hadn't finished their training before the sun set in the past month, they all cheered in relief.


"Starting from the next training, we'll be conducting sparring sessions with other squads. So make sure you're well-prepared."

"Spar with other squads?"

"You need to test the skills you've built up until now against opponents of similar levels."

There are times when sparring with opponents of significantly different skill levels like us is meaningless.

Engaging in battles with opponents at a similar level will be of great help.

"I quite like that idea!"

Martha raised her hand with a smile.

"If it helps us improve our skills, we should do anything."

Burren nodded in agreement.


Runaan was asleep.

"So, when are we starting this? We need to prepare properly and end with a victory..."


"Tomorrow at noon. We'll be facing off against the Azure Harmony squad here."

At Raon's words, the members of the Light Wind squad all rose from the ground, wide-eyed. 

This was a reaction even more intense than during times of rest.

"The, the Azure Harmony squad?"

"They have quite a number!"

"There's less than a day left until tomorrow at noon!"

"Hey, you rascal. Even the squad leader gave us a day!"

"Gods above!"

"If there's a devil, just take that guy away!"

The Light Wind squad shouted, pounding their heads on the ground while invoking both gods and devils.

Wrath sighed, placing his forehead on the ground.

"Even the squad Leader has been exposed…"



The sorrowful cry of the Blade of Requiem reverberated through the small garden.

"Well done."

Raon gently caressed the resonating the Blade of Requiem before sheathing it in the scabbard at his waist.

"This is the ghastly energy. How did it feel?"

With a faint smile, he looked to his right. Roenn, Yua, and Yulius stood there dazedly.


Yua extended her lips and started to sob.

"The melody itself feels cheerful, but the sword's cry is so mournful that I can't control my emotions...."

She couldn't continue her words and tears welled up in her eyes. 

Having a talent for music, it seemed she had sensed the sadness of the souls contained within the ghastly energy.

"I-I was deeply moved! I honestly don't quite understand the ghastly energy, but the Blade of Requiem stirs up my heart. 

I feel like swinging a sword right now!"

Yulius tightly gripped the wooden sword at his waist and smiled. 

Seeing his face turn red, it was evident that the Blade of Requiem had truly captured his heart. 

His typical swordsman's disposition made Raon chuckle.

"Indeed, you're impressive."

Roenn grinned and nodded. 

Yua and Yulius had asked to hear the Blade of Requiem and ghastly energy when they came to visit, and judging by their expressions, they were clearly impressed as well.

"The Blade of Requiem seems to have evolved further since the last time you showed it. No, it seems to have evolved several steps. The power and range have changed dramatically."

"You flatter me."

Raon gave a faint smile and nodded.

"And the ghastly energy...."

Roenn narrowed his eyes slightly and lifted his chin.

"As Lady Yua mentioned, it's a mournful piece. It's filled with resentment, cries, pain, and longing."

With just one listen, he could discern all the emotions contained within the ghastly. 

He was, as usual, not an ordinary martial artist.

"While it might not cause significant harm to ordinary people at the moment, if you or the Blade of Requiem gain even more power, there's a possibility they could become a threat to regular folks."


"To be honest, I've slightly adjusted it even now."

Roenn gave a faint smile and gestured toward Yua and Yulius. 

The ghastly energy was originally an energy that only affected White Blood religion believers with their inherent life force, but it seemed that the Blade of Requiem absorbing the aura of apostles had extended its influence to ordinary people too.

"Thank you for informing me."

Since it had been a while since he'd used the ghastly energy, Roenn's words were quite helpful.

"By fine-tuning the range and power of the ghastly energy and blade of requiem, you'll be able to refine your mastery of the Aura's techniques. It might be challenging, but it'll be a great learning experience."

"Yes. I'll work hard."

Roenn nodded his head. 

Since the ring of fire had reached 7 stars, controlling the Blade of Requiem and ghastly energy shouldn't be too difficult.

"Oh, speaking of which, do you still have the Enhancement Stone necklace that the Lord gave you?"

Roenn raised his finger as if remembering and pointed to his neck.

"I don't have it now, it's in the annex building."

The necklace seemed more like a decoration than for actual combat, so he kept it in his room.

"That necklace has undergone one refining process more than other necklaces, giving it exceptional effects in protecting against both internal and external injuries, as well as mental strength. It would be wise to wear it regularly."

"Ah, I'll make sure to do that. Thank you."

Roenn nodded and smiled.

"Then, I'll take my leave now. Let's go."



With Yua and Yulius in tow, he headed toward the annex building.

As he watched Raon's retreating figure, Roenn smiled.

"Always looking upwards, aren't you?

Not only does he look upwards, but he also doesn't neglect what's below. 

He was young, but he was like an idealist hermit.

"I wish you good fortune."


On the clear first day of the new year, at the Zieghart audience chamber.

As Glenn received a report from Sheryl about the Heavenly Sword Division activities, the door to the audience chamber room opened, and Chad entered.

"Ah, my lord. Something significant has occurred."

Chad rushed to the center and knelt down.

"Something significant?"

Rimmer, leaning against a pillar, raised an eyebrow.

"Well, one might say you were already aware of this, but..."

Chad held up the documents he brought and let out a deep sigh.

"Roman has sent a letter, declaring a life-and-death duel with Raon three years from now, on January 1st."

"Ah, I see."

Rimmer detached himself from the pillar and snapped his fingers.

"Still, giving three years after the change of the year... It's quite generous in terms of time. He might be despicable, but he's a cool guy."

Rimmer believed giving three years from the start of the new year indicated that he wasn't completely without conscience.

"Three years from now... Hmm?"

Rimmer felt the audience chamber suddenly go quiet.

Glenn, Sheryl, and Roenn were staring at him as if they could kill him with their eyes.

"Why, why are you all behaving this way? Why are your eyes so wide open!"

Rimmer swallowed dryly as he felt the intense gazes of the three.

"If you had fulfilled your role properly, this matters wouldn't have escalated to this point."

"A creature like a cockroach. Clinging to your subordinates because you're idle and trying to survive?"

"Heh heh, Rimmer doesn't seem to provide much value."

Glenn, Sheryl, and Roenn used their tongues rather than swords to strike forcefully at people's hearts.


Rimmer clutched his chest and stepped back.

"Your words are too harsh..."

"Shall we use something other than words?"

A red spark flashed from Glenn's fingertips.

"No! Words are sufficient! Please, use words only!"

Rimmer vigorously shook his head, laughing awkwardly.

Glenn glared at Rimmer with cold eyes before shifting his gaze to Chad.

"Did this message come in Roman's name?"

"Yes. It wasn't sent in the name of the North-South Union; it was sent specifically in the name of Grandmaster Roman."

Chad grimaced and nodded.

"By including only his own name, he's likely implying that he won't allow any interference. Is that wretched scoundrel trying to show off?"

"Yes. It's a nasty tactic. It conveys their determination to fight without burdening the North-South Union."

Sheryl and Roenn raised their tongues and once again fixed their gaze on Rimmer.


Rimmer cautiously looked around and stepped back.


Sheryl lightly tapped a sword against Rimmer's back, releasing a chilling energy.

"My Lord. Wouldn't it be better to quickly dismantle the North-South Union rather than burden Roan? You already have their location."

She looked at Chad as if seeking his agreement.

"Ah, yes. W-We've determined the location of their headquarters."

Chad nodded. 

Following Glenn's top-priority orders, the Vian Assembly agents had coerced North-South Union operatives into revealing the headquarters' location. 

However, they hadn't yet determined the full extent of their strength.


As Chad was about to report their lack of knowledge about the North-South Alliance's strength, an immense determination surged from Glenn's feet, rising like flames.

"Indeed, it's time to eliminate those who don't understand their place."

He stood up as if he would charge into the North-South Union right away. 

His presence was like a moving mountain, shaking the Manor.

"Wait a moment! We still don't know who's in there..."

Chad tried to interject, but Glenn's gaze remained unwavering.

"Whoever's in there, however many they are, it doesn't matter. We'll wipe them all out."

"Indeed, Your Lordship!"

Sheryl cheered, raising her fist.

"We, the Heavenly Sword Division, will lead the way!"

"Now, just a moment..."

"Everyone seems quite excited."

Chad's trembling chin was stopped by Roenn, who smiled softly and stood in front of them.

"As I mentioned before, when there's a purpose, people become stronger. Raon is rapidly growing stronger than before in preparation for his showdown with Grandmaster Roman. It might be better to let him be."

Thinking of Raon, who had recently been told about the improved Blade of Requiem, Roenn smiled.

"Wouldn't it be better to wait two and a half years and see Roman die as soldier?"

"A s-soldier? I haven't heard that Roman is ill..." (I don't understand about this soldier part, so I can't edit it) 

"Ah, I've been researching methods of assassination lately. The method is quite simple."

Roenn smiled with a chilling expression, lightly touching his neck with his fingers.

"Hmm, that doesn't sound bad."

Glenn nodded slowly and buried himself in his throne once again.

"Indeed. There's still plenty of time, so we can deal with it in two and a half years."

Sheryl turned her wrist and stepped back.

Those two were talking about dismantling the North-South Union like it was a trivial task.


Chad looked at the three individuals treating the North-South Union as if it were mere rubble and shivered. 

They were humans who were still difficult to get used to.

"What is the Light Wind squad doing right now?"

Glenn looked at Rimmer, huddled in a corner.

"Well, recently, they've been focusing on sparring with other squads for training."

Rimer muttered, looking at Chad as if he blamed him for coming to report this. 

He seemed to resent the timing of his arrival

"Lately, I've heard some strange rumors about the Light Wind squad."

Sheryl narrowed her eyes at Rimmer.

"Really? What kind?"

"They're not called the Light Wind squad; instead, they're being called the Gwanggyeon squad."


"Why are they being called the Gwanggyeon squad?"

"W-Well, you see..."

"It's because, just like a mad dog, they're said to never back down when facing enemies and fight to the end, tearing the opponents apart for victory. Sometimes they're even said to bark like dogs, but I haven't seen that myself..."

Sheryl explained to Glenn the reason why the Light Wind squad was being called the Gwanggyeon squad, rather than the Light Wind squad.

"Anyway, the Light Wind squad sparring win rate is quite impressive."

"Yes, that's right. As far as I know, they've won over 25 out of 30 matches. Lately, they've been nearly undefeated."

Chad nodded in agreement with Sheryl's words.

"Raon is known as the handler of such 'mad dogs,' hence he's also called the Gwanggyeon Squad Leader."

"Not bad."

Glenn nodded slowly. 

Both the nickname and the win rate of the Light Wind squad seemed satisfying.

"Young Master Raon seems to have skills not only in combat but also in handling people."

"When we trained together before, the other team members followed his lead quite well."

Roenn smiled, recalling the time they had gone for training together.

Roenn and Sheryl also smiled along with him.


Glenn stopped his laughter abruptly and looked at Rimmer.


Rimmer felt a shiver down his spine and swallowed nervously.

"It's good that the Light Wind squad's skills are improving."

"W-well, I'm just grateful that the team members are following well."

"That's the thing. Where did the Light Wind squad have their sparring session yesterday?"

"...Yesterday? You mean yesterday?"

They had a sparring session yesterday?

Recently, training had been led by Raon and Gambling Monster, and he had spent the whole day practicing martial arts, completely unaware.

'If I don't know this, I'm dead....'

The cells that had kept him alive until now were speaking to him. 

If he didn't answer this question, he would die.

'We sparred with the Cheongeung squad first, then it was Bicheonda. The third was....'

He desperately turned his thoughts, searching for the answer. And he remembered—the only place they hadn't sparred.

"Cheoljeon squad! It was the Cheoljeon squad!"

Rimmer raised his fist and shouted. 

However, the pressure Glenn was exerting didn't disappear but doubled, pressing down on his shoulders.


"That Ch- the Cheoljeon squad was promoted to the Cheoljeon Division last year."

Chad turned his head slightly and whispered.

"Does the squad leader not even know what kind of training the members are doing, or who they are sparring with?"

"T-That's... I was just busy yesterday..."

When Glenn made a dismissive gesture with his hand, Sheryl and Roenn approached slowly.

"You really can't handle this. You probably went to the gambling den and lost money again."

"This time, even I'm starting to get annoyed. Hahaha."

The two of them stood in front of Rimmer with lively eyes.

"I… spent the whole day yesterday practicing aerial maneuvers! Raon's been keeping me busy with training…"

"Raon? You dare to call the Lord's grandson so casually?"


Sheryl kicked Rimmer's side and threw him into a corner before showing her fierce determination.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Chad watched Rimmer getting pummeled without reservation, his throat gulping nervously.

Right, I'm certain.'

The Lord most cherished person is Raon Zigheartl.

The prediction of the former Master of White Lotus Association, Alisa was wrong (what the hell the translation change from Vian Assembly to this, lol). 

It wasn't just Glenn; Sheryl and Roenn, who could be considered the real powers, also cherished Raon more than anyone else.

'Can't keep going like this.'

To survive in Zieghart, he had to make a good impression on Raon, more so than anyone else. 

Chad listened to Rimmer's screams and thought about what he would say to Raon.

Glenn closed his eyes for a moment, then looked at Chad.


"Have we received any requests related to the White Blood Religion recently?"

"It's a request that came from Granseville. They've been experiencing a sudden increase in disappearances since the end of last year, and recently, bodies with flesh torn off have been found in Molbe Lake. They suspect the White Blood religion involvement."

Chad nodded, recalling the request that had come in a few days ago.

"Any specific requirements from the client?"

"They requested a swift response, and if possible, they wanted the Light Wind squad to be sent. The Light Wind squad vice leader. No, it seems to be because of the achievement where the Light Wind squad vice leader' personally beheaded the Fourth Apostle."

"I see."

Glenn smiled lightly and nodded.

"They've had a three-month break."

Having focused on training and sparring, it was time to give those kids some real combat experience.

"I'll assign a new mission to the Light Wind squad."


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