TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 292

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 292


With a sound as if a book was being torn apart, the blue dimension split open into a diamond shape, reaching to the ends of the sky. 

Amidst the dimension with waves crashing like the sea, Wrath revealed his form.


Contrary to his title as the Lord of Wrath, Wrath exuded an absolute aura different from his usual self as he gazed down upon this world with cold eyes.


Raon frowned as he watched Wrath crossing over the dimensions slowly.

'Why is he like that? No, that's not important…'

Why did he get so big?

Wrath appeared as his usual blue cotton candy-like self, but he had grown. 

No, he had grown quite a bit. 

He was more than a hundred times larger than when he emerged from the Ice Flower Bracelet.


As he exited the dimension, he couldn't control his body and let out a coarse scream as he fell to the ground.


Perhaps due to his increased size, the entire space shook as Wrath plummeted.


Wrath lifted his head slightly with a frown.

"You stubborn fool! You're still not done? What on earth are you doing?"

For the first time since they met, Wrath' words were heard clearly. 

It wasn't in his mind, but a voice that reached his ears.

"Where's the Lizard? I want to tear him apart and devour him whole after a long time."

Did that mean he actually ate it?

A hollow laughter escaped due to the absurdity of it. 

He thought he had won against the dragon, but it seemed like Wrath had actually eaten it. 

No matter how he thought about it, he could finally understand why Wrath wasn't suffering from overeating.

"Don't just stare blankly, speak up. Where is the Lizard? I need to teach him a lesson after all this time."

"Below you."

Raon pointed to the ground with trembling fingers.


"He's under you."

As soon as the blue cotton candy appeared, Wrath dropped down, turning into a small puddle beneath him.

Raon thought that if he hadn't survived, it would have been a pitiful end to be squashed under Wrath's belly. 

Seeing a faint aura emanating from the puddle indicated that it was alive. 

But still, being flattened by cotton candy's belly and dying, it almost happened. 

It was somewhat fortunate.


Wrath lowered his gaze and seemed to lose his appetite.

"Dragon waffles?"

No matter how I thought about it, Wrath was a lunatic.


Raon sighed and lifted Wrath up.

"Why do you look like that?"

"What do you mean?"

"This place is where souls find their true forms, so why do you appearing as cotton candy?"

"Cotton candy? What is cotton candy?"

Wrath ignored the question and asked what cotton candy was.

"It's sugar that's melted and spun to be thin like cotton. It looks exactly like your current form."

"Is it delicious?" (lmao this got me)


I expected that response, so I wasn't surprised.

"It's just sugar."

"I want to try it someday."

Wrath licked his lips.

"Enough, where did that handsome and beautiful appearance go? Why are you appearing as a cotton candy?"

This place revealed even the appearance of my past life as an assassin. 

I was curious why Wrath continued to appear in that form.

"Well, isn't that obvious?"

Wrath seemed to be expressing his annoyance as if he were asking the question himself.

"This world is where the clash between your spirit and the dragon's spirit opened the gateway. If the true form of the King of essence were to appear, that would be even more unusual."

"Your anger is ingrained in my soul."

"Thanks to that anger, hasn't the king's demeanor improved?"

He grinned as he looked at his big body.


Raon sighed, unable to understand Wrath's mindset no matter how much he thought about it.

"You, you..."

Raon was about to say something to Wrath when it happened.


The ground trembled as Wrath suddenly bounced up into the sky.


Underneath him, Rockta let out a scream, radiating immense cold and a sense of despair.

"Sneak attacking me, how cowardly!"

Rockta glared at the airborne Wrath and cursed him.

"I will completely tear apart that flesh!"

Whether due to the shock of being crushed beneath Wrath's belly or something else, Rockta's eyes gleamed with madness.

"Not even a proper dragon. A half-baked brat with an arrogant attitude."

Wrath floated in the air, staring down at Rockta.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you, the King's servant, deal with this swiftly?"

"How about a little bet this time?" 

Raon pointed at Rockta and smiled.

"A bet? What do you mean by a bet?"

"How about we bet on who can subdue him first?"

"You arrogant brat! Do you really think you can defeat the King?"

"I've been defeating you all my life."


Unable to refute Raon's piercing words, Wrath's lips trembled.

"Fine! I accept the bet!"

"Make sure not to kill him because I have something to ask him. The one who forces him to surrender first wins."

"I understand!"

As soon as Raon agreed, a message appeared before him, a message he hadn't seen in a while.

[<Wrath> proposes a bet.]

Condition: Subdue the Dragon first.

Success: All stats +10, advancement in two traits.

Failure: Generates 25 points of <Wrath>'s emotion.

After confirming the message, Raon nodded.

"I accept."

As soon as he accepted, the message disappeared.

"A bet? How dare you underestimate me!"

Rockta glared at Raon and Wrath, his anger so intense it could shatter.

"At least here, I won't yield to anyone!"

The sword he drew emitted a towering light, almost blinding.

"You're out of your mind!"

"You're the one who's out of your mind."

Raon and Wrath just waved their hands at each other, both looking at Rockta.

"Even looking like that, he's much stronger than you. Do you really think you can do it?"

Wrath chuckled. 

Perhaps due to his large cotton candy form, he wasn't particularly irritated.

"You told me that."

"The king? What about him?"

"In battles like this, the most important things are mental strength and imagination."

This world is where Wrath and the Draconian's physical forms clashed. 

If one's mental strength and soul were solidified, nobody could defeat them.

"In this place, there's no one I yield to."

Raon smiled with fervor, raising both the Heavenly Drive sword and the Blade of Requiem.

"Hmph. You won't get a chance from me!"

Wrath casually waved his hand. 

With that single motion, the ground under Rockta's feet began to freeze.


The icy energy with extreme resistance to cold froze the Draconian with unbelievable power.

"T-This cold!"

Rockta's mouth hung open as he gazed at Wrath's cold. 

Recognizing the chill from Lohengreen, he shivered in fear.


Just as Wrath's Glacier Cold was about to freeze Rockta completely, a mighty blaze erupted, dispelling the frost.


"No way."

Raon extended the Heavenly Drive sword with a smile.

"Interfering, are you!"

"There was never a promise not to interfere."

"Well, it's useless anyway!"

As Wrath's eyes glowed crimson, thousands, no, tens of thousands of ice blades manifested in the air.


The blades descended in unison towards Raon and Rockta.

Raon thrust the Heavenly Drive sword forward.

Red flower buds bloomed along the thousands of petals that emerged from the blades.

A cluster of fiery flowers filled the air, melting all the ice blades conjured by Wrath.

"As expected."

In an actual fight against Wrath, it would likely end in a single strike. 

But here, I managed to obstruct Wrath.

"Nothing has changed."

The battles here are just like those clashes between Wrath and his soul. 

Elevating the caliber of my soul using the ring of fire wouldn't be a trivial matter to stomp on that Demon King.

I looked at the scowling Wrath and tightened my lips.

"From a Draconian to a Demon King."

Let's have a proper showdown

*  *  *

The Alchemy chamber of the White Blood religion.

In a massive room where white and crimson harmoniously intertwined, a sound resembling a woman's moan echoed.


The sound seemed to reverberate in the air.


A glass bottle containing a ring and a continent-devotion incense burner were suspended in mid-air, enveloped in a white aura.


Dorian stood beside the right pillar, watching the slow rotation of the ring and the glass bottle in a daze.


The endlessly spinning ring and glass bottle suddenly stopped, and the white aura that had covered them drew eerie patterns in the air.


With a reddish foot on the pedestal shaking, the White Blood religion's leader exhaled a warm breath.

"Took quite a while."

Her deep gaze passed the ring and the glass bottle, focusing on the strange pattern that had appeared, glowing white in the air.


The leader of the White Blood religion raised her long legs, resting her chin on her knee as she smiled.

"Seems like you've been drawn to an interesting place."

As she flicked her finger, the ring and the glass bottle slowly descended and were caught in Dorian's hand.


Soft footsteps sounded outside the Alchemy Room, and the Tenth Apostle entered through the door.

"Are you finished?"

"We've roughly identified the location."

The leader of the White Blood religion nodded slowly as she looked at the Tenth Apostle.

"Couldn't the Mayaback Spell accurately pinpoint the location?"

"It seems to be protected by a rather thick barrier."

As she twirled her finger, an image of the continent spread through the air. 

One part of the continent glowed white, indicating the location of the commercial city of Cameloon.


One of the Tenth Apostle blinked as he saw the sparkling light in Cameloon.

"Could it be that Eden is in Cameloon?"

"Probably near Cameloon."

The leader of the White Blood religion stretched her neck and tilted her head.

"But Cameloon is a city associated with the Six Kings..."

"That's why it would be easier to hide there."


The Tenth Disciple seemed to understand the reason, nodding slightly.

"Because they counterbalance each other."

"Right. Even though they are tied to the name of the Six Kings, they are constantly keeping each other in check."

The leader of the White Blood religion smiled faintly.

"But still, it's not easy to distribute freely. She's clever and audacious. It must be her craftsmanship."

With a languid movement, she rose to her feet.

"Are you planning to go there yourself?"

"Seems like you guys might not be enough."

Despite the leader's dismissive tone, the Tenth Apostle didn't show any reaction. 

To them, the sect leader was a deity. 

If the deity spoke, there had to be a significant reason.

"I will prepare."

The Tenth Disciple lowered his head and left the room.

"If only it were more refined..."

The leader of the White Blood religion cast a sly smile at Dorian, who was standing with the ring and glass bottle in hand.

"Would you like to come along as well?"

* * *

Rokta trembled and raised his head.


A young human and a cloud-like monster were engaged in a fierce battle, unleashing terrifying attacks of fire and ice.

"Fire, it's definitely fire!"

The energy emanating from that cloud-like monster was unmistakably the same as the freezing power of Lohengreen's ice.


The ice unleashed by the cloud-like monster was even more powerful than what Lohengreen had used, and it easily overwhelmed the flames of the young human.

"That kid is more monstrous than I thought."

Rokta swallowed dryly as he looked at Raon.

The young boy who didn't even look twenty had an incredible strength and a formidable soul.

He couldn't fathom how he possessed such immense power at such a young age.

"No, that's not important right now."

This is an opportunity. 

An opportunity to kill them both at once.

While the human and the monster were engaged in combat, this was Rokta's chance to enact his revenge on Lohengreen and also to finish the battle to claim the princess.

Since his awakening, he had spent countless hours honing his mental strength in order to exact his revenge on Lohengreen and protect the princess. 

Now was the time to showcase the results of his efforts.

"Make them regret underestimating me. No, there won't even be room for regret!"

You'll both vanish just like that!

Rokta opened his true soul. 

His body shimmered with a bluish light as he transformed back into the form of the mighty dragon.


From a height that made humans and even monsters look like mere insects, he drew forth the essence of his soul, a combination of his aura and the overwhelming sense of despair.

A breath of cold. 

The strongest attack given to him by his father combined with the immeasurable mental strength he had accumulated up until now, exploding all at once.


From Rokta's wide-open jaws burst forth an extreme cold that was directed at both Raon and Wrath.

The two combatants, who had been focused on each other, suddenly halted their movements, turning to the side to glance at Rokta in surprise.

"What a bother."

"Who dares to interfere!"

Annoyance welled up in Raon's and Wrath's eyes as their fight was disrupted.

"A third party was supposed to stay out of this!"

Anger filled the pupils of both Raon and Wrath, who had been interrupted by Rokta's sudden attack.

"That bastard!"

"Get lost!"

Fury surged within both Raon and Wrath as they glared at Rokta.

Simultaneously, a different energy radiated from each of their fists as they launched attacks toward Rokta's freezing breath. 

Their combined efforts managed to tear through the freezing energy.


A tremendous collision of heat and cold intertwined diagonally, smashing into Rokta's chest with intense force.


Rokta's enormous form, dwarfing even mountains, was flung through the air like a piece of paper before plummeting to the ground.


In the midst of dizziness, Rokta looked at Raon and Wrath, who weren't even sparing a glance in his direction.

"These crazy bastards..."

It's my fight….

*  *  *

Raon stuck out her tongue and smiled, pointing at the unconscious Rokta.

"Did you see him fall? Victory is mine."

"What nonsense are you spouting? The king's cold energy shattered his consciousness first!"

"My flames were first."

"Nonsense! The king's cold energy was faster by a hair's breadth! Your flames caught up much later!"

"It was me."

"No way!"

Wrath vehemently shook his head, his cotton candy-like appearance making it hard to take him seriously, and Raon couldn't help but chuckle.

"Well, it worked out better this way. I'll break him just like this and plant the seeds of rage in his soul."

"Are you sure that's alright?"

Raon raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"This place is advantageous for me, you know."

"Hmph! It doesn't matter!"

Wrath let out a snort, radiating a reddish aura and snickering.

"Once the king's true power is unleashed, breaking you will be simple!"

"True power?"

Raon narrowed her eyes at Wrath's confident demeanor.

"Yes. In this form, you can't fully tap into all your mental strength. From now on, the king will show everyone in the real form of the great king, one that will astound them."

Wrath spread his hand wide. 

The frigid energy that had been spread out like cotton candy began to condense at its center, reducing in size and resembling the original form of the being known as the Demon King.


As the energy condensed and the cold grew more intense, Wrath's power increased exponentially. 

An intimidating blend of chilling cold and boundless rage emanated from him.

"But you know."

Raon smirked and approached Wrath.

"I don't really need to wait for your transformation, do I?"

With those words, he used all his strength to kick away the still-rounded Wrath, who was in the middle of transforming.


The sound of a rubber ball bursting echoed as Wrath's form shot up to the sky.

"What is this madness?"

Wrath's eyes shot open as he yelled in disbelief.

"You said you were returning to your original form, but where's the transformation?"


Raon kicked Wrath once more, sending his body crashing into Rockta's face.



The collision between Wrath and Rockta caused both of them to groan.

"This is fun."

Raon giggled as he dashed forward and landed a punch on Wrath, who was now in the form of a flattened cotton candy. 

With a thud, Wrath bounced off the ground and crashed into the collapsed castle wall.


From the wreckage, Wrath flailed his arms.

"Hey! You crazy lunatic!"

Wrath blinked rapidly, his anger evident in his eyes.

"Don't not attack during transformations! give time for power to build up!"

"I'm not a demon."

Raon stepped on her staff, advancing toward the still-transforming Wrath, who was being pummeled with her fists.


As Wrath received punches from both fists, he swayed like a punching bag and struggled to regain his senses.

"Devil-like. No, even worse than a devil...!"

Wrath's energy of cold and anger faded as he slowly lost consciousness.


Watching Raon smiling as he vigorously pummeled Wrath, Rockta shivered all over.

"That human is truly insane."

No doubt about it!

Having lived alongside Merlin for many years and observed countless humans, this was the first time he had encountered someone like Raon.

Unshakeable mental strength in any situation, coupled with cruelty. 

Hr was a monstrous being that evoked fear to the point of sending shivers down his spine.


Why of all creatures did you send this monster!

Rockta, instead of rebelling against Raon, found himself resenting Merlin. 

He didn't believe he could defeat that monster, no matter what he did.

"Damn it..."

As he mentally submitted and placed his hand on the ground, a message appeared before Raon's eyes.

[You have won the bet against <Wrath>.]

Raon stopped his fist as she saw the message.



Just before losing consciousness, Wrath, upon seeing the message, spat out blood.

"This, this is cheating! I'll never acknowledge it! You hit me while I was transforming!"

Wrath twisted his body and concentrated the frigid energy he had gathered, causing it to explode in an instant.


Blue cold energy shot up into the sky, creating a brilliant light.


A voice filled with intense rage and icy coldness made their souls shiver.


Amidst the storm of the searing cold energy, a elongated figure became visible.


The aura emitted by that presence sent shivers down their spines as soon as they saw the searing glare it emitted.



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