SL:R (Novel) Chapter 69

C 69

In order for Suho to sprint, he had to use several buff skills that reduce mana in real time.

The used mana can be restored with a potion, but no one knows what it would be like if they arrived in front of Lee Minseong.

‘I have to conserve my physical strength as much as possible, so that I can go straight into battle as soon as I arrive.‘

He decided to use Baek Miho, who was nearby.

“… Carry?“


“You? Hunter Sung Suho?“

“Yes. You’re on the way there anyway, so please give me a ride.“

“I mean, wait! How could you ask that very casually…?!“

Baek Miho was greatly taken aback when Suho tried to climb on her back right away.

“A-Are you serious?“

“Is this the time for a leisurely joke then?“


Baek Miho was stunned by Suho‘s brazenness.

Looking at those serious eyes, it seemed that he was not joking at all.

Suho wasn’t even joking in the first place, but what crazy person would dare to say nonsense to the Vice President of the Baekho Guild?

He just asked her to carry him!

Like she was some kind of a taxi or what!

“I have to stock up on my physical strength as much as possible until I meet Lee Minseong.“

“Then what about my physical strength?!“

“For an A-Class hunter, carrying me on your back won‘t reduce your physical strength or mana, right?“

“Yeah, but…“

“Glad to hear that. I‘m a C-Class hunter, and my physical strength was exhausted. I can’t rest first before fighting as soon as I get there, right?“

Does that… make sense?!

‘No! It doesn‘t make sense, obviously it doesn‘t but…‘

Baek Miho was strangely kind of being persuaded by Suho‘s words.

They were in such an urgent situation that she couldn‘t afford to refute every word he said.

Even if they weren’t, she was feeling a strange ‘pressure and intimidation’ from Suho that could not be expressed in words.

Yes, that feeling was like…

‘Why does it feel like facing my father…‘

[The King of Beasts, Fang Monarch, giggles and looks at Baek Miho.]

Baek Miho did not realize that now, from afar, the greatest King of Beasts was looking down at her.

The spirit of the mighty predator was secretly flowing through Suho, the pontifex, and putting pressure on Baek Miho.

She finally closed her eyes and shouted.

“Alright! It‘s a waste of time to argue like this right now…!“




Baek Miho‘s whole body overflowed with the beast‘s energy. Suho and Beru‘s eyes lit up at the same time.

No wonder Rakan had been watching her from the Realm of Death before.

‘If it wasn‘t for me, this person could have been the pontifex of Rakan.‘


A mysterious ability that strengthens the human body like a beast.

He heard rumors that if Baek Yunho, the guild leader of the Baekho [White Tiger] Guild, increased this power to the extreme, he would turn into a white tiger.

But Baek Miho…



Baek Miho engulfed the energy of an animal, transformed into an agile fox-like figure and looked down proudly at Suho.

Fluffy white hair.

The pure white aura flowing over her created fox-like ears and a tail.

“Great. I’ll get on then.“

Baek Miho‘s eyes shook for a moment at Suho unhesitantly getting on her back.

‘He wasn’t overwhelmed by my energy? A C-Class hunter like him?‘

There was a hierarchy that was determined instinctively among hunters who use the same Beast Transformation skill.

It was possible to suppress or ignore that instinct with human will and guts, but it was normal to react like the members of the Baekho Guild behind them.

“Keugh! V-Vice President…!“

The Baekho Guild members were feeling the energy radiating from Baek Miho and were extremely shocked as their complexions turned white.

Like beasts facing a stronger predator.

But Suho was different.


“Come on, let‘s go! Hurry!“


Like a cicada attached to an old tree, Suho was sitting peacefully on Baek Miho’s back.

Even on top of that cicada, there is one more smaller and louder cicada…

[Can’t we get going now, fox?]

“… Hold on tight.“

Baek Miho bit her teeth hard and her eyes flashed.

“Because I will run with all my might.“



At that moment, Baek Miho‘s new appearance, carrying Suho, became a ray of light and shot forward.

* * *

It was not as easy as a hunter thought to sprint in the city center.

The problem is the people who roam on the streets. The moment an awakener brushes against one of them while running, ordinary people would literally bounce off like bowling pins.

For a traffic accident, it was more dangerous than being hit by a dump truck.

After the Cataclysm, such incidents were frequent.

It was a case where rookies who had just awakened run around intoxicated with their own power, and unintentionally caused major accidents.

However, with the launch of the Hunter Association, the Hunter Law was created, and since then, there have been few cases where hunters sprinted recklessly on the road.

No matter how confident one was in their physical abilities, they would tend to use normal transportation whenever possible.

But in an emergency like now, things were different.

‘Move on the top of the buildings as much as possible!‘

Baek Miho, with Suho on her back, was moving by leaping over the buildings.

Her speed was so fast that ordinary people could not dare to follow her with their eyes.

“Huh? Right there…“

“Oh? What? I don’t see anything though?“

“… Did I see it wrong?“

She was so fast that even if someone recognized her from a distance and tried to take a picture, she would already disappear by that time.

Suho was genuinely admiring Baek Miho‘s movements.

‘Surely fast. Is this the A-Class level?‘

Through that, Suho was estimating the level of Lee Minseong to fight with later on.

[Whew. She‘s a pretty nimble fox. I will ride often in the future.]

“Beru, it‘s rude to say that.“


Baek Miho pursed her lips in anger at the conversation behind her back.

Summoning hunters and summons were shameless.

“But really, at this speed, we should arrive in 20 minutes.“

[That‘s right.]

As the conversation continued, Baek Miho finally opened her mouth.

“Did you really think of me as a taxi…?!“

It was then.


Suho looked at Beru and said, “The sooner the better.“

Beru‘s eyes squinted and he smiled evilly.

[Aye. Got it.]


[Beru uses ‘Skill: Harsh Command‘.]


The harsh commander, Broki and the buff skill Beru acquired was activated.

Since this buff was a skill that only applied to beasts, it could also be used on the ‘beast‘ that Suho was riding at this moment.

[‘Skill: Harsh Command‘ increases Miho Baek‘s stats by 50%.]

[As a side effect of ‘Skill: Harsh Command‘, Baek Miho is cursed with madness.]


Baek Miho‘s eyes suddenly changed.

A furious rage bubbled up from the depths of her heart and rose to the top of her head.

She was unaware if that rage was because of Suho and Beru‘s chatter, or because of the unknown buff skill.

“… Grrr!“

The moment she surrendered to that emotion, her body felt like it was about to fly.






* * *

Suho succeeded in arriving at the scene in 10 minutes.

[‘Skill: Harsh Command‘ is canceled.]

“Are you okay?“

“… Yeah.“

Baek Miho came back to her senses and looked a little tired, perhaps because she had worked harder than usual.

She was at a level where she recovered quickly with just a little breath. More important than that was the situation they arrived at.

“What the hell is this…“

Baek Miho looked at the scene unfolding in front of her with a serious expression.

Bizarre-looking mutants were attacking citizens.

The hunters were busy trying to stop them, but the problem was that the citizens who were corrupted by the mutants were gradually rotting and turning into new mutants.

The situation seemed to get out of hand if it was not resolved quickly.

“Oh my god. A zombie apocalypse in the middle of the city…“

“No. They are not zombies.“

Baek Miho‘s words were immediately corrected by Suho.

“It‘s a ghoul.“

In Suho‘s eyes, the name tags were clearly visible above the heads of the mutants.

[Contaminated Ghoul]

[Contaminated Ghoul]

[Contaminated Ghoul]

Zombies and ghouls are completely different.

If zombies were walking corpses, ghouls were rather like vampires.

To be precise, a food demon.

In other words, if vampires consume human blood, ghouls consume human flesh.

Above all, what made them different from zombies was that ghouls were not dead bodies, so they were not stupid.

But for some reason, the ghouls there were more interested in killing people than consuming them.

And the victims who were attacked by them rose up as new ghouls while their flesh gradually rotted away… like zombies.

‘These guys‘ purpose was not a simple massacre.‘

The Royal jelly that Queen Bee Arsha used to increase her soldiers.

A powerful poisonous aura was felt from the contaminated ghouls.

‘As Arsha said, Lee Minseong is now gathering more ghouls to form his own legion.‘

Suho, who quickly grasped the situation, looked at Beru.



“Can you find Lee Minseong?“

[I have already found him.]

Beru‘s antennae, which had been bobbing nonstop since earlier, stopped abruptly.

Following the directions indicated, Suho and Baek Miho simultaneously raised their heads and looked up.

And at the same time, their expressions hardened.

It was dark even under the lamp.

There was a 40-story residential-commercial complex right in front of them.

A huge beehive had been built on the upper floors of the high-rise building, which could only be seen if you looked up.

“… You mean, there‘s Lee Minseong up there?“

Baek Miho, who heard the conversation between the two, widened her eyes and clenched her fists.

Tremendous momentum surged from her whole body.

“Hunter Sung Suho! Let‘s move separately from now on. I‘ll raid that hive, and you stay here…“

“It looks like the electricity has been cut off, can you go up the stairs to the top?“

“I will take care of that. You st-?!“


Suho grabbed Baek Miho by the back as she tried to run straight into the building.


She looked back at Suho with a flushed face in embarrassment, and Suho smiled and said, “You gave me a ride on the way here, so I‘ll give you a ride this time.“


Baek Miho looked back in shock when someone suddenly lifted her body up.


[Shadow Lancer Lv.1]

General Class

[Shadow Lancer Lv.1]

General Class

Just in time, the black lancers rose from the shadows of Suho.

A soldier the size of a man with black steam took Suho and Miho Baek in their arms.

“We don‘t have time, so let‘s fly.“

[To be continued…]

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