SL:R (Novel) Chapter 65

C 65

Throughout the entire day, Baek Miho stayed with the guild and regularly monitored the situation of the guild members.

Among field-type dungeons located in the city center, there are quite a few places where cell phones catch signals.

There were many cases where the signal could not be caught due to thick blue mist. The guild avoided opening such dungeons to the C-Class hunters today as much as possible.

“Vice President! I got a call from Times Square!“

“Is it about Lee Minseong?“

“They said it is not yet certain! However, there are occurrences that were not in the guild data…“

“Not in the data?“

Baek Miho‘s expression stiffened at the employee‘s report.

The information power of the Baekho Guild was unmatched.

In particular, the fields opened to the C-Class hunters today were only those that had been verified several times.

What happened that was not in the data?

On top of that it was coincidentally when a villain was on rampage.

Baek Miho‘s eyes flashed sharply.

“What kind of phenomenon is it?“

“That is… poison mist and bees…“


That one word was enough.

The appearance of Lee Minseong in the CCTV video where he changed into a form similar to a ‘bee‘.

Whether it‘s a skill or what, if a bee suddenly appeared in the field, it would have something to do with Lee Minseong in some way.

“Let‘s start with Times Square.“

The guild members who were waiting for Baek Miho‘s order stood up all at once.

They arrived at Times Square right away and held their breath the moment they entered the field.


A labyrinth of thorns covered with poison mist.

‘I never thought the poison would be this terrible.‘

Hunters have much better resistance to poison than normal people.

Some kind of poison didn‘t work to begin with.

Even if they were poisoned, they could be treated by healers, so they were rarely in danger due to poison.

However, if an entire field was filled with a thick poison mist, it would be a different thing.

As long as the mana of the healers is limited, it is inevitable that they will eventually reach a situation where they cannot use the detoxification skill.

“Everyone, wear a gas mask.“

Each and every one.

At Baek Miho‘s instructions, they put on the gas mask the subordinate hunters had brought.

The moment when Baek Miho herself puts a gas mask on her face…



Baek Miho‘s hand quickly grabbed something.

It was a contaminated wasp that had hidden in the poisonous mist and approached like an assassin.

Baek Miho saw the wasp‘s tail and the poisonous substance at the tip of its stinger.

It was an insect-type demon imbued with magical power.

Even in such a terrible poison mist, it was a poisonous insect that could fly around intact.

She was worried about the safety of the hunters who entered earlier.

“Vice President…“

Baekho guild members looked at Baek Miho with blurred expressions.

“Survivors… We have to find them no matter what.“

Baek Miho gritted her teeth and walked toward the labyrinth of thorns covered with thick poison mist.

‘I have to save them somehow.‘

Not all good intentions come back with good results every time.

It was Baek Miho herself who drove them here.

If someone did die, it was entirely her responsibility.

‘Please… I hope it‘s not too late.‘




They found them sooner than expected.

“Vice President Baek Miho?!“

“They’re alive! Here!“


Baek Miho was a little bewildered when she found the hunters resting together in one place.

Contrary to her concerns, they looked unharmed.

Although, their appearance itself was scruffy and it showed that they had suffered quite a bit.

Thanks to the healer she sent with them, all of their injuries were treated.

Most of all, Baek Miho was surprised by the gas masks they were wearing.

“How did you manage to have a gas mask…?“

There was no information about poison in that dungeon so there was no reason to bring a gas mask.

But somehow, they were all wearing gas masks.

“Oh, this? Hunter Sung Suho brought them.“

“Sung Suho…?“

Baek Miho‘s gaze moved to find Suho, but he’s nowhere to be found.

There were only 9 out of the 10 hunters that were sent there.

Everyone was safe, but only one C-Class hunter named Sung Suho was missing.

“Where is he? Don’t tell me…“

“Oh, no! Hunter Sung Suho is safe! He’ll be fine!“

When Baek Miho was about to ask if he was dead, the hunters answered urgently.

However, each of their expressions was a little strange.

Baek Miho, who noticed that, looked at the Baekho guild members.

“What the hell happened here?“

“Vice President, that‘s….“

“Hunter Sung Suho saved us.“

“… What? Saved you? Who saved who?“

What does that mean?

A C-Class hunter saved a group of raiders that included three B-Class hunters?

However, when asked again, the answer remained the same.

“He disappeared after saving us. He even gave us gas masks from where he could have gotten them.“

The hunters who were gathered there just a moment ago were almost at the brink of death.

The poison mist that was scattered all over the field made their body harden.

Thorned Scarecrow Woodvine still kept coming from all directions.

Meanwhile, the contaminated wasps that appeared silently when they saw free space used bee sting.

None of them were negligible enemies, but the scariest thing was the poison sting of a wasp.

Regardless if only ones’ limbs were stung, the poison consumed the whole body in an instant, causing it to rot.

There was only one treatment method.

To cut off the poisoned part as quickly as possible, just as Suho did to Gu Dongjae.

Immediately after that, the only way to regenerate the part that was cut off was for the healer to regenerate it.

However, such treatment consumed too much of the healer‘s mana, so it was impossible to use it consecutively.

Suho had been separated from them due to the suddenly rising thorn wall.

But, the thing was… Suho‘s appearance…

“You said his hair was bleached?“

“Yes. In silver gray…“

Baek Miho‘s expression hardened as she listened to the explanation.

As far as she knew, there were not many skills that changed hair color suddenly.

The most famous of them was the Beast Transformation skill.

If one used the Beast Transformation skill, it would be possible to change a body part or even more.

‘Could that hunter named Sung Suho also have a beast transformation skill? Ah! Come to think of it, even then…!‘

‘Why did I just think of it now?’

Baek Miho suddenly recalled a memory from a while back.

She thought he looked familiar, it turns out, today wasn‘t the first time she saw Suho.

‘Magok Field.‘

It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost all beast hunters in the metropolitan area gathered at Magok Field.

That strange dungeon where the king of beasts was chosen.

‘Hunter Sung Suho was there too!‘

Unlike the others, the hunter who gave off a strange smell and the only one who caught her eye was the Suho!

‘It was a place where only beast hunters gathered, so for sure, he also…‘

It seemed certain that the Sung Suho had the Beast Transformation skill.

… But, why?

For some reason, another thought popped up in Baek Miho‘s head.

Coincidentally, besides herself and her father, there was one more famous person with silver gray hair.

An unidentified hunter who is making a name for himself these days.

‘Beast King Crow.‘

She didn’t know what the story was, but that person who always hides his face with a mask…!

‘Wait. Now is not the time for this.‘

Baek Miho, who was lost in thought, suddenly came to her senses.

She then asked the guild members who were waiting for his orders.

“So how did the hunter disappear again? Where did he go?“

“He said he was going to the place where the Queen Bee is.“

“The Queen Bee?“

Something was going strangely wrong.

An unexpected situation happened, and the cause was not the A-Class villain Lee Minseong, but the queen bee.

That dungeon was a place where there were no boss mobs.

How come there was a new boss mob suddenly?

‘Was it by chance, Lee Minseong?‘

Confirmed from the CCTV footage, he had something like insect wings attached to his back.

Regardless of what skill it was, if all of this was done by Lee Minseong, it would make sense.

A hunter, who was talking to Baek Miho, pointed to one side with his finger.

There were stairs going down to the basement.

“That was where Hunter Sung Suho went down to.“

“So that means that Queen Bee is underground.“

Baek Miho nodded with a stern expression.

It seemed that the situation would become clear only after going downstairs.

She looked back at the reinforcements she had brought and ordered them.

“Some of you evacuate these people outside, and the rest will go with me to catch the Queen Bee.“

* * *

At that time, Suho went down the stairs to the basement of Times Square.

“Is it you?“

It felt like the air around the area stopped at that cold word.

20 black lancers rose from Suho‘s shadow all at once.


The shadow lancers took a stance as if they would charge forward at any moment.

However, despite such a hideous sight, ‘she‘ did not lose her composure.

She sat cross-legged in front of a table in a cafe entwined with thorns and lazily tilted her teacup.

“Would you like to sit down for a while?“

A clear and calm voice handed over an empty seat to Suho.


Suho sat on the chair in front of her.

Then, in that threatening atmosphere, it became quiet.

“Would you like a cup of tea? It‘s sweet honey tea. It is also a tea with special honey made by myself.“

[Ehh! How dare a flying insect offer?!!]

Beru suddenly thrust his face in and let out a ferocious roar.

Although he was still as big as a fist, the woman was genuinely surprised by that.

“Oh my goodness. Now I see that you have a great bodyguard?“

[Khm. I‘m not great.]

Beru crossed his arms with an air of pride at those words.

The woman could not take her eyes off Beru‘s appearance.

An ant the size of a fist whose body glows with black steam.

However, the strength of bugs is independent of their size.

Rather, it was a world where one should not be ignored the smaller and weaker it looked.

‘He is the first bug I saw next to Querehsha that has this kind of presence…‘

The woman was confused.

Beru‘s aura was very strange.

His presence was obviously enormous, but he could feel the instability in the energy flowing out.

“What are you guys doing? Blind date?“

Watching the two stare at each other with strange eyes, Suho smirks with a mocking expression.

The woman who came to her senses suddenly greeted Suho politely.

“Oh, sorry. My name is Arsha. May I ask your name?“

“Sung Suho.“

“Then, I will call you Mr. Suho.“


“Yes. If I act arrogantly, I think I will be scolded by this ant.“

[Khem. You have a good eye when it comes to insects.]

Beru said with the most evil expression on his face.

[To be continued…]

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