SL:R (Novel) Chapter 62

C 62

Currently, the members of the Baekho Guild were genuinely perplexed.

The reason they were put into that raid was to protect the C-Class hunters from any possible attack by Lee Minseong.

However, when they entered the field, an unexpected melee began.

“Wait. Wasn‘t this a C-Class field?“

“There was no bee in the information about this dungeon, was there?“

In a dungeon where one didn‘t know what would happen at any moment, the value of information is as important as life.

That was one of the reasons why hunters prefer large guilds.

And, of course, the Baekho Guild, one of the representative large guilds, also had a lot of data on unexplored dungeons.

In particular, field-type dungeons that existed outside the gate are free to be visited from time to time, so more detailed information such as the type of monsters that appear and the environment could be gathered.

It was the same at Times Square Field.

Because they knew in advance the information that the monsters there were Woodvine, they went on with the raid with two experienced flamethrower summoning hunters.

The flamethrower itself was not a summon that did great damage, but when it came to C-Class summoning hunters, the number of summoned objects was quite a lot. It would boast great efficiency when dealing with plant-type monsters.

In addition to that, as long as three B-Class hunters were included, they couldn‘t even think of going through such trouble in a C-Class field.

‘If I had known in advance, I would have brought a mage hunter…‘

If there had been a mage awakener with a flame skill, there would have been no suffering from wasps like that.

Or not…


“… Skills like that are fine.“

Up ahead, the Storm Slash and flamethrower‘s combined attack from Suho‘s twin sword were already showing tremendous synergy.

The Baekho Guild members were at a loss for words as they saw the remains of the wasps flying around as ashes in the air.

“… What is that person really?“

He was too good at fighting to be a rookie who has only awakened for less than a month.

Suho naturally treats the summoning hunters who are much older than him as if they were his subordinates.

In addition, he was giving proper instructions to other hunters.

“Leave the bees to us! Take care of the thorns! My mummies will do the tanking, so the dealers focus only on the attack. Tanks, stay in front of the dealers!“

“Got it!“


Hunters move in perfect order at Suho‘s command.

The battle line, which had been disorganized for a while, was quickly put back together.

Gu Dongjae, who was the attack leader, was in an awkward position.

Suho found him just standing there.

“What are you doing here? Move out of the way and get your arm treated!“


Gu Dongjae hurriedly ran toward the healer, startled at Suho‘s screams.

The healer of the Baekho Guild treated Gu Dongjae and looked at Suho‘s dependable back with a strange expression.

“It was this team I was most worried about…“

But things were going better than he expected.

Thanks to that one rookie hunter named Sung Suho.

The only problem was that the dungeon seemed to be thinking the same thing.


Suddenly, thorny vines from the walls and floor began to entangle with each other and separate the hunters.

It was also a phenomenon that did not exist in the information book of the Baekho Guild.

“It is dangerous to scatter around!“

“Come over here quickly!“

The hunters move in a hurry, perplexed by the thorn wall that suddenly rose from the floor.

The problem was Suho.

A wall of thorns swirled in front of Suho, who had been so far away from them, completely separating him from the place where other hunters gathered.


The urgent cries of the hunters, who were suddenly separated from Suho, gradually drifted away.

* * *


Suho swung his twin swords and mercilessly sliced ​​the thorny wall, but the vines next to him crawled through the gap and filled it up again in an instant.

Suho muttered with an expression that he did not like it.

“Isn‘t it obvious that it was only trying to get rid of me?“

[It is.]

“So what are they saying?“


When Suho looked at Beru, he was still waving his antennae while looking at the wasps floating in the air.



Beru nodded as if realizing something then finally opened his mouth.

[Seems to be swearing at me saying they‘re going to kill me.]


When Suho‘s expression cooled down, Beru continued with a chuckle.

[Still, I overheard all the words exchanged between them.]

Beru‘s narrowly opened eyes stared somewhere.

[It‘s over there.]

“Let‘s go.“

Suho turns around without hesitation.

He would know what was waiting for him if he met it in person.

Then, the wall of thorns spread out in front of Suho to the left and right, and a path that had not existed was created.

Suho grinned and showed his teeth fiercely.

“I guess it‘s waiting for me over there, too.“

[It‘s a very cheeky bug.]

Beru‘s expression was much more ferocious than Suho‘s.

Suho ran forward along the road without hesitation.


“It‘s an interesting one.“

Suho smirked when he saw the demon waiting for him at the end of the labyrinth.

[Contaminated Lancer]

A bizarre form that looks like a mixture of an insect and a person.

A humanoid monster armed with yellow and black armor was standing there.

“A spearman? Is that a bee sting?“

Instead of hands, long, pointed spears were sticking out as his arms.

“Krrrk! Yes. I am a lancer who serves the great queen.“


The spearman spread his wings wide and flew up.

At that moment, Beru suddenly muttered something interesting next to Suho.

[It‘s a mysterious insect. Speaking like a human.]


[Why are you looking at me like that, Young Master?]

Suho looked at Beru in silence for a moment, then looked away again.

There‘s a lot to say, but he just let it go.

Suho glared at the spearman again and asked.

“So why did you invite me?“

“Krrrk. It‘s just that you‘ve been a bit of a nuisance, so I‘ve locked you up. You know, it‘s an honor as the Queen‘s lancer to have to deal with you myself.“


The lancer crossed his pointy arms, or spears, and glared arrogantly at Suho.

Suho smiled softly.

“Lock up? Me?“

Suho‘s smile grew wider, thinking it was absurd.

The more he does, the more and more his shadow spreads in all directions.

“You must be the one who‘s trapped.“



The shadow mummies, who had returned to the shadows of Suho before they knew it, rose up at the same time.

10 mummies at where the hunters were.

The other 10 were right there.

Even at the moment when they were separated by the labyrinth, Suho was calmly adjusting his troops according to the situation.

However, the spearman who was suddenly besieged by the shadow mummies did not look surprised at all.

On the contrary, he even laughed at Suho as if it was some kind of a joke.

“Krrrk. You‘re doing well with your summoning hunter agenda. I am well aware of your weakness. I was once a hunter too.“

‘Once a hunter?‘

At the last words, Suho reminded him of something.


The lancer‘s wings shook quickly, and he disappeared on the spot.

‘He‘s coming!‘



He was fast!

In a blink of an eye, the spearman broke through the shadow mummies and rushed straight toward Suho.

A summoning hunter‘s weakness is someone of his kind.

‘He was once a hunter…‘

Suho chewed on those words and twisted his body slightly to avoid the attack.


A spear like an awl glided past Suho and pierced a huge hole in the thorn wall behind him.

Truly, a formidable attack.

‘At least C-Class or more.‘

The aura Suho felt from him was C-Class.

However, his speed was comparable to that of a B-Class, and when his other skills were to be added, it was truly powerful.

“Krrrk! Pretty good! Keep struggling!“

Swish! Swish! Swish!!

Incredible attack speed.

In the blink of an eye, countless straight attacks were poured into Suho.

All of those attacks were aimed at Suho‘s blind spot, and the speed was so fast that it felt like numerous enemies were attacking at the same time.

An infinite hell where space itself seems to be hacked to pieces.

At the center, Suho was silently avoiding the attacks by a narrow margin rather than counterattacking.

His eyes followed every movement.

Then all of a sudden…

“He‘s a really interesting guy. I know how to deal with witchcraft.“

Suho smirked as he spoke to him.

“If you pretend to be a great one, the opponents will usually die out of recklessness, right?“


At those words, the lancer stood still in the air.

A cruel smile crept across his lips.

“They said you were a rookie with no experience, but you’re a quick-witted one.“

Indeed, a voice came from a different direction.

Suddenly, Suho was surrounded by five spearmen.

Each one has a slightly different appearance, but all of them look like a mixture of insects and people. They were armed with full body armor and pointed spears resembling bee stings.

“Even if you notice, nothing will change.“

The spearmen flew at the same time and charged at Suho.

But in fact, Suho was also quite confident in speed battles.


[‘Pet: Gray‘ blessing.]


Suho‘s hair turned silver.



Suho‘s new appearance disappeared on the spot and appeared in front of the spearmen with his twin swords.


Behind him, a spearman stood with his head separated without any apparent death.


[You have killed a contaminated lancer.]

“Four remaining.“


In the eyes of the lancers who are shocked at the sight of their colleague‘s head rolling on the floor in vain…

Suho‘s figure disappeared again.


Another head rolled across the floor.

[You have killed a contaminated lancer.]

“Now, three.“


Only then did the relaxed expression of the lancers suddenly change.

A hunter evolved his body to increase his attack power?

What was that?

Suho had also been concentrating all his remaining stats obtained as rewards only on his strength.

As a result, Suho’s movement with the addition of the blessing, were not at the level of a mere flying insect.

“Don‘t worry.“

Suho smiled at them.

“I‘ll save one.“

Whether it was the King or Queen of Insects.

One has to take the position.

[To be continued…]

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