SL:R (Novel) Chapter 60

C 60

Gu Dongjae‘s expression turned grim again and he glared at Suho.

”What did you say?”

”I will fight alone and from afar.”


”Might get in the way…”

… Of my leveling up.

He continued inside his head.

‘My personal experience will decrease.‘

If he has allies fighting alongside, he would receive less experience.

Besides, it‘s already a raid group with a lot of rookies. If Suho‘s summoned beasts appear, the battle lines would get messed up and they would be a nuisance to each other.

‘I guess I left out too many words.‘

”What? Who is disturbing whom? Huh?”


Gu Dongjae‘s big hand grabbed Suho‘s collar.

He tried to lift him.


Suho‘s body did not move.

”W-What?! Hupp!”

Gu Dongjae was flustered and put strength on his forearms to lift Suho up.

To no avail…

Suho‘s body, which seemed light at first glance, did not move no matter how hard Dongjae tried as if Suho had been glued to the floor.

”Enough, my clothes will be stretched.”

Suho grabbed Dongjae‘s wrist and slightly bent it.


A scream mixed with pain came from Gu Dongjae‘s mouth as he moved his body while his wrist was slightly twisted.

”Ah, sorry. I can‘t control my strength these days.”

He was sincere.

Suho shuddered and shook his hand.

Then, Gu Dongjae‘s wrist swayed like a paper doll.

”Ouch! M-My…!”

Gu Dongjae was also surprised by that.

The other hunters who were watching nervously from the side were also taken aback.

Even Suho, the party involved, was shocked.

”Huh? Could it be broken? No, right? Why are you so weak?”

”You… You…! Ugh!”

Gu Dongjae glared at Suho while twisting in pain.

In those bloodshot eyes, Suho…

‘Oh. You must be in so much pain.‘

He hurriedly took out an item.

[Use ‘Item: Mummy Bandage‘.]


”W-What‘s that?”

Suddenly, a white bandage flew like a snake from Suho‘s hand and wrapped around Gu Dongjae‘s wrist.

It was forcibly fixing his wobbly wrist.



Of course, the process was also painful.

”Okay, that should be fine. Someone please heal him.”

Hearing Suho‘s words, one of the three Baekho Guild members, a healer, came up to him and grabbed Gu Dongjae‘s wrist.


”Be patient.”

‘He completely injured me and healed me as well.‘

The healer smiled and treated Gu Dongjae.

He himself was also annoyed by Gu Dongjae‘s behavior, but the scuffle ended at just the right time.

Fighting like that in front of a dungeon was common among hunters. Especially for freelancers who are not affiliated with a guild.

After all, hunters are fighters who risk their lives to kill monsters and make money.

With superhuman strength involved, it was only natural that they were quite violent.

Even if one got hurt anyway, there was a healer…

‘But what are these bandages? Did it just set the broken bones perfectly?‘

As the healer looked at the bandage on Gu Dongjae‘s wrist, a different thought came to his mind.

Sometimes in dungeons, items with these special attributes are found.

However, he had never heard of a bandage that automatically moved and wrapped around injuries.

‘Normally, these things are disposable consumables.‘

To dare to spend such a valuable item on a guy who was just arguing with himself?

Fixing the dislocated bone as an emergency measure and then applying healing naturally would effect faster treatment with lesser mana consumption.

Could it be that he had purposely used his items so that the healer‘s mana would not be wasted due to such an incident?

‘A rookie who has just awakened manages the amount of mana of his team members? He‘s the one with a real sense of leadership.‘

Did he read the healer‘s thoughts?

The Baekho Guild members exchanged glances with each other, as if they were thinking the same thing.

‘He was a guy who was interesting in many ways.‘

‘Who said this team was a mess? It‘s so much fun.‘

Meanwhile, Gu Dongjae, who was receiving treatment for his wrist, was breaking out in a cold sweat at what he had just experienced.

‘Was he really a summoning hunter? No, right?‘

That summoning hunter was such a monster.

It really didn‘t make sense.

‘If he was a C-Class hunter, he surely could have had other skills.‘

However, for a C-Class hunter, Suho‘s mana power is almost the same as him.

The reason summoning hunters were ignored in the first place was because most of their mana was spent on summoning.

‘Didn‘t he already summon a black pet the size of his hand from a long time ago?‘

‘… Ah! Could it be that the black guy is a summoned beast that gives a strength buff? Yes, it was probably like that!‘

Gu Dongjae looked at Beru.

[What are you looking at? You‘re worse than a worm. Quit staring!]

Beru instantly came up to his nose and confronted him face to face.

Gu Dongjae quietly avoided those ferociously raised eyes.

* * *

[Times Square Field]

※Only Baekho Guild is allowed inside.

Before anyone knew it, the raid team that Suho belonged to arrived in front of an enormous building.

Times Square building, once a landmark of Yeongdeungpo.

This place had now turned into a demonic cave completely covered with blue mist.

‘A field-type dungeon.‘

Since Seoul has so many large buildings, there were many places where dungeon break occurred.

It is said that field-type dungeons, which have already been pioneered to some extent, are safer than unknown dungeons beyond the gates. Still, they should stay vigilant.

‘Because it is a C-Class field.‘

As soon as they stepped into the field, they could see the inside of the large and magnificent Times Square at a glance.

A courtyard structure with a hole in the middle and corridors on each floor along the perimeter.

Its appearance was reminiscent of the Pantheon.

However, the thorny vines that covered all the walls and ceilings were crawling like living creatures.

”W-We‘re finally in the dungeon.”

Gu Dongjae, who had previously said he would become a leader, was trembling.

The other newbie hunters were also very tense.

Suho smiled and patted Gu Dongjae on the back.

”Hey! What are you doing? The captain should take the lead.”


Gu Dongjae‘s body moved forward, and he was at the forefront of the hunters before he knew it.

Suho slips past him.

”I will move separately as I said.”

”Hunter Sung Suho.”

A member of the Baekho Guild called for Suho.

”I‘m not going to stop you from acting independently, but I hope you don‘t get too far away because it‘s dangerous.”

It was unreasonable to expect strategic team play from a temporary raid group of freelancers.

He didn‘t intend to get involved in the operation of the raid, but as a senior hunter, he still had to be responsible.

”It would make it difficult for us to protect you when a villain appears.”

”Yes, Sir.”

Suho answered meekly, but for a different reason.

‘If I go too far, it‘ll be hard for me to come back when a villain appears here.‘

Suho was just on his way to separate from the hunters…

”… Oh no.”

Suho stopped walking and his expression hardened .

”Surrounded already?”


It has only been less than a minute since they entered the field, but the alien invaders who occupied the place were already surrounding them on all sides.

[Thorned Scarecrow Woodvine]

[Thorned Scarecrow Woodvine]

Wooden dolls made of tangled vines with thorns.


The very unpleasant-looking monsters screamed and attacked the hunters.

The speed was faster beyond imagination and the movement was as bizarre as it appeared.

‘It‘s the beginning of the hunt.‘

Suho‘s eyes glimmered intensely as he jumped forward.

The other hunters suddenly came to their senses and started fighting.

”Everyone beware! There‘s paralysis poison in their thorns! Just brushing against the thorns will dull your senses!”

A Baekho guild member shouted from behind.

‘There‘s poison?‘


Suho received the reward after completing the Pyramid Quest.

[Blessing: Great Spellcaster Kandiaru‘s Protection]

Great Spellcaster Kandiaru has a special spell for you. As long as Kandiaru‘s blessings are with you, you will always be able to enjoy a strong and healthy life.

”Let there be light in the future of the challenger.”

-Lasting effect ‘Illness-Free Longevity‘: You become immune to all diseases, toxic, hazardous and poisonous effects, and your regenerative ability increases enormously while sleeping.

Immune to all poisons.

To Suho, poison was not something to be afraid of.

However, the thorny vine that swung like a whip was threatening enough on its own.

Even the other hunters seemed to be in a hurry because of the endless attacks from all sides.


When the battle started, the summoning hunters who were at the back called their summons.


Little fireflies, burning red, flew in all directions and began to explode from the body of Woodvine, the Thorned Vine Scarecrow.



Red flames clung to the vines of the Woodvine began to roar.

”Hey! It‘s a flamethrower!”

”It kills them!”

”There are a lot of summoning hunters on our team!”

Hunters called for joy as if they had never ignored the summoning hunters.

The Baekho Guild could have also sent experienced summoning hunters there because they had an idea.

Tuck! Tuck!

Woodvine boldly cut off its vines that caught fire.

No arms.

No head.


It jumped back like a zombie.

”Oh my!”

”Hey, you persistent bastard!”

”Are there no more flamethrowers?!”

”What are you doing?! Keep summoning!”

Gu Dongjae, who was at the forefront of striking down Woodvine with a huge sword, urged the summoning hunters.

However, they couldn’t summon beasts continuously without rest.

”I-It will take a while to re-summon…!”

”What? Oh well, that‘s how summoning hunters are!”

Right then…

Suho was marching in the middle approaching the Woodvines.

”Hunter Sung Suho! It‘s too dangerous, come back here…!”

The healer of the Baekho Guild was startled and shouted urgently.

[This is perfect.]


Suho exchanged glances with Beru and nodded.

They were quite far away from the team, so now it was just a matter of doing it at random without anything getting in the way.


Dozens of thorny scarecrows rushed at Suho.


In the center of them, Suho smiled and stomped on his own shadow.


That moment.


The mummies, wrapped in black bandages, stood up all at once.

Shadow mummies simmering black steam all over their bodies.

They opened their mouths and began to let out ferocious screams at enemies who dared to harm their master.


”W-What are those…!”


All the hunters who were in the midst of a breathless battle from afar were fascinated.

In the pouring gaze, Suho gave an order to the shadow mummies.

Like the pharaohs of Egypt in an old legend.

”Kill each other from now on.”

And be my new shadow.

[To be continued…]

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