SL:R (Novel) Chapter 58

C 58

Suho was taken aback.

‘If it‘s Baek Miho… Did we meet in Magok?‘

After returning from Magok Field, he searched Hunter Net for a hunter named Baek Miho.

Baek Miho.

She was an A-Class Hunter, the Vice President of the Baekho Guild and was quite a famous Hunter in Korea.

The reason why Baek Miho became famous is that she is the daughter of the President of Baekho Guild, a guild that represents Korea, but her birth played a bigger role.

Her father was Baek Yunho.

Who is Baek Yunho?

The guild leader of the Baekho Guild, Korea‘s representative S-Class hunter who possesses Beast Transformation skill with a higher effect than just simply beast transformation.

Possessing a very powerful rare skill, Baek Yunho only had few hunters in the world who could match him in hand-to-hand combat.

In particular, his ‘Magic Eye‘ was a very valuable skill that was used to accurately grasp the opponent‘s strength or to select good subordinates.

Of course, if it ended there, he would have become an ordinary (?) famous S-Class hunter.

The reason why Baek Yunho was especially respected among S-Class hunters was that he left the Reaper Guild he was originally in and created a new guild to spread his own convictions.

Baek Yunho started walking the completely opposite path from the Reaper Guild, which was only interested in making money and increasing its power.

Calling all the hunters with Beast Transformation skills in Korea, he took the step as a beast hunter by attacking even the low-cost dungeons one by one.

‘If you are a hunter, then you should hunt the demons like a hunter!‘

Baek Yunho‘s actions have garnered the respect and recognition of countless hunters.

His daughter Baek Miho is the proud successor of the Baekho Guild, who has fully inherited her father‘s talent and charisma.

She was not just a gold spoon with her father‘s authority on her back, but she was proudly proving her skills and receiving recognition from the members of the Baekho Guild.

‘… A person like that is looking for me?‘

Suho honestly felt it.

While getting Rakan‘s Sword from Magok Field, their eyes met.

‘I mean, more information comes in through smell than I thought.‘

What he learned while reinforcing the power of the Beast King several times into his body was that using the Beast Transformation skill would make his senses more sensitive than he could have imagined.

Maybe Baek Miho noticed something when he smelled his body.

At that time, his clothes were covered with Arachne‘s blood.

‘Besides, he even got a strange nickname like Beast King Crow.‘

Suho, who felt weird for no reason, swallowed hard and answered the phone with the staff of the Baekho Guild.

“Why is Baek Miho looking for me?“

* * *

Baekho [White Tiger] Guild.

Suho entered the building of the Baekho Guild.

‘Did I do something…‘

Besides Suho, numerous C-Class hunters were gathered.

Most of them, like Suho, were freelance hunters who did not belong to any guild.

The reason why the Baekho Guild suddenly gathered them was because of A-Class villain Lee Minseong.

“I heard that the Vice President of the Reaper Guild is hunting hunters right now?“

“Right. He‘s totally insane.“

“Ah, if I were exposed as a villain, I would leave Korea immediately. Why is he hurting other hunter?!“

Suho listened to the conversation of the hunters next to him and looked around calmly.

He had only been a C-Class hunter for two days, so there was not a single face he knew among all those people.

[An A-Class hunter became a hunter-hunter. He‘s a guy with nothing to do.]

He was also the Vice President of a large guild called the Reaper Guild.

“What could be the reason?“

Now named as an A-Class villain, Lee Minseong was supposed to be detained as soon as he got caught.

However, as his crime became more serious with the recent incident, they would no longer settle in detaining him but rather, kill him as soon as he got caught.

It was difficult to understand why he would give up on running away and commit such nonsense instead.

Beru saw the news about Lee Minseong on the phone screen that Suho was looking at.

At the time of the raid, the appearance of Lee Minseong caught on CCTV looked strange.


There was something like wings attached to his back as he moved quickly.

Beru‘s reaction made Suho look at him.

“Why? Is he your friend?“

[Kieek! I‘m of the same kind as such an insignificant bastard! I‘m sorry!]

“Does he have wings similar to yours?“

[Those are not the wings of an ant.]



Beru looked closely at Lee Minseong in the low-quality CCTV video and continued.

[It‘s not accurate, but it looks like a flying insect that uses a poisonous needle.]

“Probably your cousins. Bugs or bees.“


Suddenly, the noise of the hunters subsided.


Suho raised his head and looked at Baek Miho who had just come up to the podium.

“Thank you for responding to my sudden invitation. My name is Baek Miho.“

She skipped the cumbersome greeting and went straight to the point because the matter was urgent.

“As everyone knows from reading the article, A-Class villains are hunting hunters.“

The hunters looked at each other‘s faces.

“Especially, the damage to hunters who are not part of their guild is severe.“

The reason was obvious.

Most of the hunters belonging to the same guild would gather together with a minimum number of 10, 20 or more.

Even an A-Class hunter would not have been able to attack recklessly if that many hunters were gathered.

However, C-Class hunters were the most easy prey as they were active in the minority.

‘B-Class and above mostly receive guild recruitment opportunities, while D-Class and E-Class people are mainly grouped as miners or collectors, running as service workers.‘

In the end, the most ambiguous positions were the C-Class freelancers gathered right there.

“So you‘re saying you‘re worried about us and you‘re going to accept us into Baekho Guild?“

“Wow, that would be great. Is that true?“

Hunters murmured with expectant faces.

Meanwhile, Suho frowned slightly.

‘That‘s a bit difficult.‘

If he would enter the guild, there would be people who would look at him strangely as he level up and become stronger.

Most of all…

[Young Master, I am against it.]

Beru put his face in front of Suho.

[The sight of the son of His Majesty being under someone‘s control shamefully makes my eyes water…!y]

“Oh, be quiet.“


Suho shut Beru‘s mouth and forced him into his shadow.

The murmurs of the C-Class hunters died down again with Baek Miho‘s words.

“I‘m sorry if I couldn‘t meet your expectations, but as you know, our guild only recruits hunters with the Beast Transformation skill as members.“

“What? Then why did you call us?“

Someone‘s small murmur was captured by Baek Miho‘s superhuman hearing.

Baek Miho said with a little bitter smile.

“You are at risk right now. So, for the time being until Lee Minseong is caught, we will try to protect you.“


Suho was surprised.

Other people‘s reactions were the same.

“Wow, you‘re protecting us?“

“Do you mean to go hunting together?“

“Woah. As expected of Baekho Guild.“

A reaction that would never have come out if it had been another guild.

If this was a place other than the Baekho Guild, such as the Reaper Guild, they would have a completely different reaction.

However, what the Baekho Guild has shown so far was enough to buy the hunters‘ trust.

In addition, if Baekho Guild members with Beast Transformation skills are together, it means that if Lee Minseong is nearby, they can immediately recognize him with their excellent sense of smell or hearing.

“Then… if you are going into the dungeon with us, how is the distribution of income going to be?“

Someone raised his hand and asked. Another member of the Baekho Guild glared at him with a disapproving expression.

The C-Class hunter flinched at those glares and hurriedly lowered his head.

However, Baek Miho smiled bitterly again, stopped his guild members, and answered the hunter‘s question.

“Of course, profit will be divided according to the market price. We won‘t be asking for a protection fee or anything.“


Once again, exclamation burst out of the mouths of the C-Class hunters.

“It‘s really great. Doesn’t it seem like we’re free loading?“

“Hey, not to that extent. We are still C-Class, we’re not supposed to just watch and follow around.“

“It‘s really nice to have an affiliation for the time being. Freelancers are all good, but gathering members is always a headache.“

“I know. If I get tangled up with a weirdo, I’d rather just leave or get kicked out.“

“By the way, did the Baekho Guild have that many people? How are they going to follow this many people one by one?“

Baek Miho heard that and responded to the hunter‘s words.

“Right. So, I would like to ask you to organize a team for the time being here. In that team, two hunters from our guild‘s B-Class or higher will be put in.“


That was really awesome.

Two B-Class hunters were definitely a tremendous force.

Even if Lee Minseong is an A-Class villain, a team of C-Class hunters that included two B-Class hunters would be enough.

Victory wasn‘t guaranteed, but at least a counterattack or escape was possible!

‘I can at least save myself though?‘

‘Do I need to be grouped with them?‘

As soon as Baek Miho finished speaking, the hunters began to look at the other hunters standing next to them.

“Hey, Mr. Kim! Should we group together?“

“Sure. You are quite trustworthy!“

Most of them were experienced freelancers, so they knew better than anyone how important team members were.

In addition, even if they were the same C-Class, their levels still differed greatly depending on their skills.

Some have good skills.

Some have bad personalities.

Some people have bad skills and personalities…

In the blink of an eye, the hunters gathered in twos and threes to form their own teams.


Suho was left alone among the people who started to move around in an instant.

Even him, who easily countered the attacks of the incredibly powerful Ammut and Sand Centipede with Poisonous Teeth, could not do anything this time.

“By the way, have you ever seen that hunter before? Does anyone know him?“

“Are you a newbie?“

Suho did not feel any pressure from his enemies, but he couldn‘t help but feel the pressure from the gazes pouring on him.

[Young Master… among the quests you‘ve been through so far, this seems to be the most difficult.]

[To be continued…]

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