SL:R (Novel) Chapter 56

C 56

[Entering the Shadow Dungeon.]


Into the black and white world.

A crack formed in the air of the Shadow Dungeon and split apart.

Between the cracks in the twisted dimension, a huge pyramid appeared.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

[‘Pyramid: SBM Training Center‘ is assigned to the Shadow Dungeon.]

[‘Pyramid: SBM Training Center‘ is automatically restored even if it is destroyed.]

[‘Ammut, the Death-Eating Crocodile‘ is designated as the NPC in the Shadow Dungeon.]

[‘NPC: Ammut‘ cannot go outside the SBM Training Center.]

System messages appeared one after another in front of Suho.

He looked around and saw that all the colors of the pyramids, except Ammut, had turned to black and white.

The messages continued.

Ring! Ring!

[You have completed ‘Urgent Quest: Dimensional Rift.]

[Your level increased!]

[The completion reward has arrived.]

[Do you want to check the reward?]

( Y / N )

‘Quest completed?‘

Suho‘s eyes widened at the sudden completion message.

‘The content of the quest was to remove the cause of the dimensional rift, but I haven‘t done anything yet. What exactly happened?’


Beru and Esil looked around with puzzled expressions and approached Suho.

[Young Master, it seems that the entire pyramid has been transferred to the Shadow Dungeon.]

“I just felt it too. We just crossed the dimensional wall.“

Suho nodded.

‘Is that what it’s like?‘

It was this pyramid that was causing a dimensional rift in Earth.

However, since the pyramid disappeared from Earth as it crossed over into the Shadow Dungeon, the cause of the dimensional rift naturally disappeared.

While Suho nodded in agreement, Ammut was looking around at the black-and-white walls and ceiling, stroking his chin.

“Hmm. Interesting. That guy, Kandiaru. As expected, he is a shaman of the fantasy realm. I never thought I would be able to stay in the Shadow Monarch’s world.“

He was already as good as dead.

It would be quite appropriate to stay in the world of death.

In fact, whether the pyramid was in the desert or the world of the dead, he could not get out of it anyway.

‘Because, this is my grave.‘

It was at this time that a bitter expression appeared on Ammut‘s face.

“Well, this is great. It will be convenient to come for daily quests in the future.“

After reading all the messages, Suho nodded and looked back at Ammut.

He smiled and greeted his mentor.

“Now that it has come to this, please take good care of me from now on, Master.“


“Oh? Didn’t you say I‘m your disciple?“

“Kehehehe. Aren’t you speaking too informally for me to be called your mentor?“

“Ah, is that so? It‘s kind of weird to speak honorifics to a crocodile. Instead of that, I will give you a present as a welcome.“

“Woah. A gift?“

Ammut‘s eyes glimmered.

Suho smiled meaningfully and glanced at a message in front of him.

[‘Pyramid: SBM Training Center‘ is automatically restored even if it is destroyed.]

‘If it is automatically restored, does that mean it can be destroyed as much as I like?‘

Suho suddenly gathered all his strength.


“Wait, what are you trying to do…“

Ammut‘s expression stiffened as he saw Suho‘s body covered with tremendous power.

[Y-Young Master?]

“Suho! Are you perhaps…?“

Even Beru and Esil were taken aback by Suho‘s sudden action.

“Esil, come in too.“


Suho summoned Esil to Vulcan’s Horn and made it huge along with Rakan‘s Sword.

Then, he centered all his energy and directed it toward the wall blocking his path.

[Use ‘Skill: SBM.]

[Use ‘Skill: Blade Storm’.]


Suho‘s twin swords attacked nonstop.

He broke the walls of the labyrinth continuously, and moved forward until they were able to see the outside of the pyramid.


The open sky was then visible beyond it.

At last, Ammut could see the outside.

White darkness.

White night.

Although it was a black and white world, he saw the outside world that he had long forgotten about.

It had been too long.

Suho, who made this, smiled and greeted Ammut once again.

“Welcome to my world, Master.“


“Huh? Are you crying?“

“Who is crying, you cheeky disciple?“

Ammut sniffed then smiled.

It was a truly hideous smile.


Suho smiled and returned to his original form.

After checking the reward of the urgent quest, his facial expression changed.

The reward of the quest was a little different from usual.

[The following rewards are prepared.]

Reward: ‘Blessing: Great Spellcaster Kandiaru‘s Protection‘

[Blessing: Grand Spellcaster Kandiaru‘s Protection]

Great Spellcaster Kandiaru has a special gift for you. As long as Kandiaru‘s blessings are with you, you will always be able to enjoy a strong and healthy life.

“Let there be light in the future of the challenger.“

-Lasting effect ‘Illness-Free Longevity‘: You become immune to all diseases, toxic, hazardous and poisonous effects, and your regenerative ability increases enormously while sleeping.


Sacred silver aura descended on Suho‘s body.

“… Illness-Free Longevity?“

Immunity to all diseases and poisons, increasing regenerative ability while sleeping?

That could really mean a long and healthy life.


Beru felt Suho‘s change and went to his side. His eyes flashed sharply.

[Pyramids, the tombs of pharaohs, contain the ancients‘ aspirations for the afterlife. Life is painful, but hopefully there will be peace after death. The one who rules the world of death is the Shadow Monarch.]

Beru, who had been with Sung Jinwoo for a long time and enjoyed various shows, was also knowledgeable about Western history.

Although, his main interest was historical dramas.

Suho became serious.

“Oh, so this is my reward?“

[Actually, I heard that His Majesty received the same blessing in the past.]


Seeing how Suho‘s expression became cold, Beru giggled.

[Kehehe. It‘s been a while since I‘ve come back, but at last, the Young Master is following the path of His Majesty one step at a time. You are truly magnificent.]

Beru was very excited.

Suho believed he never followed the same path Sung Jinwoo walked.

He seemed to have walked around much further a much more arduous road for the same results, but he has talent given to him by luck as soon as he was born.

As the son of the Shadow Monarch, he was inscribing his qualifications into his soul and body one by one.

When he reaches the end of the road, what kind of image will Suho grow into?…

[…Just imagining it makes my heart swell. I just watched you… Huh? Where are you going?]

“Where else? To bed! I haven‘t slept for 24 hours!“

He just went out for a mana re-measurement test, but he couldn‘t rest for a moment because problems popped up consecutively.

No matter how much he leveled up and his stamina got recharged, it was still natural that he would want to sleep, like a normal human.

Also, he was blessed with the ability to receive enormous increase in regeneration while sleeping, so it was really good for him to sleep!

[Exits from the Shadow Dungeon.]


Suho left everyone behind and went back to the outside world.

* * *

While Suho was inside the pyramid, a big incident was taking place in Korea.

It was only yesterday that the Internet was taken over by the battle of the Beast King Crow that took place in the middle of the city.

After just one day, the flames had turned to another big news story.

[Breaking News! Lee Minseong Risk!]

[The Vice President of the Reaper Guild secretly created a stardust laboratory!]

[Who is Vice President Lee Minseong?]

[Hunter Association, Class A hunter Lee Minseong was identified as a villain!]

[Class A Villain Lee Minseong, Wanted!]

Thanks to Suho, Vice President Lee Minseong‘s stardust research center was discovered, so it was only natural that an arrest warrant be issued.

Having secured evidence that the head of those evil deeds was Lee Minseong, the Hunter Association immediately began to act.

“Tell the other guys who can move right away to gather!“

Team leader Han Jaehyuk gathered all the association hunters that could be mobilized immediately.

“You know, right? We must use all our strength to catch him as quickly as possible!“

“Yes, Sir!“

It was only natural that they were extremely nervous.

Lee Minseong was an A-Class hunter, no, an A-Class villain.

Theoretically, even two of the same A-Class hunters could suffice to overpower him, but that was only when there were no civilians nearby.

The power of an A-Class hunter is literally superhuman itself.

The moment his power ran wild in the middle of the city, all the citizens in the city could become his hostages.

“Ask for support from the military base! Hurry up and evacuate the citizens and block the exits!“

Even if the soldiers blocked the exits, there was no way that an A-Class hunter could not break through it.

However, they could hold out long enough until the Hunter Association‘s reinforcements arrived.

In other words, their role was ultimately just a shield, but even so, they were responsible for the safety of citizens.

That was the duty of a soldier.

“Team Leader! His location has been confirmed!“

An employee of the association managed to track Lee Minseong’s cell phone and locate him.

“Good! Let‘s go!“

The Association Hunters were fully prepared and raided the location.


“W-What?! Where did he go?!“

He had already disappeared.

Leaving only his cell phone behind.


Team leader Han Jaehyuk shouted with a greatly embarrassed expression.

“Find him! He wouldn‘t have gone far yet! Secure all nearby CCTVs and black boxes!“

“Yes, Sir!“

Things got complicated.

It was fortunate that Lee Minseong did not take citizens hostage, but the moment he took a quiet dive like this, his goal eventually came down to one thing.

Escape abroad.

‘The moment Lee Minseong crosses the border, we can never catch him!‘

It was a violation of international law for the Hunter Association, a military group, to exercise its power in a foreign country.

“Ban Lee Minseong from leaving the country right now, and freeze all his accounts!“

* * *


The place where Lee Minseong arrived was neither an airport nor a port, but a VIP room that he often used.

“Oh my goodness. You suddenly became famous.”

“I‘m not in the mood for a joke, Lady.“

Lee Minseong gritted his teeth and glared at the woman.

The splendid chandelier swayed as the A-Class hunter sighed deeply.

It was a private room only for the wealthy.

[Queen Bee]

It was still too early to open the door, but the owner of the place greeted Lee Minseong with an alluring smile as always.

“Our Vice President, you must be busy, but what did you come here for? Should I hide you?“


“What do you mean money?“

As the madam tilted her head with an expression of incomprehension, Lee Minseong’s face turned red with shame.

“Lend me some money. I need money to spend abroad.“

“You have a lot more money than I do, right?“

“My account has been frozen. I have also been banned from leaving the country.“

This was what being a villain was all about.

But even without a plane or boat, going abroad was no problem.

“How will you go abroad if you are banned from leaving the country?“

“I can swim and go.“

“Oh my goodness. You are still full of energy.“

“Do you want to die? I told you, I’m not in the mood for a joke right now.“


Minseong, who was already extremely agitated by the Lady‘s light joke, immediately stretched out his arms and grabbed her neck tightly.

He was ready to break her slender neck at any moment.

He had no intention of letting a witness who saw him on the run live anyway, but he still had to be patient.

‘I have to take the money and kill her.‘

Even in that situation, he was making a harsh judgment.

There was something he hadn‘t noticed.

How could the Lady keep on throwing jokes while her life is at stake because of an A-Class hunter?

Even right at that moment she was strangled, she was still smiling

“… Such a pity.“


“… Used to be useful though.“

While the lady suddenly made incomprehensible comments, Minseong gritted his teeth.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Right then…



A sharp thing pierced his body.

His mind became fuzzy.


‘What is this…‘

Lee Minseong hurriedly stepped back, staggering.

His vision is spinning.

The lady’s smile in front of him was shining even more enchantingly.

“Welcome, my worker bee.“

[To be continued…]

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